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Water Purification

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Bloomington Water Purification

Whole Home Water Filter Installation in Normal

At Covenant Plumbing, we understand that when you start to question the cleanliness of your home’s water, there is no time to wait. Our knowledgeable Bloomington plumbers specialize in keeping your home safe through innovative water quality solutions. We happily test your water, provide an honest assessment of its quality, offer water purification units that fit your needs and budget, and install these systems carefully and efficiently.

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Choose the Right Water Filtration System for You

As a locally-operated business, we understand that the homes of Bloomington have a variety of water quality needs, from softening hard water to removing chlorine—and we proudly offer services and systems that meet these needs head on.

If your home is operating on a rural or well water system, Covenant Plumbing can help remove tannins, chemicals, and impurities from your water, and also provide water softening solutions. For homes connected to the city’s waterline, we can help remove chlorine and other contaminants in your water, including calcium and magnesium—the minerals most commonly associated with hard water.

The types of water purification units we offer include:

  • Whole-home filters: As the name suggests, this unit is often attached to your main water line—so your home’s entire water supply reaps the benefits. This system removes sediment, bacteria, and contaminants like chlorine, lead, and mercury to ensure your entire home has clean water for years to come.
  • Water softeners: Many cities throughout Illinois experience hard water. While not dangerous to ingest, hard water can have long-lasting effects on your home. Water softeners effectively remove calcium and magnesium, the two minerals most associated with hard water, so your home can have better tasting water always.
  • 4-stage RO systems: Reverse-osmosis (RO) systems use pressure to push water through a filtering membrane in order to remove foreign contaminants, and can even drastically reduce previously dissolved minerals in your water. If you’re experiencing an earthy taste, or cloudy appearance to your water, this type of system might be perfect for your home.

Benefits of Whole Home Water Filtration

Having a good water filtration system can eliminate any contaminants from you water and help ensure your family always has clean drinking water without having to rely on bottled water or other outside sources. Not only can installing a whole-home water filter in your Bloomington home be good for your health, but it can also protect your household appliances from hard water damage

Whole-home water filters ensure your family has clean drinking water free from:
  • Bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Rust
  • Chemicals such as cholrine or flouride
  • Dirt, sand, or other sediment
  • Hard water

Benefits of Water Softener Installation

Hard water suffers from a high concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and lime. While it has been shown that hard water doesn’t pose a risk if consumed, it can throw the taste of your water off, and have a hugely negative effect on your appliances and plumbing system. Installing a water softening unit is the best way to combat hard water and keep your home running smoothly.

Benefits of installing a water softener in your Bloomington-Normal home:
  • Improves your skin and hair: Hard water has a reputation or pulling moisture from your hair and skin, which means if you are taking a shower with hard water, it can cause dandruff and cause rashes and dry skin.
  • Reduces plumbing costs: Contaminants in your plumbing system can lead to buildup in your drains—leading to more frequent clogs and leaks and, therefore, more plumbing repair costs.
  • Removes spots and mineral deposits from dishes and clothes: When hard water runs through appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine it can leave spots and soap residue on your dishes and clothes. This buildup can sometimes shorten the lifespan of your clothes.
  • Saves you money: Soft water will improve the look and taste of your home’s water, effectively cutting the need to spend money on bottled water forever.

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