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Unless you want to shiver on a cold winter morning while showering or taking a bath, you should have a water heater repair technician install a unit at your home. To underscore the importance of this critical appliance to your Bloomington, IL home, you use heated water for bathing, showers, laundry, dishwashing, and handwashing. You could even contract the common cold by cleaning your dishes using cold water.

Different water heaters can be installed at home, including conventional, tankless, solar-powered, hybrid, and condensing water heaters. Although they all heat the water, they go about this differently. Additionally, these units have varying service life. For example, a tankless water heater can serve you for about 20 years, while a tank-type water heater will only serve you for 10-12 years. This is with meticulous maintenance by a water heater repair technician.

Unfortunately, water heaters will also run into problems and don’t last forever like any other appliance. However, some things might make the water heater get damaged quicker or require serious repairs. These include;

Transient Current

Homes that are improperly grounded may experience this adverse condition. The electrically-powered water heater or its pipes may come into contact with excessive or electrical current from other sources. Over time, this may result in corrosion. Homeowners can avoid this by having a water heater repair technician connect a ground wire to the water heater’s inlet and outlet pipework. Never forget that prompt preventive measures can save your water heater. To ensure that things don’t worsen, have a repair technician inspect the unit for any damage to your water heater caused by this problem.

Internal Rust

The care of a water heater’s sacrificial anode is essential to maintenance. It has been used to prevent rusting or corrosion of a water heater tank for years. In addition, water heaters’ interiors are safeguarded from rusting by sacrificial anodes. However, the anode rod loses its effectiveness or is completely used over time. This means the tank will begin to rust internally if the anode rod isn’t replaced after it has been used up to several centimeters thick. This might also cause leaks.

It is also important to note that water softeners can hasten the deterioration of the anode rod. Typically, you may wait up to five years before checking on the anode rod if your water heater has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, if your home has a water softening system installed, you should examine the anode rod sooner than five years. A powered anode is another option. Either look at whether the water heater has the feature before making a purchase or replace the sacrificial anode later. As opposed to typical sacrificial anode rods, powered anode rods are a permanent solution that seldom needs to be replaced. Therefore, preventable water heater repairs can be avoided by promptly inspecting the sacrificial anode rod.

High Water Pressure

This is the water heater’s covert enemy. It would be much simpler to measure water pressure if a water pressure gauge was installed at your Bloomington, IL home. Check the water pressure if you haven’t done so recently. The water is already putting more pressure than appropriate on your pipework and water heater if your home’s water pressure gauge reads more than 80 psi. Have a plumber install a pressure-reducing valve or an expansion tank if your pressure exceeds the recommended range.

The pipes will be cushioned from the damages of thermal expansion by installing an expansion tank. The latter circumstance may be helpful if a water heater starts up within a closed system to maintain hot water. If you don’t have a plumber resolve this problem immediately, you might need a water heater repair service.

Sediment Accumulation

When you heat hard water, sediment is created and deposited. It accumulates at the bottom of the water heater tank and begins insulating it from the anode rod’s protection. In electric-type water heater models, the bottom heating elements become buried in the sediments. In contrast, in gas-type water heater models, it overheats the base of the tank and melts the protective glass coating. Therefore, your water heater needs routine maintenance, and if there’s any sediment accumulation, you will also need a water heater repair technician to flush the water heater tank.


Neglect is most probably a water heater’s worst enemy. Water heaters are typically located in the closets and basements of homes and are easily neglected in terms of maintenance. However, out of sight out of mind won’t help when it comes to your plumbing appliances and fixtures. Mark the calendar for a water heating unit checkup if you haven’t given it any due attention recently to avoid future damages.

Water heaters can spring leakages if they aren’t maintained or serviced regularly. The leakages can damage the external parts of a water heater. For a water heater inspection and maintenance, you should enlist the services of a licensed and professional plumber. Also, enlist the assistance of a water heater repair technician if you notice any external corrosion on the water heater.

Incorrectly Sized Water Heaters

At times, homeowners might end up buying incorrectly sized water heaters. Water heaters are of varying types and sizes. Homeowners are recommended to seek the assistance of a water heater repair technician when purchasing and installing a water heater. Purchasing a small water heater means that the unit will strain to heat the water for your family, making it prone to damage and frequent repairs or replacements. On the other hand, purchasing a too-large unit means you will spend more on energy utility bills come the end of the month.

Professional Plumbing Services

Since a water heater is a sizeable investment, you should ensure that your unit serves you to the maximum service life. This requires routine maintenance and inspections to keep it optimally operational. So, call us at Covenant Plumbing today for a water heater repair and maintenance service in your Bloomington, IL, home.

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