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Why Use A Hydro-Jetting Drain Cleaning Service To Clean Your Drains And Pipes? | Normal, IL


Drain clogs are a plumbing issue that almost every homeowner dreads. Unfortunately, they at one point arise even after carefully following a maintenance plan. Food particles, hair, debris, grime, soap particles, and grease find their way into the drains, solidify and form a clog. Another notorious cause is incursion and penetration by tree roots. Whenever the drains are clogged, the smooth flow of wastewater is inhibited. Additionally, increased pressure makes the pipes burst or causes toilet and bathroom drain overflow.

While a plunger might sometimes be enough to clear the clog, you need something more powerful such as a drain snake or hydro-jetting. Whenever the drain cleaning service provider in Normal, IL, comes over, they first inspect your drains to determine the best method.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

This drainage cleaning method comprises highly pressurized water flowing through a specialized nozzle connected to a pump/machine that exerts pressure on the water. The machine produces a powerful jet of water that breaks and clears out the clogs. Hydro-jetting is usually done via a cleanout, an opening that allows a plumber to clean out any clogs.

This method is among the most effective methods of cleaning the drains to remove any obstructions. The water is forced to a pressure of over 60 000psi. Although you could have other drain cleaning services such as snaking, hydro-jetting is far more effective and thorough. It can be used for cleaning pipes of any size as it has nozzles of different sizes and types. The alternative method is punching holes in the obstruction leaving behind the debris.

The effectiveness of this drain cleaning method is because of the pressure of the rotating water, which forces its way into the piping. As aforementioned, a hydro jet is fundamentally a nozzle that directs the high-pressure water through the pipe. While the hose is pushed forward, the debris is drawn out of the pipes by the back flush of water.

The high-pressure hydro-jetting accomplishes two essential objectives. It breaks up and flushes the deposits blocking the sewer line flow. It has enough power to break even the toughest obstructions. It pressure washes the drainage system’s walls and scours the entire diameter of the pipe. Ultimately, all the debris is flushed out, clearing the drain lines without damaging the drain pipes. Next time you want a drain cleaning service, as the plumber about the viability of hydro-jetting.

Benefits of Using Hydro-Jetting for Drain and Sewer Line Cleaning

Cleaning and Unclogging

The accumulated soap, dirt, detergents, silt, grease, mineral deposits, hair, and other sludge components within the drains are often followed by a serious clog in your sewer lines or drainage systems. While a plumber can use a rotating drain snake to clear the drains and restore the wastewater flow, that is all the snake does. It does not address the developing problems that will likely make the issue come back later.

On the other hand, hydro-jetting clears and cleans the internal walls of the drain and sewer line pipes for a long-term solution. This method can even remove roots and other tough obstructions by incorporating specialized cutting tools driven by a water jet. Hydro-jetting is an ideal drain cleaning solution for the laundry lines, showers, floor drains, sewer lines, and kitchen blocked drains. Hence, if your drains are slower than they usually are, have a drain cleaning service provider in Normal, IL, inspect them and maybe use hydro-jetting for great results.

Consistent and Accurate Cleaning

Using hydro-jetting, you don’t have to dig up your yard to reach the pipes, which is a huge advantage. The hose is inserted in the drain opening, and high-pressure water is pushed through the drainage system while spinning sand and water at different angles and speeds to clear and clean the drain pipes. It is an effective drain cleaning service in homes with corroded infrastructure and pipes that may be damaged while removing the clogs. However, if the pipes deteriorate, they must be first reinforced before cleaning or even replacing.

More Environmentally Safe and Economical

If your pipes are cleaned using hydro-jetting, it removes all the debris, food particles, and other developing minor clogs. It leaves the interiors of the drainage system looking as good as new. You will not have to call a drain cleaning service provider anytime soon. However, other methods such as using a mechanical snake only clear the drains but do not remove the minor developing clogs, meaning that you’ll soon have to call a plumber to address the same problem. Hydro-jetting removes the clogs and safely cleans the pipes, preventing the self-healing clogs caused by materials like grease and hair from forming again. Since it uses water, this is an eco-friendly drain cleaning method.

Efficient and Powerful for Residual Removal

This drain cleaning method is much more efficient than most other techniques. It can penetrate through the debris and flush out the minerals, rocks, roots, and other obstructions that may clog up and become caked within your piping. The Hydro jets are of varying sizes. Hence, a professional drain cleaning service provider can determine the right nozzle or pressure force that can be used to clean your pipes without damaging them.

Bacterial Removal

The strength in the steam of water used in hydro jetting is not only powerful enough to remove soap, scum, and grease but also the bacteria that settles within the drains. The bacteria might thrive in your kitchen and bathroom drains, causing several health issues. Have you noticed that the drains are throwing a rotten egg smell? Have a drain cleaning service using this technique to remove the bacteria that causes the odor completely.

Call Us for Hydro-Jetting

Have you noticed that your Normal, IL toilets are overflowing, a pungent smell is coming via the kitchen or bathroom drain, or even the drains are slower? All these point to one problem, a clogged drainage system. Are you experiencing either? Call our reliable plumbers at Covenant Plumbing for a drain cleaning service.

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