Sump Pump Repair Helps Protect Your Home | Normal, IL

Sump Pump Repair Helps Protect Your Home | Normal, IL

The summer weather brings lots of good things, such as high temperatures and sunshine. Unfortunately, spring and summer in Normal, IL, can also bring lots of rain that may end up in basements or other places where it isn’t wanted. Sump pumps are very useful for preventing flooding during periods of high rainfall. Good construction and water-tight sealants certainly play their part, but sometimes it’s very hard to keep water out of low-lying places, especially basements and crawl spaces. This is where sump pumps, and sump pump repair, come in.

A sump pump removes water that makes its way through foundation drainage systems, cracks in walls, and other openings. Water is very good at finding even tiny points of entry that let it flow into places it should be. Sump pumps reduce the risk of homes flooding during heavy rainfall. A properly sized and installed sump pump can remove hundreds of gallons of water per hour. Larger pumps may remove thousands of gallons per hour in extreme cases.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Sump pumps are actually very simple pieces of equipment. The pump itself is installed at the lowest point in the area to be protected, such as a dip in the floor of a basement. Sometimes installation starts by digging a pit, although an existing low point can be used if it’s deep enough and in the right place. Residential sump pumps are classified as submersible or pedestal. A submersible pump sits in a pit below water level while pedestal pumps are placed on raised surfaces above the water.

Submersible pumps are activated by floating trigger switches. As water levels rise, it triggers the floating switch and the pump removes water until the switch disengages after water levels drop. Submersible pumps can be harder to maintain because they’re always in the pit. However, submersible pumps are very quiet. Pedestal pumps usually last longer, and they’re easier to reach, but they make more noise during operation. Sump pump repair technicians are usually familiar with both types of pumps.

Why Do I Need a Professional?

Although sump pumps are fairly simple, it’s still important to have professional sump pump repair and maintenance services. Professional installation is a good idea because the entire setup can be compromised if everything isn’t installed correctly. A professional can get accurate measurements to determine the lowest point instead of trying to guess using visual cues alone. Choosing a sump pump capable of handling expected amounts of water is essential. An overwhelmed sump pump that can’t keep up with incoming water isn’t much better than leaving the pump out completely. Contact your local sump repair service provider to take care of inspections and any necessary repairs before severe weather or heavy rainfall arrive.

Homeowners can run occasional operational tests or hire a sump pump repair technician to do it professionally. Use a bucket to fill the sump pump pit until the float trigger activates. If the pump doesn’t activate and begin removing water, then you know the device isn’t working and won’t protect your Normal, IL home from flooding. You can also ask your sump pump repair service provider about installing a battery backup. This adds an extra layer of protection that lets your pump function without utility power. It’s really a good idea to have a battery backup because severe weather that may cause flooding can also disrupt utilities.

How Can I Identify Problems?

Sump pumps usually operate automatically. The pump is activated as needed and remains idle most of the time. This is good for energy conservation, not to mention a quiet atmosphere, but it can also hide problems. Homeowners may not notice malfunctions immediately because a sump pump can stay idle for long periods. For example, a problem with the electrical supply to the pump is invisible when the device isn’t operating. No one wants to find out a problem exists after the basement is filled with water. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid such unpleasant surprises.

Sump pump repairs should always be addressed as quickly as possible, which is easier to do if homeowners recognize potential problems. No sump pump operates noiselessly, but operational noise should be consistent. Whining, moaning, or banging noises aren’t normal and may indicate a problem within the pump. Foul musty odors are also concerning. The smell may come from stagnant water, which shouldn’t be an issue. If water sits long enough for mold and bacteria to set up shop, it means the pump isn’t removing water quickly. A visual inspection is helpful too. A pump sitting in water without removing it is obviously a problem. The pump could also be running with no water to pump. Either situation warrants a call to sump repair professionals.

Schedule Maintenance in Spring

Springtime maintenance and sump pump repair is especially important because this is the time of year when the pump is most needed. Water damage is a dreaded concept for most homeowners. It can destroy possessions and may even cause permanent damage to a home’s structure. One of the worst aspects of water damage is that it’s so extensive. Once water enters an area, such as a basement or crawl space, it spreads out until it encounters walls or other solid barriers. This means that anything within the area of containment is at risk.

Cleanup is difficult and time-consuming. Floodwaters can also carry harmful bacteria and other substances such as chemicals, oil, and decomposing organic matter. In other words, flooding is a miserable experience and it’s far better to avoid it than deal with it afterward. The experienced professionals at Covenant Plumbing provide sump pump repair and many other services for homes and businesses throughout Normal, IL. Sump pump repair and maintenance is one of the most important and effective ways to protect your home.

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