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A plumbing system ensures that your home has a continuous supply of clean water and that the wastes are drained away from your home to the septic system or the municipal main sewer lines. However, the plumbing system is not without various challenges. Many problems that befall a plumbing system are clogs, leaks, backflows, flooding, and pipe bursts to water heater issues. However, some plumbing issues will damage property and your home. Water damage claims are among the most common claims filed by homeowners in the United States. This means that water damage is prevalent in various homes.

However, you could hire a plumbing company for routine maintenance to prevent the occurrence of the issues above that cause water damage. The professional plumber in Bloomington, IL, will inspect your plumbing system for clogs during the maintenance service. Besides the drains and water lines, plumbing vents can also be clogged. But what are plumbing vents?

A Primer on Your Plumbing Vents

As water flows through the plumbing system, vacuums are created in the pipes. To smoothly flow via the piping, the air must push it and replace the immediately created vacuum. Plumbing vents, a vent stack, or a plumbing air vent regulate the air pressure in the plumbing system. The air is admitted into the plumbing system through the plumbing air vents. It then pushes water via the pipes. It also eliminates the odors and gasses left behind by the wastewater.

If the plumbing vents are clogged, they do not allow airflow into the pipes. This means that water will remain stagnant in your plumbing system. The stagnating water will circulate via the pipes until the plumbing pipes cannot contain them any longer. As a result, water might start flowing back into your drains. Because the opening of the vent stack is located outside and typically on the roof, it is vulnerable to various outdoor elements.

It is why the vent stack can quickly get clogged. The leaves, dust, and debris could block the opening of the vent stack. When this happens, you will notice signs that you need to call a plumbing company in Bloomington, IL, because the vents are clogged. If the plumbing vents are clogged, they should be promptly unclogged before issues such as water backup into your toilet or drains happen. But how can you tell that the plumbing air vents are clogged? Below are the common signs to watch out for, and enlist a plumbing company to have them addressed immediately.

Signs That the Vent Stack Is Clogged

Water Is Draining After a Long Time

Does the wastewater take a long duration to flow into the drains? That could be a sign that the plumbing air vents might be blocked. The debris blocking the air vents will not allow air to flow into the plumbing system and push the waste water out via the drainage pipes. Blocked vents might make the shower, toilet, and sink drains at your home take ages to drain.

However, you should remember that slowly moving drains can also be caused by a blockage in the drains. Whenever you experience this issue with a single drain, that is highly likely caused by a clogged drain pipe. You should have a plumbing company in Bloomington, IL, do a further inspection to determine the cause and fix the issue. Sometimes plunging might also do the trick.

On the other hand, if multiple drains are slow, that could be a sign that the plumbing vents are probably clogged. Fortunately, a plumbing company can easily unclog the vent regardless of the location of the clog. The professionals will climb the roof, unblock the plumbing vent, and test to see if the affected drains are working correctly. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, the sewer system has a deep clog.

Empty and Dry Toilet Tanks

A single leaking toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water a day. This is more than two times the water a single person in the US uses on average daily. Leakage in your toilet tank is not the only problem you might experience when it comes to your toilet. If the vent stack is clogged, you could experience the direct opposite. You will not have any water in the toilet tank to flush away the toilet wastes prompting you to call a plumbing company for an inspection.

Remember that the vent stack regulates the air pressure of your home’s plumbing system. The air pressure will be reduced or eliminated if there’s a blockage. This means water will not stay in the toilet tank and persistently flow down the piping. Whenever this happens, it is time to have a plumber come over for an inspection of your plumbing. However, that is most likely caused by clogged plumbing vents.

Pungent Smells

Have you noticed a foul smell when you pass near a sink? That could also indicate that the sewer lines or plumbing vents have a blockage. The pungent smell is usually caused by hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other toxic sewer gases. Hydrogen sulfide will make your home have a rotten egg smell. However, the most significant component of sewer gases is methane. However, it is colorless and odorless. However, inhaling it might cause complications such as nausea, dizziness, and headaches. You can avert all these by retaining a plumbing company for a routine plumbing inspection and maintenance.

The vent stack might be clogged whenever you smell the foul smell or even exhibit signs of exposure to methane. This will result in a reduction of air pressure in the air vents. This also makes the P- and U- traps dry out.

These traps prevent the sewer gases from flowing into your home from the sewer line. They accomplish this by retaining some water in the dip.

The water creates the seals for the gases. It is the seal that then traps these toxic sewer gases. A dray P-trap cannot prevent the sewer gases from flowing into your living space. So, whenever you smell the pungent odor, have a plumbing company send someone to inspect the plumbing system and perform the necessary fixes, such as unclogging the plumbing vents.

A Reputable Plumbing Service Provider

Plumbing vents are among the most ignored components of your plumbing system whenever planning for its maintenance. However, they play an essential role in regulating the air pressure within the pipes. Therefore, you should have a plumbing company send a technician to check for clogs and other issues in the vent stack. For reliable and professional plumbing services, don’t hold back from calling us at Covenant Plumbing today.

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