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Wastewater backups, smelly drains, and blocked or clogged drains are common occurrences in many Normal, IL homes. When they happen, they’ll interfere with your plumbing system and comfort and potentially lead to a health hazard. One of the best ways of preventing such eventualities is by contracting an expert drain cleaning service.

While it’s still acceptable for homeowners to attempt clearing clogs using a plunger, this could end up causing more harm to your plumbing system. That’s where drain cleaning services come in handy. Professional plumbers rely on advanced tools to clear drain clogs safely and inspect your drainage system to determine the cause of the problem.

Here are some benefits of contracting a drain cleaning service and what you can expect:

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Although satisfaction is the primary motivation for many who contract professional drain cleaning companies, other benefits come with it. The core advantages include:

  • Optimal performance- Cleaning your drains will help keep your plumbing system functioning optimally. When your plumbing systems are efficient and effective, the result is low energy costs and minimal water wastage. Thus, you’ll save money in the long run.
  • System longevity- Regular drain cleaning helps to keep your drains and pipes clean and free from debris. Clean pipes and drains will last much longer than clogged or dirty ones susceptible to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Safe and hazard free- Another great benefit of a professional drain cleaning service is unmatched safety. A licensed plumbing company will use advanced technology and tools to ensure maximum safety. They’ll either damage your pipes nor sustain injuries during the process.

What to Expect During Drain Cleaning

Ideally, many Normal, IL homeowners don’t understand what sewer and drain cleaning services entail. To make this easier, we highlight all the services you should expect to see when you contract a professional plumbing company to clean your pipes and drains. They include:

Sewer and Drain Inspection

The first and arguably the most crucial procedure that your drain cleaning service professional will do is inspect your drain and sewer systems. Besides the physical inspections, expert plumbers use video cameras to check the condition of pipes and underground sewer lines. This service also helps identify the location of clogs or any other issues.

An expert technician will insert a camera into any underground lines using a rod-like connection and use it to stream videos of your sewer lines. The plumber will monitor the real-time video footage to evaluate your drains, sewers, and pipes. Although this video is handy for displaying and solving any issues within your lines, you can also save it for future reference.

Clog Removal

Sewers and drains will clog from time to time—that is often inevitable. Clogs are always due to the buildup of debris, dirt, detergents, hair, oil, or grease. Clogged drains and sewers will become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other organisms, which is dangerous to your health.

Once a plumbing expert identifies the clogs, they’ll clear them using advanced and safe methods such as a hydro jet, drain snakes, and biodegradable drain cleaners. In addition, they will remove all the drain traps to ensure that your drainage system is working optimally.


An inspection could sometimes indicate no clog. However, your system could still show a buildup of mineral deposits, scum, or food items. Such build-ups are a recipe for clogs. Your plumber will always recommend hydro jetting to remove such residues.

Hydro jetting uses pressurized water to blast through the pipes and clear all the buildups. It remains one of the most popular sewer and drain cleaning methods that your plumbing company could use. Besides, it can clear tenacious blockages using its 4000-PSI water pressure.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

For the record, buying chemical drain cleaners from your local store is not advisable. They can react with metallic or plastic piping systems and cause more havoc. However, professional drain cleaning service providers know safe chemicals with the right formula for your sewer or drain pipes.

Any reputable plumber will confide in you that the choice of formula will depend on your piping material. Besides, skilled and qualified technicians will choose chemical detergents based on the cause of the clog. For example, chemicals that can liquefy and disperse soap or scum may not be able to disperse oil buildups.

Drain Snaking

For stubborn blockages, drain snaking is always a viable option. When your drain cleaning service opts for this method, they’ll insert long, thin cables into your sewer or drain. The cable uses a special pointed attachment to hook or break up clogs.

Plumbing snakes are either motorized or hand-cranked. Choosing between the two will undoubtedly depend on how far into your drain it should reach.

Drain Augers

Another thing that you may notice during sewer cleaning is the use of drain augers. Drain augers, like drain snakes, are flexible cables that run from a few feet to hundreds of feet. Like plumbing snakes, augers grasp or break clogs into smaller particles.

The only difference between drain snakes and drain augers lies in the size of the drain. Drain snakes are more effective for smaller pipes like sinks or bathroom drains. These piping systems have diameters under the 2″ range. Conversely, plumbing augers can handle slightly larger pipes, including those up to the 3″ range. The choice between the two tools lies with your plumber.

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