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A plumbing system is among the most important systems in your home. Without it, the wastes and wastewater cannot drain into the septic tank or the municipal sewer system. You also would struggle to get water. It is through the mainline where the water enters your home from the municipal main and is distributed to other parts and appliances.

Most homeowners take that water readily available at their homes for granted. However, whether it’s for cooking, cleaning, drinking, or even personal hygiene, water is a critical resource. A plumbing system does a great job of ensuring that it enters and is distributed in your home. With a water heater, you will access heated water by turning a tap on. You should have a plumber near me in Illinois for periodic plumbing system maintenance. There are many ways through which plumbing contributes to your health. Below are some of them:

Touchless Fixtures Enhance Hygiene

Thanks to the advancements in sensor technology, there are plumbing fixtures that you don’t need to touch. For instance, touchless faucets will sense your proximity to turn them on or off. Such a fixture is a great addition to any home or public space with many people. It is a well-established fact that germs are transferred through touch. Eliminating this means that there won’t be any germ transference between various people, ensuring that you and your family can stay safe from diseases.

Do you want a touchless faucet installed at your home? Contact a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL to have one installed. Like the touchless faucets, you also can have a touchless toilet installed in your home. These toilets use sensor technology to activate the flush. This sensor which activates the flush, may be installed on the side or the top of the toilet. The toilet comes with a manual button if the sensor fails.

Water Filtration Systems Eliminate Contaminants in the Drinking Water

Another great invention in plumbing that has contributed to the increase in health quality among homeowners is the water filtration systems and water softeners. Today, a plumber near me in Illinois can install a water softener at your home to soften the water. This means you can clean the sinks, taps, and other surfaces without worrying about limescale formation and mineral deposits. This has led to better cleaning. The same professional can install a water filtration or purification system at your home, ensuring you drink clean, safe water. Additionally, the plumber near me in Illinois will also come for routine maintenance of the water softener or filtration system to ensure that the water at your home is clean.

Proper Waste disposal via Drainage and Sewer System

Waterborne diseases have been a bane in the existence of many ancient civilizations. Because of how water was carried into homes, there was a high likelihood of contamination. Poor sanitation always will lead to some serious diseases in a population. For instance, today, there are clear-cut sewer disposal mechanisms through the drainage system, septic systems, and tanks.

A Drainage system is a critical part of your plumbing responsible for this. During the routine daily activities at your home, a lot of waste is produced, and the drainage system ensures that the waste is safely carried out. Since this invention, there has been a decline in sanitation-related diseases such as cholera. However, the drainage system needs proper cleaning by a plumber near me in Illinois.

Replacement of Lead and Galvanized Iron Pipes

The lead in water lines can seep into the water supply if the pipes corrode. While some utility companies may add chemicals to their water to lower lead levels, the most effective approach has a plumber near me in Illinois replace these pipes. However, replacing lead pipes is expensive and may be beyond reach for many homeowners due to the high cost involved. There are national organizations that exist as a result of a concerted effort on the part of water utilities, environmental organizations, public health, and consumer advocacy groups.

They try to offer financing to assist in the replacement of lead service lines. Flint, Michigan incident is a great example. The concerted efforts have seen a reduction in the homes that still use galvanized iron and lead pipes for water delivery. Today PVC and CPVC pipes are leading in the adoption. Hence, if you are unsure of the pipes installed at your home, you should have a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL inspect and replace them if they are made of iron or lead.

Improvements in Sanitary Levels

A plumbing system in any home means increased sanitation. As explained above, the water will come in via one pipe, and the waste will flow through another. This separation helps improve the sanitation levels at your home. You also can boost hygiene by having a plumber near me in Illinois install a water heater. These plumbing appliances ensure that you have hot bathing water whenever you need it. Hence, you can wash your hands before and after eating or touching a potentially dangerous object or contaminated surface.

Sanitation can be further enhanced by installing a dishwasher or a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen. The garbage disposal unit ensures that no wastes collect in the kitchen to attract fruit flies. It slices them into smaller pieces that can enter the drainage system and the septic tank. On the other hand, a dishwasher is used to clean the dishes with hot water that sterilizes them. Hence, have a plumber install them at your home for improved sanitation.

A plumbing system is a great addition to your home. It ensures that water enters one end and waste drains on the other. Besides this, it plays an important role in your health. However, it has to be maintained by a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL. Do you need any plumbing services in Illinois? Contact us at Covenant Plumbing.

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