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Water Treatment

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Bloomington Water Treatment Services

Your Home’s Water Treatment Solution in Normal, Illinois

Something that can never be overstated is how important clean water is to your safety and quality of life. The water that runs through your home serves many purposes—from drinking to bathing to washing your dishes and clothes. Covenant Plumbing is proud to offer the residents of Bloomington and the greater central Illinois area quality water treatment solutions designed to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Our technicians offer comprehensive water testing, treatment, and purification services for residential properties. We will thoroughly evaluate your property, provide cost-effective water treatment solutions, and offer tips and tricks for keeping your water clean for years to come.

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What Are the Benefits of Water Treatment?

Even if your home’s water is safe to drink, there are a surprising number of benefits to adding a water treatment solution to your home.

8 benefits of water treatment:

  • Softens hard water
  • Alleviates water spots
  • Reduces plumbing repair costs
  • Saves you money on bottled water
  • Reduces skin irritation
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria
  • Creates better-tasting drinking water
  • Reduces mineral and soap scum buildup

Clearly, there are a myriad of benefits to adding water treatment services into your overall plumbing maintenance plans. Covenant Plumbing is happy to provide high-quality water treatment services in the Bloomington-Normal area, such as:

  • Water testing: Regularly testing your water (whether you use public or well water) not only offers you peace of mind but also provides you with a comprehensive analysis of the water you use every day. Our highly trained team offers efficient water testing services.
  • Water filtration installation: Our skilled plumbers will work with you to determine what type of water filtration system best fits your needs, and expertly install your new system so you are sure to have clean water throughout your home.
  • Water treatment system maintenance: No Covenant Plumbing service is complete without talking about maintenance. Our technicians are local and familiar with the unique needs of Bloomington. We have a good understanding of what types of maintenance plans keep your system running smoothly, without drastically impacting your time and wallet.

Call Covenant Plumbing for Clean Water

Since opening our doors in 2006, Covenant Plumbing has been a trusted name in the Bloomington-Normal community because of our commitment to quality. We understand that you are trusting our team with your family’s health and safety, and we don’t take that trust lightly. When you call our experienced team we enter into a covenant with you. We promise that our services are always honest, always reliable, and always high-quality.

If you are worried about the quality of the water in your home, let us help you find the perfect solution. Our team offers a wide range of products and services, so we can always find the best way to help without impeding on your time or overshooting your budget.

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