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The technological advancements haven’t left plumbing behind. Today, there are technologically advanced plumbing repair and inspection tools on the market. The plumbers can leverage new repair methods such as CIPP and sectional point repairs. All these things make plumbing repairs easier, meaning they have a trickle-down effect on your finances. Paying for plumbing repairs won’t be as prohibitive as it used to be.

One of the areas that have seen significant development is plumbing maintenance. Today, a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, can use a line inspection camera to check the interior status of your plumbing. These cameras allow the professional to determine the corrosion levels, locate the clogs, or even determine if there are leaks in your plumbing. All this will happen without excavating your yard or damaging your flooring and walls.

What Is an In-Line Inspection Camera?

An in-line inspection camera is a waterproof, specially designed camera used by plumbers to check the internal state of your water lines, sewer lines, and drainage system. The plumber can use the inspection camera to determine whether there is a leakage, clog, or severe corrosion in your pipes without excavation or digging your yard. These cameras are designed to inspect the piping buried deep underground, encased in concrete, behind the walls, or even below your home’s slab. So, how do you benefit if a plumber near me in Illinois uses in-line cameras to inspect your drains?

Helps Locate What’s Causing the Clog

In-line camera inspections can also help you see if the pipes have a blockage. Hence, you can be able to determine what is the cause of the clog even without having to gig up the pipe. This is essential as it informs the drain cleaning method and tools. There are many causes of clogs in the drains, including tree root intrusion, hair, non-flushable materials, and grease.

After determining a clog and its cause, there are many techniques that a plumber near me in Illinois might use, from drain snaking, hydro-jetting, or even air burst drainage cleaning. The method used depends on the cause of the clog, where the clog is within the drains, and how big it is. If the clog is caused by tree root intrusion, you might have to cut down the shrubs and tree roots near the pipes or have a plumber erect a root barrier around the pipes.

In-Line Camera Inspections Are Essential in Property Appraisal

Although inspection of the plumbing system by a plumber near me in Illinois isn’t required during property appraisal, it might help you understand the overall value of the property better. This will prove critical when you’re negotiating for a better deal. To the realtor, camera inspections are essential as they can reveal some plumbing areas that need replacements or retouches. Since plumbing upgrades and renovations are known to raise the value of any property, this is something realtors need to leverage.

The Inspection Requires Fewer Permits

Traditionally, to inspect the underground pipelines or even repair them, you had to excavate or dig them up. Owing to the health risks you expose your neighbors to, you might need a permit to do so. Fortunately, all this is an issue of the past, thanks to the in-line cameras. If you hire a plumber near me in Illinois, they don’t have to excavate your yard. They only need to insert the in-line camera into your plumbing system and record footage of the interiors. Upon analyzing the video, the professional can determine the issue with your plumbing.

In-Line Camera Inspections Reduce Need Unnecessary Digging

Traditionally, the plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, had to excavate or dig the yard to pinpoint the issue with your plumbing system. Since it was based on guesswork, it could leave your previously scenic yard unsightly. Fortunately, the plumber can today use an inspection camera to determine the status of your plumbing without even digging a hole in your yard. With trenchless plumbing repairs, they don’t even need to dig your yard to patch the affected part of your plumbing system.

It Helps Detect any Leaks With a High Precision

One of the main issues that homeowners experience is leaks. Over time, the plumbing leaks may prove expensive in water damage and waste. Though some leaks are easily noticeable because they happen on the surface, others might go unnoticed for a long time since they are hidden. Hidden leaks arise in the pipes buried underground, behind the walls, or beneath the slab of your house. These leaks will cost you a fortune in water and energy utility bills. They also might cause structural damage to your home.

However, even the hidden leaks cannot hide from the inspection camera. When the plumber near me in Illinois comes armed with an in-line inspection camera, they insert it into the inlets or outlets to those hidden pipes. They then slowly push the cable into the piping while recording footage that they will analyze later. Introducing in-line cameras into the plumbing sector has effectively eliminated the traditional practice of guesswork.

In-Line Camera Inspections Are Cheaper Compared to Traditional Methods

As mentioned above, traditional inspections were largely based on guesswork and involved excavating your yard. Hence, they were highly labor intensive. You also had to call a landscaping company to restore your yard to its previous glory. This means that traditional plumbing inspections were costly compared to in-line camera inspections, where such costs are eliminated. Hence, when you are planning a maintenance plan with your reliable plumber near me in Illinois, ask whether they offer in-line camera inspections.

As you can see, there are many benefits to in-line camera inspections. Therefore, when in the market for a plumbing maintenance plumber, ask them about camera inspections. Do you need a camera inspection before purchasing a home? Contact us at Covenant Plumbing, your reliable plumber near me in Bloomington, IL.

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