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While homeowners are not expected to know everything about their plumbing, it’s best to at least know the basics. In this article, we’ll talk about knowing the signs of a leak in your plumbing and what you can do to protect your home. If you have questions, contact a “plumber near me” in Normal, IL today. Our plumbing experts at Covenant Plumbing are always ready to help.

How to Determine a Leak in Your Plumbing

When you notice any of the signs below, we suggest calling a “plumber near me” for a thorough inspection of your plumbing or for professional leak detection. It’s always best to address the issue early to avoid a more costly repair down the road.

Low Water Pressure

One of the indications of a leak in your plumbing is when the water pressure in all your plumbing fixtures is really low. There is likely a leak somewhere and you need to get in touch with a “plumber near me” so that he can properly check your plumbing. If you have high water pressure, don’t get this unresolved too because it can severely damage pipes eventually. Get a water pressure regulator to help regulate your plumbing or contact a plumber if you need further assistance.

Water Spots in the Ceilings or Walls

There are two types of water leaks to watch out for: those obvious leaks that usually take the form of pooling water near the water heater and hidden leaks that you can’t always detect. The subtle signs to watch out for is seeing bulging wallpapers or water spots in the ceilings. These could indicate a leak somewhere and we suggest you get in touch with a “plumber near me” for a proper inspection. Only a plumber can determine the location of the leak and provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Noisy Pipes

When you hear annoying noises in the pipes when you turn on the shower or faucet, consider calling a “plumber near me” and have your plumbing system inspected as there might be a leak somewhere. You can prevent a major plumbing emergency if you act right away. Never ignore a plumbing issue to avoid even more costly repairs or replacements.

The last thing you want to do is ignore problems. If you want to avoid a costly repair, we suggest calling today for assistance. A plumber would be able to properly diagnose the problem and fix it permanently.

Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

One of the most effective ways to protect your home from water damage is through regular plumbing maintenance. Call a “plumber near me” to inspect all appliances and fixtures in your home. During the appointment, a licensed plumber will ensure everything is in top shape and there are no issues that need to be taken care of. Should there be a problem or if you need any repairs, don’t worry as we’re always here to help. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue on the same day as well. Below are some of our other tips for protecting your home from costly water damage.

Install Leak Detection Devices

Some leak detection devices can detect distinctive noises that might indicate a leak in the water line. There are also sensors that will alarm right away when they detect a leak in your plumbing. Flow meters are leak detection devices that can detect fluctuating temperatures or any abnormalities in the plumbing system. We suggest you consider installing at least one of these to protect your home. If you want to know more about how leak detection devices work, we suggest calling a “plumber near me” today for assistance.

Install Shut-Off Valves

How many shut-off valves are installed in your home? We recommend you install these near your water heater, washing machine, garbage disposal or dishwasher. Because when there’s a risk of flooding in your home, the first thing you need to do before calling a “plumber near me” is to shut off the water to prevent further damage to your home. Imagine when you have to go all the way to the basement to turn it off — this could take a lot of time. Make sure the shut-off valves are nearby and just within reach.

Get a Sump Pump

One of the ways to prevent flooding in the basement is to ditch the water heater tank and switch to tankless water heaters. Another way is to install a sump pump especially when you live in a flood-prone area. Before a coming storm though, make it a point to always test the pump to see if it works. It’s also best to have some backup batteries just in case there is a power outage. If you’re planning to install one for your home, please contact a plumber today for assistance.

Protect the Plumbing Pipes

It can be stressful when the water inside your pipes suddenly freezes as this means you won’t have any water at home. You can avoid frozen pipes by insulating them when the temperature starts dropping. Make sure to also protect your outdoor faucets. If you suspect the water already froze, contact a plumber in Normal, IL right away so he can help you thaw the pipes.

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