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Wastewater Backups And Your Plumber | Bloomington, IL


If you experience frequent wastewater backups from floor drains, you may have a serious issue on your hands. When you have a plumbing problem like this, you need a licensed plumber to visit your Bloomington, IL home. Covenant Plumbing offers a complete lineup of professional plumbing services, including sewer line repair. Frequent wastewater backups can be a sign that there’s a sewer line problem. The issue might be as simple as a clog or as extensive as a collapsed pipe. However, until the issue is resolved, your wastewater problem is likely to recur.

What Is the Sewer Line?

A sewer line is basically the main drain that connects all of your home’s drains to the municipal sewer system. Although you aren’t responsible for the sewer system, you are responsible for your sewer line as it runs across your property, connecting your home to the city sewer system. That means that if the sewer line has a clog, you have to unclog it. If it needs a repair or has to be replaced, you have that obligation too.

Unfortunately, when your sewer line has a problem, your entire plumbing system has a problem too. Since all your home’s drains depend on the sewer line, your plumbing system cannot function when there’s an issue. That’s why when showering, using your washing machine, or flushing a toilet, you risk wastewater backup because the sewer line isn’t functioning properly. When wastewater can’t flow through the sewer line, it comes back up into your house.

How Does the Sewer Line Become Clogged?

A sewer line generally involves a larger pipe than the drains in your home. So, you might wonder how it can become clogged if your individual drain pipes aren’t clogged. Often, a clog develops slowly. Yes, flushing a large item like a diaper can cause a drain clog, but many clogs grow slowly. For instance, grease and food debris may have settled in your sewer line. Then hair and dental floss got caught in the grease. Then more grease and food debris settled on the developing clog. Once the clog becomes large, it can block the flow of water.

Tree Roots

Another common cause of sewer line clogs are tree roots. Tree roots grow underground and are ever in search of water and nutrients. Your sewer line contains water and nutrients. Pinpoint leaks or leaky seams serve as entryways for tree roots. Tiny roots enter these small access points and then begin to grow in the sewer line. As they grow, they begin to block toilet tissue, waste, and water. The result can be a major clog that requires the skills of a licensed plumber.

Do I Need a Plumbing Pro for a Sewer Line Clog?

Sewer line clogs do demand the services of a plumber. First, a plumbing expert has the ideal equipment for augering your sewer line. Their augers can typically span 100 feet and can completely clean out the sewer line. Second, a plumber has the training and skill to safely work on your sewer line. An untrained operator can do more damage to your pipe, causing an even bigger mess. Third, a plumber can tell you if the issue is more than just a typical clog. There might be another problem at hand.

Sewer Line Repairs

Covenant Plumbing can send an experienced plumber to your Bloomington, IL home to inspect your sewer line problems. The issue might not be related to a clog or tree roots. The sewer line itself might need a repair. For instance, if a section of the pipe collapses, the collapsed pipe forms a blockage, and that could be the cause of your frequent wastewater backups. Sometimes damaged pipes can be repaired.

During their assessment, our plumber will inspect the line to determine the nature of the problem and to assess the condition of the overall pipe. If your pipe is a strong candidate for trenchless sewer line repair, the fix may be less extensive than you think. Unfortunately, if the pipe is old and deteriorating, it may not be suitable for this type of repair.

Sewer Line Replacement

If your sewer line cannot be repaired, it will have to be replaced. As mentioned, trenchless sewer line repairs may be an option. This type of repair basically relies on inserted resin to form a new pipe within the old one. It’s an innovative but highly durable solution. On the other hand, our Covenant Plumbing pro might recommend a traditional replacement, and that involves digging up the old pipe and replacing it with a brand new one.

As any plumber can tell you, replacing a sewer line is a big job. It often involves digging up the lawn and driveway. It may even involve removing trees. Once the line is replaced, however, your wastewater backup problems will become a thing of the past as new piping will last a long time. It’s typically older and deteriorating sewer lines that require a complete replacement.

Wastewater Backups Are Dangerous

It’s essential to deal with wastewater backup problems. Wastewater can, of course, create a mess in your home, but the water contains dangerous pathogens. When cleaning up wastewater backup messes, it’s important to wear protective gloves and other clothing to prevent exposure to these dangerous bacteria.

If you are worried about your sewer line because of frequent backups, contact Covenant Plumbing today. We’ll send a skilled plumber to your Bloomington, IL home to inspect the situation. You can count on our professionalism and honesty. We’ll carefully evaluate the issue and recommend the ideal solution. Our company also features a full lineup of plumbing services that include drain cleaning, leak detection, and more. You can count on our team of experienced plumbing professionals for all of your plumbing needs.

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