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Imagine coming home ready to shower after a long and tiring day in Normal, IL. You start to fill your bathtub with heated water and set the mood of the place. But when you are halfway through, you notice that the water is downright cold or, at best, lukewarm. Several moments later, you recall that you were cleaning the dishes a few days before, but the water suddenly turned cold. When your water heater fails to provide enough heated water, more is at stake besides your comfort. The efficiency of your home appliances is largely reliant on enough supply of heated water. But why does your water heater run out of heated water frequently? How can a water heater repair technician help?

Accumulation of Sediments

Sediments dissolved in hard water are a leading cause of water heater problems. But what is hard water? This is water containing a high level of dissolved calcium, lime, and magnesium minerals. The water also contains dissolved debris and dirt. When these sediments settle at the tank’s base, they impact its efficiency in heating the water. A water heater repair technician should flush your unit at least once yearly.

As the water gets heated, the precipitates of the minerals above form with time. The grime formed is denser than water. Therefore, it sinks into and settles at the bottom part of the tank. The heating element in most water heaters is installed at the bottom of your water heater. The sediment buildup will insulate the heating element, reducing the heat transfer efficiency between it and the water. The sediment layer becomes too big at times, considerably reducing the capacity of your water heater tank.

An example is when a 50-gallon tank has a 20-gallon sediment layer, it can only provide about 30 gallons of heated water. The water heater manufacturers recommend routine flushing of the water heater at least once per annum. However, a lot could go wrong if you decide to repair the water heater yourself. Rather, a water heater repair company near you sends a technician to inspect the water heater and flush its tank to remove the sediments. Additionally, a professional water heater repair company will come equipped with the required tools to effectively perform the repairs without causing additional problems like flooding and spills.

Undersized Water Heater

Did you purchase the water heater while living alone but now have a family? Your water heater is probably small enough to cater to your hot water needs. If you have recently remodeled your Normal, IL home and brought some additional fixtures and appliances, this could have increased the hot water needs. Further, you might not have considered the water heater size when you moved to a new house. The other signs of an undersized water heater include flow tube rust, heavy condensation, excessive burners, and premature heater failure. Other things that homeowners should consider whenever selecting their water heater’s size include:

  • Your home or family size.
  • Number of bathrooms or appliances
  • How old the family member are
  • Hot water usage patterns

These are some things you should consider before purchasing a water heater. Alternatively, you can seek advice from your water heater repair company. Since they are experienced and deal with water heaters daily, they can advise you accordingly.

Broken Equipment

Failing to schedule a timely water heater maintenance results in more than sediment accumulation. For instance, a malfunctioning dip tube might be the reason you may run out of heated water. It pushes incoming cold water towards the bottom of the tank in a water heater so it can be heated. When heated, the hot water rises to the upper side of the tank and is pulled out when the demand arises. Hence, if the dip tube is broken, cold water doesn’t flow to the bottom of the tank but mixes with the heated water at the top.

Like any other part of the water heater, the dip tubing will sometimes wear out or break. The surest way to ensure this problem is fixed is to replace the tubing or the entire water heater if it has seen better days. Running the water heater when the dip tube is broken will only negatively affect its performance. It will cause extensive damage. Rather, call a water heater repair technician as soon as you suspect the dip tube might be the reason you aren’t having enough hot water.

How Old the Water Heater Is

Like all other electrical appliances or plumbing fixtures, the water heating unit is also susceptible to deterioration as time progresses. EPA estimates that a water heater has an average service life of about 8-12 years. However, it isn’t uncommon to see some units still in use long past the expiry of their service life, especially those meticulously maintained. Besides the fluctuating temperatures, the water heater may have outlived its usefulness if the repair costs are too often or high. Contact a water heater repair technician to have your old unit replaced.

Inefficient Water Heater Use

You might be using most of the hot water all at once. As a result, you will be using up your hot water far more quickly than you should. Try to plan your day to accommodate your desire for hot water. For instance, tell your family not to run the shower or the bath while the appliances are on. This is a lifestyle problem and might not need a water heater repair technician. You only need to change your lifestyle and hot water use.

We Can Help with Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance

Are you running out of heated water frequently? Either of the problems above might cause it. However, most of these problems can be handled by routine maintenance. Additionally, always seek the advice of a professional before purchasing a water heater unit. Do you need water heater repair, inspection, or maintenance service in Normal, IL? Contact our experienced technicians at Covenant Plumbing.

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