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If you suspect an issue with your sump pump, your home in Bloomington, IL, could be susceptible to water damage. Your sump pump is designed to drain water from the property, and if there’s a fault waiting for a sump pump repair service, it won’t be able to drain your home effectively. If your sump pump is faulty, your basement is likely to flood if there’s a lot of rain or adverse weather. Not only will you have to deal with more extensive repair costs the longer you wait, but you will also have to deal with the side effects, such as damaged pipes, walls, and flooring.

Here are seven signs that you’re in need of professional help with your sump pump. If you believe you have seen any of these signs, call Covenant Plumbing right away. These signs that your sump pump is failing require professional assistance from a sump pump repair technician.

#1. The Sump Pump Constantly Runs

Sump pumps shouldn’t be running 24/7. Sump pumps only turn on when the basement water level rises above a preset level. If your sump pump seems to be on all the time and doesn’t shut off, it is time to call a plumber. A constantly running sump pump doesn’t necessarily indicate that your foundation is saturated with water. It could be that your sump pump is not measuring the water accurately and is on the verge of failure.

A professional can help you determine if the sump pump is working properly and the ground is just saturated or if you need sump pump repair. If the sump pump is active 24/7, it might need to be replaced with one that can handle more moisture.

#2. Rust On the Pump

Truth is, everything will eventually start to deteriorate over time. Rust will naturally accumulate as your sump pump ages. If there is a build-up of rust on your sump pump, it is an indication that it is becoming too old. If you see rust on the pump, it could be a sign that the sump pump is suffering from water damage, and it requires replacement. The sump pump could eventually fail if you continue to leave it as it is without calling for a sump pump repair technician to inspect it. A professional plumber who regularly deals with sump pumps can tell you when the rust is unmanageable and it’s time to upgrade.

Bloomington, IL plumbers at Covenant Plumbing will help you choose the right brand and model for you when it’s time. You can be sure that your foundation is safe and dry by replacing the sump pump. However, there are more signs you can look out for yourself.

#3. There’s Basement Flooding

The sump pump’s job is to drain excess moisture and water from your basement. If your basement has ever flooded in the past, it is a sign that your sump pump is not doing its job.

There could be many reasons for this. One reason could be that the sump pump is unable to handle the amount of water. However, it is more likely that the sump pump isn’t as efficient because it is old and in need of sump pump repair. It may have stopped working altogether because of the degradation of internal parts and mechanisms.

Most plumbers will recommend that you replace your sump pump if your basement is flooding on a semi-regular basis. Your basement could flood again if you don’t do it. Remember the last time your basement flooded, and the problems that followed? Replacing the sump pump avoids all of that hassle!

#4: Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes are not necessarily a cause for concern, or a reason to believe that your sump pump is in need of replacing. However, you could find that your sump pumps are being damaged by debris in the pipes. This could lead to mechanical failures and emergency callouts for sump pump repair if something comes into contact with the sump pump.

You could also find that your sump pump is working harder to drain water from your basement waterproofing system if the exit pipe is blocked. This causes undue stress on the sump pump system and can lead to premature failures if pipe blockages are not removed as soon as possible after they are discovered.

#5. Unexpected Vibrations

One signal that your sump pump is damaged is that you’ll notice the pump vibrates a lot. You’ll naturally notice a lot of noise if your sump pump sits high above the basin and it’s not always a cause for concern. However, vibrations that are out-of-the-ordinary is a sign that your sump pump needs a sump pump repair service.

Call a plumber immediately if you notice any unusual vibrations. The plumber will inspect the sump pump and determine if any parts are loose or damaged. A repair inspection is also a great time for plumbers to evaluate whether your sump pump meets the requirements of your home. You may be recommended an upgrade to avoid further issues.

#6. Irregular, Loud Noises

Unless it is located inside the basin, it will make a discernible noise while operating. The noise the pump makes will depend on how much work it requires, what brand you bought, and many other factors.

There’s a good chance your sump pump is in need of repair if it is making strange sounds throughout the day. To confirm your suspicions, call a plumber.

If you hear a grinding sound, it’s likely that the motor is defective. You can sometimes replace only one component in certain situations. In other cases, you’ll be asked to skip sump pump repair and go straight to sump pump replacement. Some components, such as the motor, can be replaced without replacing the whole unit. However, most plumbers and contractors will recommend installing a new pump.

Whether you need sump pump replacement or sump pump repair, our plumbers in Bloomington, IL can help you. Contact Covenant Plumbing online, and we’ll follow up ASAP, or give us a call for an immediate chat.

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