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If you have a slow drain, you know what a nuisance it can be. Plus, in most cases, a slow drain indicates that a clog is building up. Rather than trying commercial drain cleaners, which can be hazardous for your pipes as well as ineffective, you might consider having your pipes descaled. Descaling removes minerals, grease, and rust buildup in your pipes so that they flow freely. Covenant Plumbing is a leading plumbing company serving Normal, IL, and surrounding areas. We specialize in drain cleaning and can provide professional descaling services as well as plumbing repairs and replacements. If your drains are slow or clogged, call us to tackle the job.

Pipe Descaling: What Is It?

Pipes can be subject to debris build-up. This is especially true in older homes where the plumbing system has aged or where there’s hard water. Build-up such as rust, grease, oil, and minerals from hard water can stick to the interior of your pipes, causing them to narrow and slow down the flow of water. Pipes that contain this build-up are also more vulnerable to drain clogs. Sometimes the type of pipes used in your plumbing system can actually worsen a build-up problem. For instance, cast iron pipes generally require descaling more often than PVC pipes will.

Descaling is the process of removing this build-up from pipes so that they no longer flow slowly or clog easily. A professional plumbing company like Covenant Plumbing uses state-of-the-art plumbing equipment to safely remove this hardened debris from your pipes, washing it through and out of your plumbing system.

How Does a Plumber Perform Descaling?

Our plumbing company first inspects our customers’ plumbing system to ensure that descaling is what’s needed. If there’s a damaged pipe, descaling won’t solve the slow drain problem until the pipe in question is also repaired. In most cases, a plumbing company will use hydro jetting to safely and efficiently remove pipe build-up. Hydro jet equipment blasts water through the plumbing system to break up clogs as well as debris stuck to the pipes.

Hydro jetting is safe for plumbing systems, but it’s always best to let a professional plumber handle this type of job. Our plumbing company features certified plumbers who have the training and experience to use this type of equipment. To perform hydro jetting, a plumber from our team will attach a descaling nozzle to our equipment. Along with water, a rotating chain is also fed through the pipes to ‘scrub’ the sides of pipe walls. This breaks up the build-up so that it can be washed easily away.

Sometimes the build-up in pipes is so severe that even the rotating chain and pressurized water doesn’t adequately remove the debris. In such cases, a plumbing company might choose to perform a chemical method of descaling. The use of chemicals is strictly for professional plumbers to apply. After using the chemicals to descale your pipes, the plumber will flush the pipes with water to remove the chemicals and debris.

The chemical process is ideal for certain types of situations such as when the plumbing system is quite old and may not stand up to hydro jetting. Sometimes hydro jetting isn’t possible or the best way to complete the descaling job. Covenant Plumbing’s pros know the best ways to address each situation for our customers.

Remove Mineral Deposits with Descaling Service

Descaling is a great preventative measure to take if your Normal, IL, home is subject to hard water. It’s often best to order descaling service or drain cleaning before you have a clog. If you’ve had slow drains before because of mineral deposits, you might consider annual descaling or periodic drain cleaning to keep your drains flowing smoothly.

Removing build-up from your pipes can enhance their longevity. Plus, descaling is not an inconvenient service. Our plumbing company has all the equipment needed to complete this job quickly. Plumbing system maintenance is an ideal way to prevent build-up from causing slow drains and drain clogs that can stop up your household. Clogs can actually damage your pipes and can cause leaks.

Remove Detritus from Pipes

While mineral build-up can be stubborn, the detritus from food and organic matter can also build up and harden in your pipes. Can descaling remove this stubborn debris? Yes! Descaling is a powerful technique that will safely remove any build-up that’s stubbornly clinging to your pipes. Our plumbers can use descaling equipment to remove detritus and other material from your pipes and sewer pipes.

If you are dealing with a slow drain, you can contact a plumber from our team to inspect the situation. Descaling a problem pipe typically solves the problem unless there is pipe damage or some other problem at play such as tree roots. Of course, if you are dealing with tree roots, we also have methods for contending with them.

Professional Plumbing Services

When you need plumbing system services like pipe descaling, drain cleaning, or leak inspection, choose an experienced plumbing company like ours. Customers trust our plumbers because they have the credentials and expertise needed to address any plumbing problem. We feature a broad array of services that include piping and repiping, water heater repair and replacement, sump pumps, sewer repair, leak detection, and more.

Our company has a reputation for honest, outstanding workmanship, and fair pricing. For extensive plumbing jobs such as whole house repiping, renovations, or sewer line repairs, ask us about financing options.

If you need descaling service or other plumbing solutions for your Normal, IL, home or commercial property, contact Covenant Plumbing. Our plumbing company is licensed, insured, and ready to provide you with exceptional customer service. Call to schedule a service appointment today.

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