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Are you putting up with misbehavior from your water heater? From hot water that smells bad or stains clothes to the alarming presence of puddles near your hot water heater, our water heater repair services can make improvements in your daily life. At Covenant Plumbing, we help customers in Normal, IL and throughout our service area keep their water heaters reliable and long-lasting. Our purpose is to both keep your plumbing systems in great shape and make sure that your family can stay healthy and enjoy your home’s features. Regular maintenance can help identify emerging water heater repair issues and provide preventive measures, but if you notice any of these problems, give us a call and we’ll take care of them.

Discolored Hot Water Only

Discoloration of your home’s water can come from many sources such as well water, problems with the city water supply, or pipe corrosion issues. Water softener and water filtration systems can help maintain quality water. Taking care of these issues can also help improve the taste of your home’s water, limit fixture damage from water impurities, and especially prevent damage to clothing that you wash. Hot water discoloration only is likely to benefit from a water heater repair, especially sediment issues and the beneficial anode rod that helps balance water characteristics to limit corrosion in the tank. Anode rod minerals also help prevent the growth of certain types of bacteria in the tank.

Odors from Your Hot Water Taps

The bacteria that can grow in your hot water heater, a certain type that thrive in dark, enclosed spaces, may also produce a “rotten egg” smell. Anode rod replacement, part of our routine water heater repair team’s maintenance visits, keeps the growth of this type of bacteria limited by adjusting the water characteristics. Anode rods are sacrificial, which means they contribute their material and dissolve over time requiring replacement every few years. If you are experiencing rotten egg smells from your hot water, our water heater repair team can definitely help.

Running Short of Hot Water? It May Not Be Too Many Showers

When the hot water runs out, many families experience a bit of tension and finger-pointing. It may actually be a problem with the heating elements in your electric water heater. Many units have dual heaters and thermostats, and when one or the other fails, you’ll either get less hot water than you expected, or a long, long wait for hot water. The reason is that half the tank is getting heated, and your hot water pipes draw the hot side, then cold, or vice-versa. So, keep the peace in your Normal, IL home and call our water heater repair experts if you suspect the problem might just be a heating issue.

A Hot Water Shortage Problem with Weird Symptoms

If your home has plumbing that runs “under the slab,” beneath your concrete foundation, the hot water pipes may run there as well. If they fail, due to damage or corrosion, you may notice a hot water shortage. Along with that, you’ll probably see a significant increase in your water usage due to the leak, and also in your energy costs, since it’s hot water that’s leaking and getting replaced. You may also notice a warm spot on the concrete floor, probably near the water heater. Is one of your pets suddenly curling up in such a spot? That could be a clue as well, they like the warmth.

Puddles Near Your Water Heater Can Be Alarming

If you see water, or signs that a puddle was there and dried up, right by the water heater, it could mean a tank leak, which is an urgent situation. You should call our water heater repair team to check it out. It could also be an issue with the temperature and pressure relief valve, an essential protective component. If the puddle is right under a pipe that extends down outside the tank with no connection at the end, that’s the likely source. A T&P valve can malfunction and release some water, indicating that it’s time to check and probably replace it. It can also be releasing water when the pressure or temperature in your tank is too high, which is its normal function. In that case, our water heater repair experts can find the source of the problem. T&P valve checks are an important part of annual water heater maintenance for tank-based units, because they play a critical role in protecting against the bursting of the tank.

Temperature Settings

Temperature and pressure problems can arise and create an unsafe situation when the heating system is running too hot. That’s not safe for people in your home, either, since extra-hot water can scald people and produce severe burns. People who have certain conditions where their hands don’t sense heat well enough, especially seniors, are especially at risk of scalding. Temperature settings too low can render your hot water ineffective at sanitation, so washing your hands or dishes isn’t doing enough to neutralize germs. Our experts can check the settings and keep them around 140 degrees F, the government-recommended setting.

Hybrid and Tankless Water Heaters Have Unique Needs

Hybrid water heaters are similar to tank-based units but need care for their heat pump technology as well. The backup heater is electric and may need servicing as well. For tankless water heaters, error codes or complete shutdown indicate that service by a qualified water heater repair technician is required. They don’t have the risks of tank bursting, but odors and discoloration of your water can occur.

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