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Reasons To Consider Water Heater Replacement | Bloomington, IL


Did you know that the average person uses warm water up to 20 times a day in their home? And yet, most people don’t spend much time thinking about their water heater simply because they don’t need to worry about it. When they want hot water at their Bloomington, IL home, it’s usually there for them whenever they need it.

When it’s not, there’s usually a specific reason, and the reason almost always requires a water heater replacement in order to solve it. Whether it’s an inefficient, old system or a leak around the tank of your water heater, you’re eventually going to have to consider replacing your water heating system, and it’s always better to do it a few days too early than a few days too late.

If you notice any of these signs from your water heater, your system is living on borrowed time. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to before replacing your system becomes an absolute must!

Your Water Has Started Coming Out Cloudy or Rust-Colored

Why would this be a sign that you need to consider water heater replacement? Simple: if you have a traditional water heater, your hot water sits in the tank getting heated to the appropriate temperature so that it’s ready to come out hot whenever you need hot water. That tank is made of metal, and over time, metal surrounded by water is going to start to rust.

Once it starts to rust, sediments from inside the tank can mix in with your water, causing rust to mix with the water molecules. The result is water that can come out red, orange or even brown. In any of those cases, the water is still safe to drink or use, but you’re going to want to consider water heater replacement for your Bloomington, IL home at the first opportunity. Rust-colored water isn’t a health hazard, but rust in your water heater can eventually rip a hole in the water heater and cause a major flood around the tank. Before you get to that point, be sure to call in an expert to get a new water heater installed.

An Unexplained Lack of Hot Water in the House

When there’s no hot water in the house when you need it, that’s a sure sign that something has gone seriously wrong. Your hot water heater is meant to have a reliable supply of hot water, and if you’re suddenly not getting hot water with no reasonable explanation, that’s a red flag that usually requires water heater replacement.

There are times when you will have a reasonable explanation for a lack of hot water, such as when you’re washing a lot of clothes or you have relatives over at your home in central Illinois for the holiday season. But if you haven’t had any major changes in your life and your hot water is suddenly inconsistent, that’s almost always a problem with the water heating system. The best course of action is to have an expert you trust take a look at the system and determine if water heater replacement is necessary to fix your issues.

Rising Utility Bills for No Reason

Did your utility bill suddenly spike without a reasonable explanation, especially compared to last year’s bill at the same time of the year? If so, then you’ve probably got an issue with either your heating or plumbing system, and it might be related to your water heater. A traditional water heater is constantly in operation because the system doesn’t know when you’re going to be using the heated water supply, so it has to always be ready for you to turn on the faucet. With a tankless heater, that doesn’t happen, because the water is heated only when you use it, but a traditional water heater always has electric heat running through it to make sure that you’re never out of hot water.

Unfortunately, if the system isn’t operating correctly, the heating elements might start to fail. A random spike in your utility bills is almost always a sign that something isn’t working the way it should, especially when you compare it to the same month as the year before. If the problem is with your water heater, repairs might work, but water heater replacement might be necessary at your Bloomington, IL home.

Your Water Heater Is Simply Too Old

Eventually, your water heater is going to fail. Like all appliances, water heaters have a shelf life, and there are only so many times that you can call someone out to fix your system before you have to consider water heater replacement. The general rule of thumb is that at the 10-year mark for a traditional water heater and at 20 years for a tankless version, you should consider replacing the system for a newer model.

There are two great reasons you should seriously think about upgrading your water heater right around that time frame. First, when you find yourself making repairs to your water heater every few months, that’s not the most efficient use of your time or money. Being able to trust your plumber is great, but you don’t want to have to call them over often enough to develop a long-term relationship with them. Second, technology keeps moving in every field, and water heaters are no exception. Opting for water heater replacement allows you to take advantage of improvements in the field and get the most efficient water heater for your home. When you’re trying to enjoy your shower, wash clothes or cook dinner, getting hot water faster and cheaper makes a difference.

Whenever there’s a sign of a problem with your water heater or any part of your plumbing, Covenant Plumbing is just a call away. If you’re in need of a water heater replacement, our experts will come out to your Bloomington home and install a top-quality water heater that keeps hot water flowing. Contact us today!

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