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Water heaters are an essential home appliance. Heating water is the second largest expense in your Bloomington, IL, home. You use your heater almost every time you open the tap when you shower or wash clothes. Sometimes you forget that you have a water heater until that day, you stand in the shower, and all you get is cold water.

You rush to your unit to see what is wrong. After a few futile attempts to fix the heater, you call your local water heater repair company in Bloomington, IL, and depending on the issue; the plumber might recommend several solutions.

If you have ever shopped for a water heater, you know how hard it is to find the right one. Each type has its pros and cons and many factors to consider. Below are six types of water heaters, the most common causes of malfunction in each, and how they are repaired.

Storage Water Heater

Storage water heaters are the most common heaters. If you are thinking of purchasing this type of water heater, you should know that it’s susceptible to the following problems.


The most common problem is leakage. It can occur with valves or pipe connections. A simple tightening of the loose fitting might stop the leak. But sometimes, the leak is due to corrosion, and the tank may need to be replaced.

Doesn’t heat water

If the heater doesn’t heat water, it might be due to a blown fuse or faulty heat element. If that is the case, call a professional water heater service. Water heaters run on a high voltage and can be very dangerous.

Smelly and rust-colored water

Discolored or smelly water signifies the presence of rust or bacteria. In this case, the anode must be replaced by a water heater repair.

Tankless Water Heater

Most homeowners now opt for this water heater because it’s much more energy efficient than storage heaters. Tankless water heaters can save you $100 or more annually and last up to ten years longer than storage heaters. But, like with all appliances, some issues can occur.

Overloaded heater

Because the water is heated on demand, there may be a system overload if several people use it. Frequent overload will lead to an early replacement of the tank. You will want to reduce the hot water demand, or you can let water heater repair install a second unit.

Mineral buildup

If you are using well water or hard water, the minerals in the water cause buildup, leading to blockages.

Water in the pipes travels slower and will take longer to reach its destination. You may need a water heater repair expert to conduct regular maintenance checks or install a water filter or softener.

Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid Water Heater)

In milder climates, heat pumps are used to heat and cool homes. But you can also use them to heat water. Instead of producing heat, they use heat from the surroundings to warm water in a storage tank. This makes them two to three times more energy efficient than storage heaters.

Dripping water

Dripping water might be a leak due to a loose connection or gasket. It could also be that the drain is clogged. If unsure, call for water heater repair services before attempting anything.

Not enough hot water or no hot water at all

This could be because the thermostat is set too low or the unit is in vacation mode. If the temperature around the pump is not at the recommended temperature, it will not heat the water.

The same is true if the incoming water is too cold. The heat pump can’t recover fast enough if the demand is higher than usual. A Water heater repair expert might have to move the unit to a better place and advise you on different backup options.

Too hot water

This can happen if the thermostat is set too high or the electrical control is damaged. You’ll need to request a water heater repair technician to fix the control or replace it.

Solar-powered Water Heater

Though the initial cost of acquiring and installing a solar water heater is relatively high, you’ll never have to pay energy costs to heat your water again. If properly maintained, it can last for 20 years or more.

There are two types of solar heaters. One heats water directly under the solar panel in a batch collector and then distributes it to the house. The other type heats a heat-transfer fluid that heats water in a tank. Repairs may differ depending on the system installed.


Each water heater in this list can have leaks, but it could be due to a slightly different problem each time. Sometimes, it could be due to a broken pipe caused by freezing. Thus, during winter, the pipes should be properly insulated and the heat-transfer fluid mixed with antifreeze.

Issues with solar panels

Panels can break due to pressure or extreme temperatures. The glass should be replaced with strong tempered glass. You also want to avoid shade on the panels as this will affect their capacity to absorb the sun’s rays. The absorber paint or coating deteriorates over time. A water heater repair service pro will advise you on the correct absorber that is also heat and UV-light resistant.

Need Help with Your Water Heater?

At one point, every homeowner will have to hire water heater repair services. Even if you take good care of it, some things are prone to happen simply due to the age of the unit. In case of a breakdown, you want to have a company you can trust to quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

That is why you need Covenant Plumbing. We have been serving Bloomington, IL, and surrounding areas for more than 15 years, and our plumbers know the plumbing needs of the residents. We install, maintain, and service water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and sump pumps. Our staff also detect leaks, clean drains, and repair pipes. Contact us today.

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