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Your water heater ensures you’ve hot water for your everyday use. You need hot water to clean, shower, and cook. If the water heater develops issues, performing your daily chores may be challenging. Thus, the best way to avoid water heater failure is to take note of the warning signs and act on them at their earliest.

Scheduling a water heater repair in time will help prevent further damage to the equipment that might require you to replace it as the only option. So, don’t ignore the signs! Here are some of them.

You’ve No Hot Water

If you only have cold water in the house, your water heater will likely be the problem. This means you need to schedule a repair service. However, a lack of hot water can be caused by other things. Therefore, before you call in the professionals, you can check a few things to ensure that your water heater is the issue.

If you use an oil or gas water heater, ensure the pilot is lit. Also, check to confirm that there’s fuel in the tank. In addition, if you rely on the city gas supply, ensure you’ve paid your bills. For those with an electric water heater, ensure the circuit breaker isn’t tripped and the unit receives power. Once you’ve done all these and found everything to be okay, then it’s time you contact an expert plumber in Bloomington, IL, for water heater repair.

The most common cause of this problem is a damaged heating element. If this part is broken, the water in your tank won’t heat up. But, if the heating elements are working fine but you have no hot water, there could be issues with your thermostat.

The Water Isn’t Hot Enough

If you have completely turned the hot water on, but it’s more lukewarm than desirable, the water heater is probably the reason. Nevertheless, before dialing a plumber specializing in water heater repairs, check the temperature setting on your thermostat first.

Setting your water heating temperature at 120 degrees is generally advisable. This ensures your water is just hot enough to prevent burns and keep your water heater and pipes functioning efficiently.

A wrong thermostat setting can be why you’re warm and not hot water. But, if the thermostat is correctly set, your water heater needs immediate attention. Even if the thermostat is set correctly, a bad thermostat won’t work as expected, meaning your water won’t get heated properly.

There’s Hot Water, But Discolored

If you notice the water coming out of your faucets has some other colors from crystal-clear, don’t hesitate to phone a specialized plumber in Bloomington, IL, for a water heater repair.

Discolored water can be a result of mineral buildup in your water tank. When water is heated, the sediment melts and mixes with your hot water, which can cause it to discolor. Besides, the tank itself could be having a problem.

Perhaps, it might have outlived its lifespan, meaning it will start to break down. When this happens, it releases metal chips that contaminate the water. In such a case, a replacement may be necessary as discolored water can cause serious health concerns.

You’re Frequently Running Out of Hot Water

You must seek water heater repair services if you’re constantly running out of hot water while in the shower. A cold water sandwich can happen if your family’s hot water demand rises, and it’s pretty common if you use the conventional tank-type water heater. It could be you recently received a new member in your home or installed a washing machine or dishwasher, pushing your hot water demand up.

However, the water heater must be checked immediately if that isn’t the case. If sediment builds up at the base of your water tank for a long time, it leaves less storage space for your water. During the repair, the plumbing provider will diagnose the issue and have it fixed or provide a way forward.

Strange Sounds Coming from the Water Heater

A properly functioning water heater shouldn’t produce any sound. If you hear any weird sounds coming from your water heating equipment, be sure to schedule a repair appointment right away. A banging sound could indicate that large pieces of sediments have built up and are banging against the sides of the water tank.

If this issue is not addressed early enough, the residues can crack the tank and cause water wastage on your property. So, instead of leaving the problem to linger, contacting a professional plumber for water heater repair is best. The specialist will examine the water heater and determine if a repair or replacement is needed.

Water Pooling Around the Water Heater

This is a common occurrence with faulty water heaters. If you discover moisture or water pooling around your water heater, scheduling a repair may be worthwhile. A leak around the unit might be because of a simple issue; damaged, loose, or disconnected hose.

However, water pooling can indicate a more severe problem. It might be that the leakage originates from inside the water tank. If you don’t request repairs immediately, you risk a flood in your home.

Foul Smelling Hot Water

Is the hot water coming from the faucets and showerheads in your home smelling like some rotten egg? You need to schedule a water heater repair there and then. The foul smell is usually caused by sulfate bacteria growing inside your water tank. If this is your case, It’s wise not to use hot water until your water heater is inspected.

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