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The last thing you need at your home is to need sewer repairs. Whenever this arises, it could be better news. Unfortunately, the problem may be exacerbated by poor repairs. There are many unscrupulous plumbing companies today whose aim is money, not quality services. Hence, it is recommended that you be on the lookout and conduct due diligence before hiring one. If a fraud repairs your sewer, the problem will worsen after some time. Hence, you will be left with a worse problem that requires expensive repairs at even, at times, replacements. Unfortunately, companies of this nature do not worry about the ethics of whatever they are doing and are always on the lookout for their next victim. To avoid such expenses, always ensure that you hire a licensed plumber near me in Illinois to perform the repairs.

Who Are Sewer Repair Fraudsters?

These companies or individuals take up a contract or project to repair your sewer line knowing they need to be equipped to handle it. These scammers do not even have the tools or knowledge of sewer line repair. They are money and will do a shoddy job hastily before demanding payment. They may tell you that your sewer system is clogged but will not show you evidence. Hence, it is recommended that before you hire a person or company for sewer line repair, ask them for references and licensing. The company or person should only repair the sewer lines by showing evidence that the problem exists. You also should ask for proof that they have cleared the underlying problem to your satisfaction or hire a plumber near me in Illinois.

Common Sewer Repair Scams

There are several ways to spot a swindler, and whenever a technician approaches you for unsolicited repairs, don’t fall into their tricks. Be on the lookout for the following:

Free Inspection Scams

This sewer repair scam involves knocking on your gate or door or even unsolicited phone calls. They come from an entity or someone offering to inspect your sewer or drainage system free of charge. The stranger will inform you that something is amiss with your sewer system. After this, they will offer to repair your sewer lines immediately if you are willing to pay them immediately. If this ever happens to you, hang up your phone or even ignore them and request they leave. A professional plumber near me in Bloomington, IL would never do that. They come to your home under your invitation and perform repairs and inspections professionally, and of course, at a pay.

“Emergency Repair” Scam

The most prevalent scam involving sewer line repairs is this one. Typically, it happens after a storm hits your region. Someone will visit your home dressed as a professional, inform you that there is a problem with your sewer or drain system, and then leave. Then, without even considering the issue, they offer their services. Asking for licenses, certifications, and other credentials is the easiest method to avoid this fraud. If a professional plumber near me in Illinois installs your system, then it will most likely withstand those storms. Additionally, you will know when an emergency hits. You don’t need a stranger to tell you.

Fake Video Footage

The scammers have also taken their tricks a notch higher. Since they know many homeowners ask for proof of a sewer issue, they will come to your home armed with inspection cameras. They will use these cameras to show you footage implying your pipes are severely broken and that you need a sewer line replacement. The swindlers will have shown you a pre-recorded video of another person’s sewer system. To avoid this scam, ask your technician to record something at your home as part of that footage and ensure you see the entire video. This is the only way of authenticating the video. A Professional plumber near me in Illinois will record the video as you see and show you the interiors of your sewer system in real-time.

Avoiding Sewer Repair Scams

Detecting Video Fraud

Because the leaks are usually underground, the technician should insert and direct a camera to determine if they have a problem. This is where the scammer will try fooling you. They will set up the camera to relay a pre-recorded video of another person’s damaged sewer line. When unsuspecting customers see this, they panic and agree to on-point costly repairs. To ensure the footage is legit, ask the technician to film the area around the sewer or something at your home. Alternatively, look for a professional plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, and have them inspect the sewer system and perform the repairs.

Slab Leak Detector Con

Any person or company focused on truly detecting sewer leaks under the slab will have advanced tools and equipment to ensure that the leaks are detected accurately and repaired. Someone that arrives with a basic leakage repair kit and claims that it is a slab leak detector is not serious about making the sewer repairs. They might perform a quick fix but won’t resolve the problems. A professional plumber near me in Illinois will inspect the sewer system and repair it with finality.

Sticker Shock

An average homeowner needs to keep up with the sewer repair price changes, meaning they might need to be aware of the current changes. This is what a swindler looks for during their search for new victims. They will end up charging the unsuspecting victim a huge amount of money over what was required but do a shoddy job. A professional plumber near me in Illinois deals with set prices that you pay to the company. Hence, if a technician hurries you to pay them, they are likely swindling you.

Stay Vigilant, Don’t Fall for These Tricks

Rather than be swindled, ensure that you search for and retain a professional plumber near me in Bloomington, IL. Contact us at Covenant Plumbing for reputable sewer line repairs.

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