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Swimming under moderately warm water can be relaxing and refreshing. However, like other plumbing installations, the swimming pool is prone to some problems. These plumbing issues may affect the poor’s usability or the pool water’s hygiene. However, pool leaks are the biggest fears any pool owner may encounter. Pool leaks are wasteful of water, meaning you might have to pay more in water utility bills. This especially worsens in states with water restrictions during the hot season. Hence, homeowners are advised to enlist the help of a plumber near me in Normal, IL for routine maintenance of the various plumbing elements of your swimming pool. This will ultimately result in you having to replace the affected part, which will cost you a fortune. Below are the common pool leaks:

Suction Side Leaks

Suction side leaks in a pool occur when air is pulled into the pipes while the pump is running. This can result in water leakage when the pump is turned off. The most common cause of these leaks is a damaged PVC fitting that screws into the front of the pump. This fitting is responsible for connecting the suction side of the pool, which is the side that pulls water into the pump, to the pool’s plumbing. A damaged PVC fitting can result in a leak, identified by a decrease in suction power, a gurgling sound, or a pool that loses water even when the pump is turned off. A temporary fix can be made using pool putty or silicone, but it is best to call a professional to replace damaged pipes or fittings. A pool maintenance specialist or plumber near me can easily identify the problem and replace the damaged fitting with a new one, ensuring that the pool is properly sealed and functioning correctly. However, it is advised that you have a plumber near me come for routine maintenance of the pool to ensure that the plumbing components are in order and aren’t exposed to any damage.

Pressure Side Leaks

The pressure side leak is the other type of leak that your swimming pool may experience. These leaks in a swimming pool can happen in equipment like the filter, heater, pump, or chlorinator. Pressure side leaks will undoubtedly require the attention of a plumber near me in Normal, IL. These leaks are usually caused by problems with the fittings and pipes that connect the pool and the pool equipment. The most common pressure side leakages are found in glue or threaded joints, where the PVC female and male connections are made. These leaks can’t be effectively patched from the inside or outside, so it’s best to call a plumber near me to replace the pool equipment. Leakage on the pressure side can be identified by a decrease in water pressure, a hissing sound, or a pool that loses water even when the pump is turned off. This is a problem that plumbers near me will identify when they visit your home for swimming pool maintenance. The professional will then affect the required repairs to ensure that the water pressure in your swimming pool returns to normal.

Underground Leaks

These are the most serious swimming pool leaks. Underground pool leaks can be caused by settling decks, tree roots, and shifting soils. These leaks can be difficult to detect, as the water will typically leak into the surrounding soil, not the pool or surrounding area. You should enlist a plumber near me for a routine swimming pool inspection and maintenance. Do you suspect your pool has an underground leak? Have a professional conduct a check and offer various repair options.

A pool plumber near me can use a pressure test using various tools to check for underground leaks. This test involves filling the pool’s plumbing with water and pressurizing it to a certain level. The professional will then check for leaks by looking for any pressure drops. If a leak is detected, the professional can use various repair methods, such as pipe relining or pipe bursting to fix the problem.

Return Line Leaks

Return line leaks occur when the seal around the return line becomes damaged, allowing water to leak out of the pool and into the surrounding area. The return line is the part of the pool’s plumbing that returns water to the pool after it has been filtered and treated. A damaged seal can cause water to leak out, which can be identified by a decrease in water pressure, a hissing sound, or a pool that loses water even when the pump is turned off. A plumber near me in Normal, IL will use various tools to inspect the pool, especially the points where there is a seal. The professional will apply the sealing again to prevent further leaks if the sealing is damaged. However, ensure that you retain them to be coming for a pool maintenance service.

Valve Leaks

Water could also be leaking out of a swimming pool valve or through a valve that is not fully closed. This can occur in various valves in the pool system, including the skimmer valves, main drain valves, and return jet valves. The leak can be caused by factors, such as a worn or damaged valve, a malfunctioning actuator, or a problem with the valve’s seals. A valve leak can result in water loss in the pool, increased chemical usage, and increased energy costs as the pump works harder to maintain the proper water flow. Sometimes, the leak can also damage the pool equipment or the surrounding area. Have a plumber near me inspect the swimming pool plumbing for leaky valves and patch them up or replace them.

A swimming pool is the epitome of a plumbing system’s comfort. Hence, ensure that you accord it the much-needed maintenance. Contact us at Covenant Plumbing for any pool plumbing repair or servicing. We are the best when it comes to plumbing solutions.

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