Sewer Repair
Sewer Repair

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Bloomington Sewer Line Repair

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A malfunctioning or failing sewer is not subtle. Often messy and smelly, there are few things more unpleasant than a backed-up sewer line. If your sewer system is experiencing issues, contact Covenant Plumbing immediately for service in Bloomington-Normal. Our experienced team of licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers have the experience and tools needed to get your home’s sewer system back to normal in no time.

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Signs of Sewer Damage

When you suspect damage to your sewer system or a serious clog, it is important to contact the Bloomington sewer line repair team at Covenant Plumbing right away, because even small issues can pose serious risks. Damage to your residential sewer can result in exposure to bacteria, pesticides, and fungus—affecting the health of you and your family; not to mention the property damage that can happen due to sewer issues—impacting your home’s value.

Signs of a malfunctioning sewer include:
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your fixtures
  • Unpleasant odors around your home
  • Backups in your toilet, sink, or bathtub
  • Pooling water around your sewage lines
  • Only a minimal amount of water in your toilet

Unfortunately, there is no one reason for sewer damage. This all-important system can be impacted by preventable things like insufficient maintenance and poor layout, and also unforeseen problems like earthquakes, tree root infiltration, and a backup in your city’s sewer line. While there is no one cause for sewer damage, there is one solution: Covenant Plumbing.

We Effectively Fix Your Sewage Problems

Our skilled and highly trained plumbers have been repairing residential sewer systems for over 13 years. We know that when sewage issues occur, you need results fast. Our technicians work around the clock to make sure your sewer problem is correctly diagnosed and efficiently repaired—all with minimal hassle to you and your family. Covenant Plumbing uses cutting-edge tools and time-tested techniques to get your home up and running better than before.

Our team has been given an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau because we do things differently. We make sure that every single one of our customers receives the highest-quality workmanship, honest pricing and advice, and a friendly and professional experience throughout. Join the thousands of customers who make Covenant Plumbing their first choice for plumbing services in Bloomington, Normal, and the surrounding communities.

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