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Do you prefer a tech-savvy and luxurious lifestyle? Are you looking for ways of making your home more luxurious? If the answer to these questions is yes, then plumbing is probably the best place to start. There are various plumbing appliances and fixtures that you may install at your home to add to its convenience and comfort. There are many technologically advanced and trending plumbing appliances that you may have a plumber near me in Illinois install at your home. These plumbing appliances and fixtures will also enhance your home’s visual appeal and make it more comfortable.

Therefore, reach out to a reliable plumber to have your old plumbing appliances and fixtures and appliances replaced with technologically advanced and trendy ones to raise the value of your home, increase comfort, conserve water and energy, and increase the convenience of your home. But how can a plumber make your home more tech-savvy and luxurious?

Installation of Touch-free Faucets

Though some people consider touch-free faucets a luxury, they maintain hygiene in your home. Since no contact is required to turn them on, touchless faucets ensure that there is no spread of germs in your home. Because they automatically turn off when not in use, they help conserve water and reduce water utility bills. Hence, have a plumber near you in Illinois install these smart faucets to ensure sanitation at your home.

Laying Brain Pipes

When building any structure, you should consider the underlying foundation. Installing brain pipes makes your home’s plumbing system smart. These pipes are designed in a manner that enables them to detect and spot any leaks and prevent damage. After a plumber near me in Normal, IL installs brain pipes at your home; then you can get alerts of the happenings of the plumbing system on your smartphone. This means they will send an alert to your smartphone whenever there is a clog or leak.

Installing Greywater Recycling

Are you looking to save on water? Then, recycling is the way forward. Not all the wastewater produced at your home must be drained into the septic system. You can have a plumber near me in Illinois install a greywater recycling system that reuses water from your kitchen, shower, washing machine, and sinks. This water can then be used for irrigating your yard. Greywater systems do not require a total overhaul of your existing plumbing fixtures. Hence, you won’t have to pay prohibitive installation costs.

All you need is a plumbing system that connects to your yard, and you’ll be able to reuse greywater for different uses, like irrigating your kitchen garden. Doing this will see you reduce the use of water and contribute towards environmental conservation. You also won’t have to head out to purchase some groceries since you can pick them up from your kitchen garden. As a result, you’ll save a fortune on water utility and grocery bills.

Fitting LED Temperature Monitors

The technology is making plumbing fixtures more enhanced and consumer friendly. To track and control the faucet water temperature, homeowners can use LED temperature monitors attached to the fixture. These monitors feature red and blue panels showing hot and cold water notifications. Have a plumber near me in Illinois install these advanced faucets to raise the value of your home and also enhance the convenience and comfort of your home.

Installing Smart Dishwashers

Do you find cleaning your dishes manually to be demanding? Or, do you want to save on water use? Then have a plumber near me in Normal, IL, install a smart dishwasher at your home. These dishwashers have features that allow you to monitor the wash cycles from the comfort of your smartphone. Besides alerting you when a wash cycle is complete, these appliances will notify you when the detergent is used. A smart dishwasher is an upgrade of the conventional unit and includes water recycling capabilities and adjustable racks.

Installing Leak Detectors

Homeowners can be notified of leaks by installing leakage detectors. Leak detectors are mounted manually along the plumbing system where leaks are likely to arise. Ensuring leaks are detected in their early stages before they worsen you to avoid excess water loss and repair burst pipes. The homeowners will be able to deal with mold growth issues and prevent flooding. As a result, you will live in a healthy environment and avoid costly repairs in the future. Get in touch with a plumber near me in Illinois for more information about the leakage detectors and also have them installed on your plumbing system.

Installing Automatic Water Heaters

Have you noticed that your water heater is constantly producing an irritating noise? Or are you still reliant on a conventional water heater? This is a problem you can easily overcome, thanks to technological advancements. Installing a tankless one can avoid many headaches related to conventional water heaters. The smart or automatic water heaters have various features that add to the convenience and comfort of your home. They can connect to the wireless network at your home and send notifications to your phone if there is a leakage or an electrical problem. These water heaters have self-diagnosing features that remind you when the unit is due for maintenance. This saves you the headache of manually keeping track of the maintenance. Since the units are energy efficient, you will pay less in energy utility bills. These plumbing fixtures also have a longer service life. To enjoy all these benefits, have a plumber near me in Illinois install these water heaters in your home.

Go Savvy And Enjoy Your Luxurious Home

These are just a few smart plumbing appliances that you can have a plumber near me in Illinois install at your home. They all ensure that your home is comfortable and convenient while saving energy. Do you want either of the appliances installed at your home? Call us at Covenant Plumbing, your reliable and experienced plumber near me in Normal, IL.

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