Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Plumbing Service Provider For A Trenchless Pipe Repair | Normal, IL

Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Plumbing Service Provider For A Trenchless Pipe Repair | Normal, IL

Plumbing technology has changed a lot in recent years. Today, you will hear of low-flow showerheads, brain pipes, hydro jetting, smart water heaters, and drainage inspection cameras. These things didn’t exist several years ago but are game-changers in the plumbing sector. More plumbing technology advancements are a welcome eventuality for any plumbing service provider in Normal, IL from water conservation and saving repair times to saving you a fortune through emergency prevention. One of the revolutionary technologies in plumbing is trenchless pipe repair technology. It has gained popularity over recent years because it is a cost-saving method of repairing underground pipes, water lines, and other plumbing systems underground without any digging. However, just because homeowners prefer trenchless repairs, it doesn’t mean they can always be used for repair. Below are some of the factors you should consider before a trenchless repair:

Pipe Location

What is the location of the pipe that requires repair? Determining this is critical to consider before hiring a plumbing service provider. Many other systems are installed underground. For instance, it is common to find electricity and gas lines buried underground and close to the underground pipes. Ground movements like those generated in a pipe-bursting operation might puncture the gas lines. It also means that the plumber might suffer serious injuries from electrocution and electrical shocks. Now imagine if there is a spark in a gas leak. Wouldn’t that result in a ravaging fire outbreak? This is why you should always consider the location of the pipes before a trenchless repair. Since the underground pipes are subjected to more pressure, unlike those on the surface, the pipe’s location also dictates the type of epoxy the professional will use and how thick it will have to be.

Pipe Diameter

The pipe’s diameter or size is another thing you must consider, especially when using the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining. But how does this affect a trenchless pipe repair job? Well, larger bore piping is highly susceptible to outside forces like pressure changes and soil shifting. Therefore, they will require a thicker layer of epoxy to withstand these forces and last longer. On the other hand, thinner pipes are more resistant to these changes, but lining them with epoxy is more challenging because of their less diameter. To determine how thick the epoxy lining should be and the type of epoxy used, the plumbing service provider in Normal, IL must first determine the pipe diameter.

Pipe Length

Are you planning to have a trenchless pipe repair or replacement service? The other factor you consider is how long the pipes are. If the pipes are long, they are highly likely to bend or flex. Unfortunately, this might mean that the strength of the resulting pipe is compromised.

It also means that methods like inversion cannot be used. How flexible the pipes are will depend on details such as the type of material used to make the pipe and the soil in which it is buried. The longer the pipe, the thicker the epoxy walls they should have. This ensures they have enough strength to withstand a certain level of natural bending caused by ground movements. Unfortunately, this means the plumbing service provider will charge you more for the repair or replacement. This is because it will use more material.

Overall Pipe Condition

The most critical factor you must consider when deciding whether to use trenchless or conventional pipe repair is the interior condition of your pipes. How deteriorated are they? Are they almost springing leaks? Do they have waste and algae stuck on the interior walls? To determine this, the plumbing service provider uses an inspection camera. This long, flexible one has cameras attached to one end and connected to a screen on the other. The professional inserts the cameras into your pipes and observes their interior conditions on a screen. However, you can still use trenchless repair even for those pipes having general damage.

For severely damaged pipes, trenchless pipe repair might not be an option. The lifespan of a CIPP repair may be adversely impacted by severe corrosion, structural weaknesses, or other problems relating to the strength of the original pipe. Under these conditions, using trenchless repairs can make things worse. Trenchless pipe repair is preferable to a repair if the damaged pipe is extremely weak or severely corroded. Therefore, even if you call a plumbing service provider in Normal, IL to repair your underground pipes using any trenchless repair method, they will advise you that it is not recommended. Honest technicians will have your interest at heart, meaning they wouldn’t want to see your money to the drains by effecting this repair.

Space and Logistics

Trenchless pipe repair methods involve very minimal digging and ground disturbance. As a result of surrounding structures, intricate landscaping, or substantial hardscaping, they are perfect for use in regions with limited surface access. No harm is done to plants or aboveground structures because all piping repair work is done within the limitations of the current plumbing system. Hence, if you have limited space, you should have a plumbing service provider use trenchless repair.


You must consider money a crucial aspect, and your plumbing service provider will be fully aware of this. They base their trenchless pipe repair costs on the pipes’ complexity, location, length, and materials used. The homeowner may incur additional labor expenditures for landscape repairs because of the many hours of digging required for conventional repair methods. If you’re worried about your budget, trenchless repairs are the way to go because you pay for the necessary repairs.


Time is critical for any plumbing job. After all, the plumbing service provider will base their pay on it. Will the repair job take long? Fortunately, trenchless repairs are time-saving, making them a great option for time-strapped homeowners.

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