‘Sounds’ Like A Plumbing Problem: Gurgling, Rattling, And Other Reasons To Call A Plumber Near Me In | Normal, IL

‘Sounds’ Like A Plumbing Problem: Gurgling, Rattling, And Other Reasons To Call A Plumber Near Me In | Normal, IL

Plumbing systems are designed to be soundless. Most of us are used to the typical sounds that water makes as it leaves the faucet and flows down our drains. In fact, we’re so used to these sounds that we hardly pay them any notice. Whether it’s a flush or water draining from the dishwasher, we are accustomed to how our plumbing system should sound. However, when you hear something strange like a gurgling sound or rattling noise, you might want to Google ‘a plumber near me in Normal, IL,’ as there could be something serious happening inside your pipes. The plumbers of Covenant plumbing have heard it all; that is, they’ve heard the unusual noises that signify a plumbing problem. If you hear something strange when you use your plumbing fixtures, call a plumber near me in Normal from Covenant Plumbing for an inspection.

Gurgling Sounds

When you hear unusual gurgling sounds coming from your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or toilet, there’s a high probability that a clog has developed and water isn’t draining as it should. Think of that gurgling sound as a fair warning about what’s likely to occur next: the dreaded backup of water. When you hear gurgling sounds, there’s probably a clog that has formed in your drain line or even your sewer line. Sewer line clogs can stop up your entire plumbing system, rendering it unusable until the problem is fixed.

The gurgling noise that you hear is caused when water can’t drain properly. A sort of vacuum forms in the pipe, which causes the gurgling that you hear. If you don’t contact a ‘plumber near me in Normal’ it’s only a matter of time, sometimes just a day, before your plumbing system will back up, causing a mess and even damage to your flooring, walls, or other property.

When the clog is located in your sewer line, you won’t be able to use any of your home’s plumbing fixtures. That’s because all of your home’s wastewater drains from your home to the sewer line which leads out to the main municipality sewer system. When there’s a clog in the sewer line that may be caused by tree roots or a collapsed pipe, your wastewater has no place left to go except back up the way it came. At that point, you may even notice sewage coming back up your floor drains.

Most people have come to dread that gurgling sound, but if you act quickly and contact your ‘plumber near me in Normal’ you can let a skilled plumbing pro from Covenant Plumbing clear the clog before water can back up into your house. If you need more extensive repairs than the routing of your sewer line, we can tackle the job. If a pipe has collapsed, it needs to be repaired or replaced. There are a couple of ways to handle this problem. A plumber near me in Normal will choose the best one for your plumbing system.

Rattling Noises

Rattling noises are often not the immediate concerns that gurgling sounds are. When you are using your plumbing system and hear rattling noises, it usually means that you have loose pipes. Your plumbing system’s pipes are typically secured to your home. Over time and use, the pipes can become loose. When water rushes through, it will cause the pipes to rattle–even clang. Unfortunately, if the problem is allowed to persist, the constant rattling can even cause leaks. If you have loose and rattling pipes, consult with a plumber near me in Normal from our team about securing them in place. Once secure, you should no longer hear any of those rattling noises.

When you search for a ‘plumber near me in Normal’ choose Covenant Plumbing. We’ll send a skilled plumber to your home to inspect your plumbing system. Usually, pipes in crawl spaces and basements are easy to secure. However, some pipes may be more difficult to access, especially when located behind walls. A trained plumber can access these pipes to provide the services you need.

Squealing and Squeaking Noises

High pitched squeaking or squealing is often a sign of a problem with a plumbing fixture such as a faucet. You might hear it when you first turn on your sink. Usually, this is a quick repair for a plumber. Often, a replacement part solves the squeaking problem. On the other hand, some people may choose to replace the faucet if several parts are worn. If you contact Covenant Plumbing, we can send an experienced plumber to your home to take care of this issue. When you search ‘plumber near me in Normal, IL,’ be sure to choose the regional leader: Covenant Plumbing.

Knocking Noise

Knocking sounds are not uncommon, but they can be startling. Usually, this issue occurs when an appliance turns off quickly. To solve this issue, you can ask a plumber to install a water hammer device. The device is installed behind the appliance and prevents the knocking or banging noises. It’s best to let a train plumber install these devices.

Contact Covenant Plumbing if you hear unusual noises coming from your plumbing system. Although some of these noises may indicate problems that aren’t so serious, others may be quite serious like gurgling pipes. When you search for a ‘plumber near me in Normal, IL,’ you should choose Covenant Plumbing. Our plumbers are certified and experienced.

When you contact us for our professional plumbing services, you can expect the best. We’ll bring everything needed to inspect your plumbing system. We keep many of the most commonly needed plumbing parts in stock. This means we can usually make plumbing repairs on a single visit. Call us if you have a plumbing emergency or if you just want us to inspect some strange noises from your plumbing system.

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