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An important feature of our expert plumbing maintenance is our ability to detect upcoming problems and recommend repairs before they become urgent or waste large amounts of energy. A tune-up, inspection, and checks of vital components can help avoid many problems which arise, and also prolong the service life of the unit. At Covenant Plumbing, our water heater repair experts are part of a team of prevention-oriented, licensed plumbers. We look forward to providing proactive services for your home’s plumbing in Bloomington, IL.

Our Plumbing Knowledge Saves You Time and Trouble

Let’s keep your water heater running reliably and efficiently in Bloomington, IL with care from our water heater repair experts. We’ll do a thorough inspection, safety testing, and performance tune-up and check for common failure modes that may be developing. A tank-based water heater should last 10 years or more, and 20 is possible with a tankless unit. The key to these long service lives is proper, regular maintenance to make sure your heater is running normally for minimum wear.

Flushing Your Tank or Tankless Water Heater

In our state, hard water is basically a given, and the sediment it leaves behind in your coffee maker accumulates significantly over time in your tank or tankless water heater. Flushing helps remove the sediment and restore efficient heating, and in tankless models sediment can build up and cause several types of failures. Keeping up with maintenance to handle this buildup is essential, but it can be reduced by having the right type of water softener or water purification system processing your home’s water. Some water softeners neutralize minerals to avoid corrosion but send them on through, so make sure and ask our water heater repair experts if you have the right type, or find out about getting one installed.

Keeping the Temperature Properly Adjusted

It’s surprising how often we find water heaters that are misadjusted and use more energy than needed to reach a proper temperature, or even set too low so you’re not getting the hygienic effects you need for washing. Another reason why some people wind up setting their water heater thermostat too high is when one of the heaters in a tank-based unit has failed, and you’re having problems with enough properly heated water. Turning the temperature up on the remaining heater isn’t the solution, fixing the heater or thermostat that’s broken is, and our water heater repair team can take care of it easily.

Gas and Electric Heater Tune-Ups

There are quite a few ways that our water heater repair team can ensure reliable, efficient operation of your gas water heater. Checking the gas flow and related components is essential, as well as the burner condition and flame quality. Over time, the pilot light’s sensor may need replacement, otherwise it may stop the gas flow for safety reasons. Electronic ignition modules should be checked to ensure reliability. Electric heaters need to be checked for element condition and proper function, and tankless or hybrid systems, sometimes traditional water heaters, have control systems that should be tested as well. These electronics monitor sensors and provide alerts, status codes, and data that our water heater repair team can use to maintain your water heater properly.

Anode Rod and PTR Valve on Tank-Based Water Heaters

The anode rod is a small piece of metal that’s located in your water heater’s tank, sacrificing its material over time to balance the water quality to reduce corrosion and avoid bacteria growth. If your hot water has a foul odor, chances are your anode rod needs to be checked. The tank should also be checked on a regular basis to observe the progression of corrosion and evaluate the risk of tank failure and flooding or bursting. The PTR valve, or pressure and temperature relief valve, provides an escape for water when the tank is under higher pressure than it should be, and should be checked for safety during maintenance visits. Excessive pressure can lead to tank bursting, especially as it gets weaker over time from corrosion.

Water Heater Leaks Under the Slab

If your home has plumbing routed “under the slab” beneath your concrete foundation, problems like excessive energy use or limited hot water supply may be related to a pipe leak below, not a hot water heater problem. We can check for leaks using special equipment to listen, but it’s also common for these leaks to warm a part of the floor producing a valuable clue. Otherwise, you can go on for a long time with a leak under the slab and not realize that things are not as they should be. You might even have multiple water heater repairs that don’t seem to fix the problem. Our water heater repair experts pay attention to the unexpected problems as well as the common ones, saving you time and cost.

The Repair or Replace Question

When is it time for you to replace your water heater? For tank-based units it’s not just a functional or reliability question, but a matter of tank integrity. At some point, our routine inspection will identify that the corrosion has gone too far and it’s time to schedule a replacement, or perhaps choose a hybrid or tankless unit if you have a standard model. For tankless units, replacement is much less frequent, and is based more on reliability and functionality than risk of major leaks. We’d like to help you avoid emergencies!

If you’re tired of calling for urgent plumbing services including water heater repair, our proactive Covenant Plumbing care can help you get things under control in Bloomington, IL. We’ll help you plan regular services for your appliances and plumbing, and perform inspections using the latest technology to check pipes from the inside and detect hidden leaks. Our A+ BBB rating, local awards, and many 5-star online reviews speak for our quality plumbing and customer service. Why not start with an expert plumbing inspection? Call us and schedule it today!

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