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It’s hard to believe that domestic hot water for homes is just a bit over a century old here. Water ran through coils at the back of coal stoves as early as 1870 in the U.S. A few decades later larger cities had gas service, and with it automatic water heaters, hot water plumbing, and soon after, water heater repair. At Covenant Plumbing, we provide services for the 21st century, where hot water is warmed by a variety of energy sources. In some devices, water passes through as in the original tankless coal stove heaters, others store hot water in tanks, and heat comes from electricity, gas, or even modern heat pump technology. Our water heater repair experts are well-trained and ready to take care of you no matter which kind you enjoy in Normal, IL.

Keeping Your Water Heater Reliable and Long-Lived

No matter what kind of hot water you have, you’ll face more water heater repair visits if you let corrosion and sediment get ahead of you. In Normal, IL, we have hard water, which you’ve probably noticed from the sediment in your coffee maker, stains in sinks and tubs, and poor soap performance, plus showers that just don’t feel as clean as they should. It’s all the minerals in the water, and they cause reactions that eat away at the material in both tank-based and tankless water heaters. In addition, sediment forms from the minerals, and obstructs the operation of the water heater. It rests on the bottom of hot water tanks, and forms near the heater in tankless units, obstructing water flow. Sediment in tankless units can lead to the unit shutting down. You might hear its effects earlier on when a kind of banging sound occurs. It’s a good time to call for water heater repair to get it cleaned out. In a water heater tank, it’ll also affect operation, with bubbles rising that make noise inside. Our water heater repair personnel can flush the tank to take care of the sediment.

Treating Corrosion at the Source

When hard water is the problem, a water softener or other water quality equipment is a good choice. Depending on which equipment you choose, you’ll get better water quality and less corrosion in your pipes as well, or even water quality that, when filtered, can save you a lot on bottled water. Inside tank-based water heaters, there’s also a component called an anode rod that helps minimize corrosion by sacrificing its own material to affect the chemical balance. After three to five years, it’s worn out and needs a replacement water heater repair to continue protection that slows corrosion. Another benefit of an anode rod is reducing anaerobic bacteria growth in the dark, sealed tank. If you notice a foul odor or unusual color in your hot water, your anode rod might be in need of replacement.

Does It Seem Like Only Half a Tank?

In tank-based water heaters, there are often two heating elements. One takes care of the top half of the tank, the other the bottom half. Each has a thermostat as well, and if either of them stops doing its job, what you’ll notice is about half the volume of hot water you expect. Depending on which heater and thermostat pair needs water heater repair, you’ll either get lots of cold or lukewarm water before the hot water comes, or hot water that stops short and cools down. You’re getting both halves of the tank, but not fully heated. Our expert plumber can diagnose this problem through electrical tests, scanning the tank for heat levels, or simply listening to your story of how you’re not getting enough showers and laundry done.

The Joys of Tankless Hot Water

For families that are sensitive to the available hot water, tankless can be a big improvement. Instead of running out after 40 gallons, typically, of hot water, the hot water just keeps on flowing. The limitation is in the flow rate, which amounts to how many hot water uses can happen at once. For a certain amount of gallons per hour, you can run a shower only, or laundry. Install a unit with higher capacity, and you can run both. In this case, running out of hot water doesn’t necessarily require a water heater repair, just a change in scheduling for your hot water use. If you’ve moved into a new home where your needs or family size is different from the previous occupants, you might want to consider having our installation team install a higher capacity unit. We can help you calculate your flow rate needs, and make the switch.

When Water Heaters Let You Know How They’re Doing

A standard tank-based water heater provides indications of trouble through clues that we list for our customers so they can call us if trouble is developing. Odors of colors in the water, temperature issues, excessive energy use, sounds in the tank, and so forth. For newer models, especially hybrid and tankless water heaters, electronic controls provide status indications along with a tone to draw your attention. This is a great innovation, since it allows more proactive care for water heaters, helping you to maintain top efficiency, avoid breakdowns, and prolong the life of your water heater. One essential warning message comes from tankless units, which require occasional air filter cleaning to avoid overheating and shutdown. It’s something we can quickly provide, or show you how.

Helping You Enjoy the Modern Convenience of Hot Water

Since for most families, hot water heater repairs are urgent, we rush to take care of any problems you have in Normal, IL. Your family’s laundry, personal and kitchen hygiene, and other needs rely on hot water flowing. It’s one of many ways that we at Covenant Plumbing are glad that we can help you live a modern, comfortable life. Call today for help with your water heater, or any other plumbing needs!

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