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It wasn’t that long ago that some parts of our Bloomington, IL area got more than ten inches of rain over three days. Weather like that puts sump pumps to the test. It makes homeowners glad that they got sump pump service before the clouds gathered, so their basements stay dry and comfortable. At Covenant Plumbing, our sump pump repair experts have experience with a wide variety of sump pump configurations and devices. We understand how they work under tough conditions like we had recently, and can prevent problems that homeowners experienced during that time with functional and installation problems. Your sump pump needs to be ready to serve you reliably and discharge water far from your foundation. We even offer battery backup power to ensure that when storms knock out the power, you’re still protected.

Is Your Sump Pump Installed Correctly?

Regular testing by our sump pump repair crew ensures that your pump is truly ready to serve you when duty calls. Without that confirmation, you’ll be driving home in the rain and wondering if it’s taking care of any water rising and threatening your Bloomington, IL basement. Or, you might be far away and worrying. Our team verifies the sump pump installation including power, a clean sump so the impeller isn’t jammed by debris, free movement of the actuator or float, and a discharge path that leads outside and away from your foundation. For pumps that are reaching the end of their trusted service life, we’ll recommend replacement models. If your pump requires repairs before that time, we’ll be ready to provide sump pump repair to restore full functionality so it keeps operating smoothly.

Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure

The sump pump switch that initiates pumping is the most common point of failure for residential sump pumps. It can get stuck on, in which case the pump runs continuously and eventually dries, causing significant damage and rendering it unusable in the future. Stuck in the off position prevents operation when needed. Testing and sump pump repair for any switch unreliability is essential, and if the pump is in a situation where it operates frequently we may recommend further preventive measures. Other common problems include a clogged discharge pipe causing the motor to work harder, and a clogged sump affecting the pump’s intake.

Have You Finished Your Basement Recently?

If you’ve installed wood paneling, a nice carpet, or even created a basement bedroom or media room, you may be wondering if your sump pump is going to preserve your investment. Many homeowners have chosen to install a second pump, perhaps across the basement from the original one, as a backup. They can be located behind your new walls, for unobtrusive operation when needed. For larger basements, two or more sump pumps also supply more balanced water table reduction that evens the pressures on the concrete foundation. Our sump pump repair and installation team can provide designs for your home that address your concerns about water damage in your basement.

Dry Well and Discharge Pipe Installation

One of the more ironic situations that we’ve found is when a carefully installed, tested, and prepared sump pump gets to work removing water and pumping it out through a discharge hose, only to land next to the foundation where it seeps in and cycles through again. The reason can be a plastic hose removed from the connection point protruding from the house, or coiled up next to the home because of lawn mowing or recreational lawn use. In any case, the purpose of the sump pump is defeated. To solve this problem and add convenience and reliability, our sump pump repair team can install a pipe underground, leading to a dry well where water is easily absorbed by the ground a proper distance from the foundation. Given our cold winters, we can also ensure that this discharge route is installed to prevent issues with freezing. Our experts are dedicated to your success!

Operational Checks and Battery Backup

For annual inspections and testing, or a first visit to see that your home’s sump pump system is properly designed and installed, our sump pump repair and testing experts run through a checklist of verifications. We’re looking for overall installation issues including power source problems like a shared circuit that could result in an unrelated circuit breaker trip, disabling the pump. We’ll make sure the pump switch is reliably operating, and the sump is clear to avoid intake damage. The discharge line needs to be clear as well, and run properly. Any pump maintenance also needs to be performed at this time. Most critically, if you have a pump that isn’t of sufficient capacity for the pumping required by today’s weather and other water table issues, it’s a good time to replace it. You might also replace a pedestal pump with a submersible one to ensure that it will still operate if the water table rises particularly quickly at some point.

Scheduled Pump Replacement

Replacing your sump pump should be done on schedule, usually around ten years of service. Even with testing, as the pump gets older there’s more risk of problems during operation, and it’s well worth the investment. It’s the right time to think about whether a pedestal or submersible pump is right for your application, and the pump capacity you’ll need for effective protection of your basement. Our sump pump repair experts can provide recommendations and explain what they believe your home needs, including whether dual pumps or other configurations might be appropriate.

At Covenant Plumbing, we take pride in helping you stay prepared for life’s challenges that involve plumbing including sump pump repair in Bloomington, IL. We look forward to providing plumbing maintenance and repairs of all kinds, and installation of the latest, most reliable equipment as well. Give us a call and be confident in your sump pump equipment the next time nature raises the water table quickly near your home.

Photo By Marc Rossmann at Shutterstock
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