The Types Of Toilets Your Trusted Plumbing Company Can Install In Your Home | Normal, IL

The Types Of Toilets Your Trusted Plumbing Company Can Install In Your Home | Normal, IL

For homeowners in Normal, IL looking to upgrade or renovate their homes, toilet replacement is an area to consider. Being one of the most used plumbing areas in your home, your toilet must always be in top condition. Your toilet may be old, or you want to enhance the washroom experience, and there is a component for that. Other homeowners want to modernize their homes by installing advanced plumbing fixtures.

Besides enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your home, some toilet upgrades can also lower the water utility bills. Whatever you want in a toilet, your trusted plumbing company can help you achieve it. This article will guide the many types of toilets available in the market and the benefits of installing either.

Two-Piece Toilets

A two-piece toilet is among the most common kinds of toilets that you are likely to find in some homes. They comprise two separate parts: the water tank or cistern and the bowl. The simplicity in the design of these toilets is among the things that make them highly popular. It is easy for a plumbing company to repair them within no time and offer maintenance due to the simplicity of their design.

Additionally, they are highly resilient, and hardly anything breaks in this kind of toilet. Though it wears out over time, the rate at which these toilets get damaged is considerably low. The separation of the tank and the bowl also allows an influx of a higher volume of water, perfect for a toilet in constant use.

One-Piece Toilets

Though strange in design per some homeowners in Normal, IL, one-piece toilets have their benefits over the common two-piece toilets. First, the toilet is entirely connected from the tank to the bowl. It is one solid ceramic piece. Hence, cleaning it without the crevice separating the two becomes easier.

Their singular construction also makes it easier for a professional from a plumbing company to install the toilet at your home. This type of toilet is just perfect for a new plumbing installation. One of the disadvantages of single-piece toilets is that repairing them might prove difficult for a plumber, especially if it is a single-piece failing. Additionally, they might be pretty costly. However, most homeowners consider it for its ease of installation.

Up Flush (or Macerating) Toilets

Though they have some major benefits for some homeowners, macerating toilets can be tricky. A typical toilet works by sending the wastes through a trap through a waste line and onto the drain line to a septic tank. However, you might find that adding a new bathroom to your home can be an issue without major renovations because of the simple issue of distance from the main drainage line.

An Up Flush toilet uses high-powered blades for blending the wastes and a pump for manually sending the wastes from the toilet to your home’s sewer line or septic tank. This ensures that the toilet can be installed in areas where a toilet could not otherwise be installed. However, this shouldn’t be necessary for a bathroom where a regular flush toilet can be installed. An up flush toilet can be an expensive fixture to maintain and install for any plumbing company. However, if a major alternative is performing a major plumbing renovation, it might be wise to install a macerating toilet.

Dual Flush Toilets

Are you an environmentally conscious person? Then you could benefit by having a plumbing company install a dual flush toilet in your home. These toilets are WaterSense rated, meaning that they are water-conserving. It features two flush mechanisms, one for liquid wastes and another for solid wastes. With the help of the two buttons at the top of the toilet, you can alternate flushes between a higher flow to drive the solid wastes down the toilet and a lower flow for the liquid wastes.

This ensures that you save a lot of water, save the environment, and reduce water bills. Although these toilets are efficient and typically work better than others, they cost more. Installing them also requires the services of a professional from a trustworthy plumbing company. You can find them with touchless features that enhance the hygiene in your home.

Wall Mounted Toilets

You might find it strange to walk into a bathroom and not locate a toilet at times. Even stranger for some homeowners is to find a toilet that doesn’t have a water tank. Wall-mounted toilets are just a bowl that juts out from a wall. Wall-mounted toilets hide their water tanks behind the walls and allow more space in your bathroom.

Although the appearance of these toilets may be exciting and novel, it can be a challenge for a technician from a plumbing company to maintain or repair them. It might mean tearing a part of the wall to access the tank and repair it. This means more expenses in repairs and restoring the damaged parts of the wall.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

In movie theaters and restaurants, you might commonly find these types of toilets. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be installed at your home. Pressure-assisted toilets are increasingly becoming popular in Normal, IL homes. Although standard flush toilets have a simple construction and flush wastes and water down the drainage system, pressure-assisted toilets also help conserve water.

They feature a valve that takes on the pressurized water before they deliver it into the bowl for the flush. Besides saving you water, they also offer a cleaner flush. Do you want to have these modern toilets installed at your home? Enlist the assistance of a plumbing company for the best results. Their design provides a greater flushing efficiency. However, they are louder compared to other toilets like vacuum-assisted toilets.

As you can see from the toilet selection guide above, there are various toilets you can choose from. Though some designs are pretty old, some are also relatively modern such as pressure-assisted, vacuum-assisted, and dual flush toilets.

Some of these toilets are also water-conserving, meaning that they can help you pay less in water bills at the end of the month. Are you wondering what kind of toilet to install in your home? Contact a licensed plumbing company like Covenant Plumbing today for expert advice.

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