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Some homeowners don’t pay attention to their plumbing unless the pipes have already burst or there’s a major drain clog. To save money, we recommend not taking your plumbing for granted. There are several things you can do to maintain your plumbing system and avoid costly repairs. Read this article for helpful tips from a “plumber near me“. For further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber in Normal, IL. Our plumbers are always ready to assist.

Best Plumbing Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing

Below are some helpful tips from a “plumber near me” on how to properly maintain your plumbing.

Take Care of Your Drains

Do you have a garbage disposal? This device lets you effectively manage your food waste at home. We highly recommend you install this to prevent major drain clogs. For installation, please make sure to only hire a licensed plumber in Normal, IL.

Install strainers in the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen drain to catch debris, hair, and food particles that can cause a major drain clog. Don’t forget to clean the strainers regularly to avoid drain smells. If there are children in the household, educate them on how to properly care for your drains.

Never ignore a slow drain as this usually progresses into a major drain clog. Contact a “plumber near me” right away for professional drain cleaning so they can remove what’s causing the slow drains. As much as possible, avoid using chemical-based drain cleaners as they can be extremely harmful to the pipes. If you’re not careful, you might end up hurting yourself. Should you decide to use these types of cleaners, do make sure to religiously follow the instructions and never mix them with other chemicals.

We also suggest you purchase basic plumbing tools like a drain snake to help you get rid of a clog. If you’re not confident about how to use a plumbing tool though, contact a “plumber near me” for assistance.

Protect the Plumbing Pipes

During winter, it’s a must for homeowners to protect exposed pipes so that they don’t end up bursting when the water freezes. You can contact a “plumber near me” for assistance or go to the hardware store to buy an insulating tool and use it to protect the pipes. If you have an old water heater, we suggest getting an insulating blanket to conserve energy and save money.

You’ll know the water inside the pipes is frozen when you suddenly run out of water. Contact a plumber right away to thaw the pipes. Don’t wait for the pipes to expand and burst. The last thing you want is a pipe bursting as you’ll end up with a flooded home. Thankfully, you can prevent this by properly protecting the pipes. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a “plumber near me” today.

Maintain the Water Heater

If you’re still using a conventional water heater tank, don’t forget to flush the sediment buildup at least once a year. However, if there’s high concentrations of hard water in your plumbing, you may need to drain the water heater more than once a year. You can contact a plumber to install a water softener to soften the water.

It’s recommended to take care of your water heater not just to conserve energy but to prevent a catastrophic plumbing repair. When the sediment builds up, you won’t have enough space for hot water. Eventually, you’ll start to have issues with your unit such as not having enough hot water. When the sediment stays in the tank and is never removed, it can damage the tank and you’ll end up with a plumbing leak. And when the tank is damaged, you will have no choice but to completely replace that.

Speak to a “plumber near me” today if you have questions about your water heater or if you’re planning to switch to a tankless water heater. The latter is more energy-efficient as you’ll only consume energy when you’re using the shower or the faucet. You get to also reduce your chances of coming home to a flooded basement as there’s no tank. You can just easily install the tankless water heater on the bathroom wall. For installation though, make sure you only hire a licensed “plumber near me.”

Get a Sump Pump

Homeowners that live in high-risk areas or places that get a lot of storms and with a basement must install a sump pump. This safety device prevents flooding in your basement, safeguarding appliances stored there. Once installed, don’t forget to maintain it and consider getting backup batteries so that the device will still work when the power goes out. Make sure to also test it first by pouring about a bucket of water into the sump pit, enough to turn on the float switch. The device should drain the water from the sump pit. When it doesn’t, get in touch with a plumber to inspect the pump.

Hire Licensed Plumbers Only

DIY plumbing projects are okay so long as it doesn’t involve major installations or repairs. When it comes to installations, most manufacturers require professional plumbing service or you get to lose the warranty. It’s also not recommended to repair a leak on your own to avoid more problems. Always hire a licensed plumber to ensure the problem is completely resolved.

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