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A hot shower is an ideal way to start the day, but if the water that emerges from the tap is ice cold, that good feeling rapidly wears off. In the event you need a water heater repair from a trustworthy company, we are available at any time to help. We are open in Normal, IL at night, during the weekends, and even on holidays.

You may put your faith in the experts on our team. Day or night, our highly qualified specialists can handle your water heater repair. You can see for yourself what the neighborhood has to say about our repair skills by reading all of our client testimonials. You’ll discover that we rule the market in the area thanks to our superior customer service and knowledge.

Too Hot or Too Cold Water

If the water temperature varies from one instant to the next, your water heater is damaged. Even though using cold water is painful, using really hot water may scald someone and cause significant injury.

Water temperature fluctuations are frequently caused by scale buildup within an electric water heater’s tank, which covers the heating element. This problem is more common in areas with hard water.

Minerals in the water will accumulate as insoluble scales inside the pipes of your water heater and cover the working parts. Most of these problems with scale buildup and obstructions may be resolved with a water heater repair, but occasionally a new installation is required.

A broken dip tube that carries cold water from the top of the tank to the bottom and a damaged temperature control valve are two other factors that contribute to variable water temperatures. Both must be replaced during a water heater repair. You ought to have your water system de-scaled at least annually or install a water softener to prevent any scale build-up from blocking the pipes.

Little Hot Water

Your safety is guaranteed by a thermocouple, which is a part of the pilot light of a gas water heater. A faulty thermocouple will restrict or shut off the gas supply valve because the pilot light ignites the gas that warms your water, if it’s not working you need a water heater repair. Due to this problem, there is no hot water flow.

However, a heater that is too tiny is the main reason why individuals don’t have enough hot water. It’s possible that the water heater installed when you first moved into your home wasn’t modernized. As your family grew, perhaps you needed a water heater with a bigger capacity.

The water heater may be cut off if it cannot keep up with the increasing demands when everyone wants to take a shower and every appliance is in use. Needing a water heater repair after excessive use is common, especially if the heater often shuts off.

It’s critical to select the right-sized unit for your current and future needs. If a smaller unit doesn’t deliver enough hot water, switching to a larger one will just make matters worse. As specialists in new water heater installation, we can recommend the best unit in Normal, IL for your needs and budget.

Rumbling Water Heaters

A water heater will create some noise, like any machine or equipment, but any unusual noises require further investigation. Any crackling or hissing noises originating from the heater are frequently brought on by the buildup of insoluble scale on the heating element.

The scale layer works as an insulator, making it more difficult for the heating element to conduct heat to the water surrounding it. As a result, the element has to work harder to provide you with the hot water you need. The factor increases your prices and energy bills. Additionally, a water heater that has repeatedly been fixed is more prone to overheat, burn out, and require replacement from Covenant Plumbing.

Drips and Leaks

Water leaks are frequently caused by a broken valve or a loose connection, and these issues are frequently simple to correct. If a rusty tank is the cause of a leak, water heater repair and even tank replacement are needed.

Please let us know as soon as you become aware of a leak, no matter what the reason. The more water damage a leak produces, the longer it continues. You may have to spend a lot of money on repairs since water damage can be severe and seep through floors and walls.

A Lack of Pressure

Reduced water pressure is another effect of a leak in your home. Since leaks can occur behind walls and beneath floors, your water bill may increase unexpectedly before there are any other obvious indicators of a leak.

Turning off all of your water-using devices and checking that all of the taps are closed is a tested method for identifying whether you have a leak. Your water meter should not be rising if there isn’t a leak. If so, you must contact us right away so we can assist you in finding and fixing the leak.

Routine Care

Despite all the work they perform, water heaters are often extremely robust pieces of equipment, but periodically they break down and need water heater repair. Is there a way to lower your chances of needing a costly water heater repair, which often costs hundreds of dollars?

The easiest method to keep your water heater secure is to maintain it annually. This will ensure that everything is operating as it should and give you a chance to address any problems before an emergency repair is needed. After the maintenance, your heater will be more energy-efficient, cutting your running costs.

Covenant Plumbing has been offering reasonable plumbing services for many years. We are the most trusted, reasonably priced, and guaranteed plumber in Normal, IL. We demonstrate this with each job we complete, and we take pride in the fact that our finest advertising comes from our devoted customers. Call us right away!

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