Telltale Signs You Need Emergency Sump Pump Repair | Normal, IL

Telltale Signs You Need Emergency Sump Pump Repair | Normal, IL

Around 26% of the 537 properties in Normal, IL, are bound to experience flooding in the next 30 years. Fortunately, most residents take a proactive approach to flood prevention and install sump pumps to keep the flooding at bay. These nifty contraptions can handle anything from minor house flooding to more serious floods, but they’re not perfect. Continued use and a lack of maintenance of your sump pump could lead to complete failure. The failure could warrant regular or emergency sump pump repair, depending on the issue.

Here are a couple of telltale signs that your home in Normal, IL, needs emergency sump pump repair.

The Sump Pump Won’t Turn On

A sump pump that won’t turn on is a major cause of concern. There are plenty of reasons why your sump pump won’t turn on. Some of them include the following:

  • The perimeter drain system has a clog
  • The float switch has failed
  • The sump pump is overheated and burnt out
  • Your sump pump has lost power

A sump pump professional will get to the bottom of the issue and make the necessary repairs. Sump pump failure means a basement or house flooding is on the horizon and thus counts as an emergency. Contact an emergency sump pump repair service when you notice your pump won’t turn on.

The Discharge Line Is Clogged or Frozen

The discharge line conveys water from your sump pump to an authorized outlet. A clogged or frozen discharge line translates to complete sump pump failure and potential basement flooding. Dust, debris, and even rodents can clog this drain line and wreak havoc.

Winters in Illinois are typically cool to cold, and harsh winters are rare. However, it’s possible that your drain line could freeze and become inoperable. Both clogged or drain lines are sump pump emergencies that need prompt attention.

Professional sump pump technicians will help you locate and remove the clog. They’ll also install a screen vent cap to keep debris away. For frozen drain lines, the sump pump technician will unfreeze the pipes and advise you on the best way to insulate your house to keep the problem from recurring.

A leaky discharge line is also an emergency because it fails to convey the water to the sump pit or outlet. A licensed plumber should seal the leaks or replace your drain line in a jiffy.

You Have a Jammed Sump Pump Impeller

The impeller forms part of the centrifugal pump in your sump pump. Its function is to move water out of your basement to the outlet or sump pit. If the impeller jams, it won’t move water out of the basements as required.

Try to move the impeller by hand, and if it doesn’t budge, call emergency sump pump repair services immediately. The technicians will remove whatever’s causing the jamming or replace the impeller in severe cases.

Strange Noises Coming From Your Sump Pump

A functioning sump pump makes low humming noises as water moves through it. Any loud banging or gurgling noises from your sump pump spells disaster. The loud banging could mean loose parts, specifically the drain pipe bracket. Gurgling or slurping noises, on the other hand, indicate a defective check valve.

Any weird noises coming from your sump pump warrants emergency repair. The longer you wait to address the issue, the worse it gets, and the more you’ll have to pay for it. A licensed plumbing company will secure the drain line or replace the check valve to get rid of the clamor.

Your Sump Pump Runs Continuously

It’s hard to overlook a sump pump that runs continuously. The constant humming is bound to get annoying, and your energy bills will skyrocket. Moreover, running non-stop causes the sump pump to overheat and eventually burn up. This is especially true for sump pumps without water because water helps them cool down.

That said, a sump pump that won’t stop running is likely because its float switch is stuck in the “on” position. This happens when the float switch gets tangled or pinned to the sump pump’ line. It then signals to the sump pump that there’s water in the basement when there’s none. An emergency sump pump repair company will quickly solve the issue, so you don’t have to replace your sump pump or pay through the nose for your energy.

There’s No Power in the Sump Pump

When you realize there’s no power in your sump pump, the first thing is to confirm if there’s power in the house. Next, check whether the sump pump is plugged into the outlet. If everything checks out, but there’s still no power, your sump pump is likely defective.

The issue could either be:

  • A blown fuse
  • A dead backup battery
  • Faulty wiring

Whatever the case, it’s best to call an emergency sump pump repair service to set things right. Otherwise, you’ll have to contend with a flooded house or basement. Doing so may also help uncover other hidden issues with your building’s electrical system.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

When your sump pump issues are far advanced, it’s unlikely that emergency sump pump repair will suffice. Instead, you’ll need to replace it entirely. Here are a few signs that your sump pump is due for replacement

  • It’s too old: A sump pump lasts about ten years before breaking down completely. Retaining a sump pump beyond its service life is a costly mistake. Repair and maintenance get more expensive the more you hold onto your old sump pump. You can save yourself a lot of money and trouble by replacing your sump pump once and for all.
  • Visible rust or damage: Replace your sump pump if it shows obvious signs of damage or excessive rust. The rust is mostly a result of corroded battery terminals, and while it doesn’t pose a health risk, it compromises your sump pump’s functionality. Arrange for prompt replacement if you notice too much rust or extensive damage in your sump pump.

Get Your Sump Pump Emergencies Handled

Look out for these signs of sump pump emergencies and arrange for repairs the moment you notice them. The earlier you do it, the better it is for your sump pump, and the less expensive the repairs will be. Remember to take good care of your sump pump to get the most out of it throughout its service life.

If you need emergency sump pump repair in Normal, IL, contact Covenant Plumbing today for professional Sump Pump Repair. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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