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Water can do significant damage to your home — you’ll end up paying for costly repairs and replacements. Calling restoration companies may also be necessary because the flooding in the basement leads to mold growth. You’ll need them to ensure that your area is completely dry and mold can’t thrive. Overflowing water from the drain can also invite unwanted pests in. Worse, your entire kitchen will smell unpleasant if you don’t address drain problems. It’s important to know the causes of leaks so that you can avoid them. What’s more essential is to hire a reliable plumbing company in Normal, IL to ensure the repair is properly carried out.

Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Below are the causes of plumbing leaks:

Tree Roots – If there are large trees near your property, we suggest you do something about it. They can be very destructive to your plumbing system because tree roots are attracted to moisture. So when there’s a tiny leak in the pipes, the tree roots can penetrate through them and cause major damage. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a very costly plumbing repair. Look for professionals who can provide you with the best option to remedy the problem. If you’re already having issues with leaks, please don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in Normal, IL today.

High Water Pressure – Both low water pressure and high water pressure are not good news. A low water pressure indicates a leak in your plumbing. If your water pressure is low, we suggest calling a plumbing company for professional leak detection. High water pressure can severely damage the pipes, which can lead to them breaking. It’s important to maintain the water pressure within normal levels to avoid problems and catastrophic plumbing leaks.

Exposed Pipes – During winter, you must protect all exposed pipes especially outdoor plumbing or the water inside the pipes can freeze. When the water freezes, the pipes can expand and burst. When you’re just at home, don’t turn off your heating. Open the cabinet doors underneath the sink for the warm air to circulate in that area. You can also slightly open the faucet so that warm water can flow through the pipes. If your pipes are already frozen, contact a plumbing company so that a plumber can help you thaw the pipes. Don’t wait until it expands and leads to a catastrophic plumbing problem.

Incorrect Installation – Are you installing new appliances or fixtures? Please make sure to hire a registered and reliable plumbing company to help you install the appliance. Never hire an unqualified person to do it as you could lose your warranty. Incorrect installation can also lead to a costly plumbing repair. An incorrectly installed water heater could lead to flooding in your basement.

Can You Avoid Leaks in Your Plumbing?

Homeowners sure can avoid leaks as long as they are mindful of their plumbing and know to better care for their appliances. Below are some tips to avoiding a major plumbing emergency. If you need assistance, please contact a plumbing company in the area.

Install Leak Detection Devices

Leak detection devices can be installed near your water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine. When the device detects a leak or fluctuations in the water temperature, it can alert you and automatically shut off your water to prevent further damage to your home. Contact a plumbing company if you’re planning to install leak detection devices for your home.

Protect the Pipes

As mentioned, extremely low temperatures can lead to frozen pipes that can expand and burst. The only way to avoid this is by insulating the pipes and all outdoor plumbing. Feel free to get in touch with a plumber today if you need help protecting the pipes.

Don’t Neglect Your Plumbing

Neglecting your plumbing system is one of the worst things you can do for your plumbing. If you think something may be wrong with the water heater or the garbage disposal, please make sure to get in touch with a plumber immediately for an inspection. Our team of plumbing experts can inspect your system and diagnose the problem, and provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Why Hire a Reliable Company for Plumbing Repairs

Some homeowners would attempt to do repairs on their own. This is okay as long as it’s just for minor repairs such as repairing a leaky faucet or unclogging a minor clogged drain. For leaks and other major plumbing problems, please ensure you only hire a reliable company for them. A plumbing company has a team of plumbing experts who can get the job done right the first time. There’s no plumbing problem they can’t fix; whether you’re having issues with the sump pump or the garbage disposal, they can assist.

A plumbing company also employs plumbers who are fully insured. They’re also equipped with all safety gear and equipment to prevent accidents and keep your home safe. Most importantly, it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

Contact Covenant Plumbing Today

Do you need the services of a plumbing company in Normal, IL? We can help. Covenant Plumbing is a dependable company in the area that serves both homeowners and businesses. We can assist with any plumbing-related issue from repairing the water heater to maintaining your drains. Our plumbers also never cut corners and are always respectful of our clients. They’re experienced professionals who prioritize your safety. We also ensure you’re completely satisfied with our services.

What are you waiting for? Call us today if you suspect a leak in your plumbing. We can quickly dispatch a professional to inspect your system and find the leak. Call us at Covenant Plumbing for an appointment.

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