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Published March 29, 2024

Choosing the Right Water Filtration System for Your Home

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Lori Stickling
Choosing the Right Water Filtration System for Your Home

Whether it’s the unsettling chlorine taste, the fear of contaminants like lead or mercury sneaking into your drinking water, or simply a quest for a revitalizing morning shower, the right water filtration system seems to hold the key.

The journey to purified water is less about buying a filter off the shelf and more about understanding the unique symphony of minerals and substances flowing through your pipes. Armed with knowledge and the right tools, securing pristine water becomes a harmonious blend of science and satisfaction.

Understanding Different Types of Home Water Filtration Systems

Embarking on a quest for pristine water in our homes often begins with understanding the diverse array of water filtration systems available.

Each type caters to different needs and quality benchmarks, from the basic convenience of pitcher filters to the intricate mechanisms of reverse osmosis systems.

For those desiring discreet purification, under-sink filters prove to be hidden gems.

Comprehensive filtration ambitions?

Whole house systems tackle water quality at every source, ensuring clean water flows from every tap.

Reverse osmosis stands out for its superior cleansing abilities, a testament to advanced purification technology.

Meanwhile, UV water purifiers focus on obliterating pathogens, offering an extra layer of protection.

And for those intrigued by the purity achieved through simplicity, distillation presents a compelling comparison to other methods. Knowing the strengths of each system is beneficial on the journey to selecting the optimal solution for our homes.

Evaluating Your Water Quality Before Selecting a Filtration System

Testing your home’s water is an exercise that sheds light on the concealed constituents of tap water and reveals how these elements influence the overall water quality.

This process is a crucial investigative endeavor to identify specific contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and potentially health-threatening microbes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Filtration System

Navigating through the vast landscape of home water filtration systems can be an overwhelming process.

It’s not just about picking a unit off the shelf; it’s a decision deeply intertwined with your unique lifestyle and household needs.

Determining the specific contaminants invading your water supply marks the starting line of this journey.

Yet, the road doesn’t end there.

We must consider additional factors that weigh heavily on our choice: the initial investment and ongoing costs of installation and maintenance, the daily water consumption of our families, and the physical space our homes can dedicate to such a system.

These considerations are crucial stepping stones, guiding us towards a solution that aligns seamlessly with our lives, ensuring every drop of water we consume or use is both safe and satisfying.

Maintenance Tips to Ensure Longevity

Ensuring the longevity of a home’s water filtration system starts with diligent maintenance, a practice we at Covenant Plumbing regard as crucial as the initial setup. Scheduling regular check-ups and timely replacing filters or cartridges will ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent any compromise in water quality or system efficacy.

Another key aspect has been keeping an eye on the system’s performance indicators, such as water pressure and taste. This vigilance allows homeowners to identify any potential issues early, ensuring swift action to safeguard the system’s function and extend its life, thus maintaining the purity of your home’s water supply uninterrupted.

The Role of Water Softeners in Home Water Filtration

In the journey towards crystal-clear water, water softeners might not just be an add-on but a necessity, complementing the filtration systems by targeting hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can wreak havoc on plumbing and appliances.

Deciding if your home needs a water softener involves assessing the hardness of your water and understanding the interplay between removing contaminants and softening water for a comprehensive approach to water quality.

Future-Proofing Your Water Filtration System for Home

Ensuring the longevity and efficiency of a water filtration system goes beyond merely installing it.

By planning for future upgrades and expansion possibilities, we can guarantee our homes have access to clean, safe water, even as our needs evolve and filtration technology advances.

This proactive stance ensures that the investment made today continues to meet tomorrow’s water quality demands, safeguarding our families’ health and our homes’ water integrity for years to come.

Regular Maintenance for Ongoing Efficiency

Regular maintenance is integral to maintaining the efficiency of a home water filtration system, ensuring it continues to provide high-quality, clean water. Over time, replacing cartridges or filters as recommended by the manufacturer and monitoring the system’s performance can prevent a decline in water quality and filtration effectiveness.

Staying proactive with maintenance tasks, such as checking for leaks or monitoring water pressure, helps catch potential issues before they become costly repairs. This diligence not only extends the longevity of the system but also guarantees that my family enjoys the benefits of pure, safe water without interruption.

Trust Covenant Plumbing

Choosing the right water filtration system for your home is a crucial step toward ensuring a clean, safe, and satisfying water supply with Covenant Plumbing. 

The journey begins with recognizing your specific water quality needs through testing, which identifies the contaminants present in your water. Ultimately, investing in the appropriate water filtration system not only promises health benefits but also contributes to long-term savings and environmental sustainability, ensuring every drop of water from your taps meets the highest standards of purity and safety.

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Wonderful work done by Brandon. You guys do great work as always!
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We had a water spot that needed checked out. I called Monday, they were here Tuesday morning and solved the problem and fixed it within 45 minutes or less. Jordan was kind and helpful. I will definitely use them again if needed and recommend their service.I would also say, the text before with the service persons photo was awesome. I knew who to expect and when.
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Very professional service, diagnostic and repair. Colton showed on-time to repair our leaking toilet. He was very professional and polite. Got the job completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Colton and Covenant Plumbing Sevice.
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These guys are fantastic! We detected a leak in the water heater late in the evening called the follow morning and were at my house within hours. Our water heater needed replaced and the job was done by 11:00 that morning. Very prompt, courteus and clean. Thank you so much for your great service!
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Know the guy who owns the place. Made a bench and a stand for my family on top of giving me tips for plumbing. Great guy
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Scheduled easily online, great communication over text from their team! Showed up on-time and were ready to replace our disposal! Quick and friendly! Highly recommend!
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From the initial phone call to the final handshake after the dishwasher was installed the service was excellent! Explained everything that they were going to do and why and followed through. The job was done quickly however they still paid attention to the details and we are very happy.Of course you never know what will happen down the road however we feel confident that Covenant will have our back. Highly recommended.
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I have had reason to use three different plumbing companies in Bloomington area. Covenant Plumbing has been the best! All of the technicians have been helpful. As they work they explain what's taking place and exactly how much it's going to cost if I choose to have something fixed. They're all very pleasant and respectful of my home and belongings as they work. And they always clean up as they go! I won't call anybody but them if I should need a plumber again. The office staff has also always been Pleasant and helpful. I don't hesitate to give all the people I've come in contact with and the company as a whole five stars!
Will F.
Paying for the service was not fun, but the quality of human beings and quality of service I received was spectacular for this industry. Other companies like Roto-Rooter or other aggressive sales oriented plumbers are pretty horrible to work with, these guys were fantastic to have around my home, showing me their equipment, and answering any questions that I would have. Thank you covenant plumbing!
Ann H.
My work was completed very efficiently in a very timely manner. The technician was very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend Covenant Plumbing.
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Excellent service!
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Super happy with this company. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Fast response time, good work and reasonable pricing. I will definitely use them again.
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Jordan was awesome and did a fantastic job installing our hot water heater! I highly recommend him and Covenant.
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They have always been very wuick response time, are very careful with your property, explain things and provide options! Highly Recommend. Love the # of Veterans they employ! I’ll always do business with a company with these values!
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I highly recommend Covenant and especially Cameron for their exceptional plumbing services. They delivered top-notch work, and I will definitely call them for any future plumbing needs.They were prompt in their response and provided a clear, detailed quote for the job. Scheduling the appointment was easy, and they were very accommodating to my availability.Thank you, Covenant Plumbing and Cameron, for a job well done!
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Pleased with the quick and efficient service.. Darren and his partner were very professional and courteous. Would recommend strongly.Had an emergency water heater installed this morning
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Shane and Dayton were both so prompt and courteous! Very professionalAnd got the job done. Very pleased!
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Had a clogged drain in my basement - they were able to come out next day and fix it in a couple hours for a fair price.
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As always we received excellent work from Covenant Plumbing. Arrived on time, got the work done in a timely manner without rushing through it and cleaned up after. I highly recommend Covenant Plumbing.
Lorraine G
Covenant has completed 3 jobs for me, all done very professionally by very friendly technicians. Thank you!
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Darren didn't take long enough as I wanted a longer lunch! Great service and finished product.
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Excellent service! Came out quickly, fixed my drain issue, and the techs were professional and polite. Highly recommend.
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Update 5/28. Shane M did an excellent job explaining the issue! This is a great company.Miles F was very professional and courteous. He fixed everything that I needed and showed me what was broken. I did have a problem with my hot water after Miles left, so I called the company and they sent Cameron L right away. Cameron identified the issue and fixed the issue. This company did an excellent job. The price was a little high, plus the quality and guarantee is worth it. Please use this company for your plumbing needs.
Marcia M.
Excellent and positive experience. Knowledgeable.
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I had a water leak and Covenant Plumbing came right out to fix the problem. The plumber was very professional and was respectful of our home. (Wore booties to protect the floors) I will have them again when I need a plumber. Thanks
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Matt W.
Incredibly friendly staff that does quality work. Very happy with a gas line installation for a pool heater. Extra star for the embrace of technology ( texting, online scheduling, iPad photos of work done)
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Very pleased with the knowledge, professionalism, and friendly personnel at Covenant Plumbing.
lily C.
Very responsive a professionsl.
I called for an estimate on running a new gas line to my pool heater. The person on the phone was friendly and very helpful in setting up an appointment that very day! Shane and David came on time …. Introduced themselves …and got to work quickly. I had an estimate within a half hour and the estimate was half as much as the one another plumber had given to me! Shane had suggestions on how best to do the job and indicated that he had completed lots of similar jobs. I had a great deal of confidence in him right away.Then I asked how long the job would take and how quickly they could schedule it. That’s when the big surprise came! The other plumber had told me he would have to check the schedule and said “maybe within the next two weeks.” Shane from Covenant Plumbing said “we can do it right now …. and it will only take a couple of hours.” I said “let’s do it.”Shane and David finished the job in a little over an hour and the new pool heater fired up right away. The new gas line looks great and works great. I could not be happier with the work they did for me. From my initial phone call and the friendly voice on the other end of the line to the completion of the job …. It was a great experience and I wholeheartedly recommend Covenant Plumbing!And recently…….Covenant did their annual inspection (a great bonus they provide) and found a few issues that needed repair. Jordan (a former Marine) found the problems …. did the repairs and even replaced a faulty toilet in just a few hours. Once again, I could not be happier with Covenant Plumbing. They are my plumbers!
Josh K.
Cameron was very professional, fast, and effective. He also was very patient running me through my options! Thanks again! Highly recommend. Within 3 hours of my hot water heater breaking they came and had it replaced!
Debra E.
Covenant installed a new water heater the same day I called! Cleaned up and left no mess, only a nice new water heater! Recommend!

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