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A sump pump is the best way to prevent a basement flood. The pump is placed in a shallow pit in the basement, and when the water level reaches a certain point, it will automatically turn on and pump the water from the pit and away from your home’s foundation. If the sump pump isn’t working correctly, your basement can flood during the next heavy rainstorm. It’s best to know the signs that the unit isn’t working correctly, so you can call a professional in sump pump repair in Normal, IL.

If the unit experiences any of the following signs, it’s best to call a plumber immediately.

#1 Strange Sounds

It’s normal for the sump pump to make a faint continuous humming sound. If you hear loud or strange sounds, such as a rattling or grinding sound, it’s best to call a plumber specializing in sump pump repair.

The noise indicates an issue with the fan or impeller, and allowing the problem to persist can cause further damage. The plumber can inspect the unit and resolve the problem, so the sump pump will continue functioning when needed.

#2 The Sump Pump Fails to Turn On

The most obvious sign there’s a problem with the sump pump is if it fails to turn on. A few things can prevent the unit from turning on, and you’ll need to hire a professional in sump pump repair in Normal, IL.

If the float switch gets tangled in the sump pump basin, the float switch can get stuck, and the unit won’t turn on. Some have brackets that hold the float switch, and if the bracket breaks, the sump pump won’t turn on. A plumber specializing in sump pump repair will inspect the unit to determine if either of these is the culprit. If not, it’s likely time for a replacement.

It’s best to call a plumber as soon as the problem starts, so your basement will be protected during the next heavy rainstorm.

#2 The Sump Pump Runs Constantly

If the sump pump cycles constantly, you’ll need help from a professional in sump pump repair. The most common cause of this problem is a faulty switch, which a simple sump pump repair can solve. If the switch isn’t the problem, there could be too much water, and the unit may not be powerful enough to handle that amount of water. You may have purchased a pump that’s too small and can’t remove the water effectively, causing the unit to cycle constantly. If this is the problem, you’ll need to have the unit replaced with a larger one.

#3 Constant Vibrating

Your sump pump should only make a humming sound, and if it starts vibrating constantly, it indicates an issue requiring a plumber to call.

The problem could be with the impeller, which draws water into the sump pump. When the impeller draws in debris with the water, it can damage the impeller. A plumber can repair the impeller; however, if it’s bent, you’ll need to replace the sump pump to ensure it functions correctly when needed.

#4 Visible Rust

Your sump pump works with water, so it isn’t uncommon for it to get rusty. If there’s a large amount of rust on the unit, it may have been caused by bacteria or a corroded battery. Ignoring the problem isn’t an option because, over time, it can clog your plumbing system, resulting in an expensive repair bill. The only way to prevent this from happening is to schedule an appointment to have the unit fixed. The last thing you want is for the problem to progress, so it’s best to call a plumber immediately.

#5 Motor Problems

If the sump pump stops working entirely, there’s like an issue with the motor. Several issues can affect the motor, so you’ll need to hire a plumber specializing in sump pump repair to determine which of the following problems is affecting the motor.

  • Damaged wiring
  • The device was somehow unplugged
  • The circuit tripped
  • A damaged filter
  • The extension hose can’t drain the water properly

A plumber will inspect the unit to make an accurate diagnosis, allowing them to resolve the problem, and your sump pump will start working again.

#6 There’s No Water In the Sump Pump Pit

If the sump pump seems to work correctly, but there’s no water in the sump pump pit, it’s best to hire a plumber immediately. If the unit was recently installed or you attempted a DIY installation, it may not have been installed correctly. The pit will also be dry if the unit is no longer connected to the draining system.

A professional in sump pump repair in Normal, IL can figure out why there’s no water in the pit and make the necessary repair.

#7 Tripped Circuits

Sump pumps run on electricity, and the circuit won’t trip unless there’s a problem. If the unit constantly trips the circuit breaker, you’ll need to call a plumber.

A few issues can cause the circuits to trip, and the most common cause is a damaged switch. If the switch isn’t the cause, the problem could be faulty wiring or an insufficient power source. A DIY repair can be dangerous and could damage the unit, so it’s best to hire a professional in sump pump repair to handle the job.

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