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In Normal, IL, hot water is a must-have, especially during the colder months when longer, hotter showers, and prolonged heating is preferred. Hot water is essential for bathing, cooking, and other household chores. It is vital that you have a well-maintained water heater installed in your home to help keep up with the demand for hot water. Ill-maintained water heaters can result in premature water heater replacement.

In 1889, water heaters for residential and commercial use were created. We have had hot water in our homes since then. A typical residential water heater can heat 40 gallons of water. This is usually enough to serve a full household. However, if the household is growing or water consumption needs change, there may be scope for a water heater upgrade.

Water heaters are durable appliances, but they don’t last forever. They can last between ten and fifteen years, if maintained correctly. Your water heater’s efficiency and performance will naturally decrease as it ages. You will also find yourself spending more time and money on repairs as wear and tear takes a toll.

Even with the best care, there will come a time when water heater replacement is the optimal choice. Your water heater’s lifespan may depend on your chosen brand, quality, and other factors. Regardless of the brand, age, and other elements, you can extend the life of your water heater by taking care of it. You might want to check the age of your tank. You can sometimes tell this by a sticker that details the installation and warranty date. If it is past its warranty date, you may need it checked out and replaced. Some signs that indicate your water heater needs to be investigated and potentially replaced through a professional water heater replacement service include:

  • The water is cold, despite your water heater set to a high temperature.
  • Your hot water runs out quickly or fluctuates between hot and cold in short bursts.
  • Water from the faucets is foul-smelling, discolored, or has a poor taste.
  • The floor surrounding your water heater tank is damp, has standing water or an active water flow leaking from a pipe or the bottom of your tank. This is a key sign to look out for that typically means a replacement is on the horizon.
  • The connections and fittings are corroded, coated in sludge.
  • Loud banging, rumbling, squeaking, or other unexpected sounds.

You need to be aware of when your water heater needs repair and work with your plumber to make sure any water heater replacement occurs on time. Here are some benefits of having your water heater repaired promptly:

Ensure a constant supply of hot water

You might need to replace your water heater because it cannot keep up with your growing hot water demand. For example, your family may be experiencing noticeable hot water problems with the showers in your Normal, IL home. They may not run hot for everybody as the hot water supply has run out, or the temperature can fluctuate wildly and inaccurately if another water-based fixture or fitting is using the hot water supply at the same time.

This problem can be solved by simply replacing your smaller water heater with a unit that has a larger capacity tank. You can also opt for a tankless heater to ensure hot water on demand. A water heater replacement can make your hot water supply far more reliable, and enable you to run multiple hot water appliances simultaneously.

Minimize your energy consumption

Your water heater’s energy efficiency drops as it ages. Older water heaters will likely use more energy than originally intended. An older water heater will be more costly to operate. However, modern water heaters operate at an optimal level and are relatively energy efficient. Newer water heaters are equipped with more efficient, energy-saving technologies. Tankless water heaters consume far less energy than traditional tank heaters. You can benefit from the latest water heating technologies by seeking a water heater replacement service when your energy bill consumption is spiking due to the age of your heater.

Increase the safety of your home

An old and corroded water heater is a dangerous safety hazard. If your water heater develops electrical faults, it could put you and your loved ones at risk of electrocution and electrical shocks. Your water heater could also produce dangerously hot water, which can cause serious burns to you and your family.

If your water heater has been in use for more than 10 years, it could be at risk of leaking hot water or bursting. This could cause serious injury to you and your pets if a water heater replacement isn’t sought out ASAP. These dangers can be eliminated by investing in a new heater. Because all parts of your new water heater are performing at their best, your family’s safety will be assured.

Save space

Modern water heaters are much more space-efficient than older models. Tankless water heaters, for instance, are much smaller than traditional tank heaters. You can free up space by replacing your old heater with a tankless on-demand model. The space created by your water heater replacement can be used for other purposes.

Reduce the frequency of repairs

Your water heater’s components will become more susceptible to failure as it ages. The efficiency of heating elements will naturally decrease with time. This means that your water heater will need more frequent repairs as it approaches its end of life. Your old water heater will not only cost you more in repairs but it will also cause you significant inconveniences when it fails more often. You may be forced to take cold showers or do other chores with ice-cold water instead of hot water.

With a new water heater, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t need to worry about your water heater breaking down again in the near future. If you think it’s time to replace or upgrade, call Covenant Plumbing for your next water heater replacement in Normal, IL!

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