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Are you an entomophobe? Then this article might make you squirm. But isn’t it better to understand what might cause the bugs to enter your home instead of having them enter your home? If you are like many other homeowners in Normal, IL, the last thing you want is to find bugs in your home and not know where they come from or their source in the first place.

Finding the bugs in your home is like having a nasty intruder enter your home unannounced. It isn’t uncommon to find bugs entering your home from one time to another, but if unwelcome guests are frequently coming around, that could be a sign that you might have a plumbing issue. Therefore, call a plumbing company to have the system inspected and any underlying problem resolved to ensure the bugs don’t infest your home. But what is the connection between leaks in the plumbing system and insect infestation? Let us take a quick look.

Are There Any Bugs Near Your Plumbing?

Although some homeowners think insects come into their homes via the drains, most slip via the windows, doors, and other openings and later reproduce indoors. But why are the insects entering your living space, to begin with? Do you always keep your home clean? Do you still see those unwanted guests in the toilets, bathrooms, and other plumbing areas? Then you have an insect infestation. Have a plumbing company send a technician for a further inspection. After inspection, the plumber will most likely determine the following four issues to be the cause of the infestation:

Clogged Drains

Plumbing is the ideal environment for drain bugs because they prefer damp conditions. Drain bugs shouldn’t be a problem if your plumbing is maintained correctly, but they will breed and multiply if you frequently have clogged drains. This is because they consume organic material, including hair and food scraps. They will then lay the eggs in the grime that accumulates in your plumbing, resulting in an infestation. Additionally, the drains carry wastes from your home to the septic system. These wastes can also act as food for pests and rodents, making them survive and breed. Hence, a plumbing company should regularly maintain the drainage system, including periodically cleaning the drains.

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

Although a leaky faucet or pipe might appear to be a minor issue that you may postpone fixing, the reality is that it isn’t. Not only can leaky faucets and piping cause the growth of hazardous mildew and mold, but it also leaves stagnating water that attracts insects and bugs. After some time, they will make the area surrounding the leak their nesting and breeding ground.

As a result, you will notice an abundance of pests such as carpenter ants, silverfish, drain flies, earwigs, and bathroom bugs. Should the plumbing company representative notice that the bugs are breeding in an area near the plumbing system, they will inspect the section for leaks. Should they detect the leak, they will patch it.

Condensation On Pipes

The other reason the bugs might infest your home is condensation in the pipes. This creates a cold surface in your warm home, attracting bugs because of humidity. Therefore, you must have a plumbing company insulate the plumbing system and the air ducts to protect them from condensation. This way, you will discourage pest infestation as they won’t have the cold areas where they can thrive.

Sewer Leaks

Insects and rodents thrive in and love sewers because of the waste products and bacteria they can feed on. Hence, the sewer leaks will attract these pests, making them enter your home. The rodents and insects bring harmful diseases and bacteria into your Normal, IL, home, exposing your family and loved ones to diseases and infections. Have you

noticed pungent odors whenever you pass near the sink or drains? That is the most apparent sign that there are sewer backflows and leaks. There are many other effects of sewer leaks besides bringing pests and rodents. Hence, whenever you catch even a whiff of the pungent smell, call in a plumbing company for a quick inspection of the sewer line and to patch any leaks in the sewer lines.

Rotting Wood

Termites and other bugs associated with water damage are also reasonably common. For instance, if a plumbing leak goes unnoticed and damages the wood in your house, the damaged structure now serves as a welcome mat for these wood-boring insects. Termites require a lot of water to exist, so the moist, rotting wood and the ongoing water supply from the leak make this a haven for them. Flying termites, which depart from their colony to procreate, are the type of termite most frequently discovered in bathrooms. If flying termites are not controlled, they can quickly establish a new colony.

Other Pest-Related Problems

Roach-clogged Plumbing

You might not think much about a roach or two creeping around a leak. However, since pests like roaches are usually attracted to water, they might enter your drains and then into the plumbing system. Since cockroaches multiply rapidly, they might eventually clog your drains. This will damage your plumbing system, prompting attention from a plumbing company to avert a worse roach infestation.

Rodent Infestation

It’s not only that the rotting wood attracts pests. It is easily chewed through by rodents like mice, allowing access to your walls. In addition, they can climb inside your plumbing lines and deposit debris there. As a result, your plumbing pipes will experience pressure and leaks, which will attract insects and exacerbate the issue. You might be forced to call a plumbing company for a preventable problem like that of rodent infestation.

You can avoid pest infestation by taking proper care of your plumbing. Contact us at Covenant Plumbing, your reliable plumbing company in Normal, IL, to address any problem that might result in pest infestation.

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