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Often, a plumbing system leak is obvious. You might notice that a puddle has formed beneath your sink or on your floor. When plumbing leaks are obvious, you can take steps to contact a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, to deal with the issue. However, as you may already know, many of the water pipes in your house are located behind walls or under flooring. What happens if one of these pipes suffers a leak? You might not notice for some time. However, there are often signs. Even hidden leaks may show signs that can alert you to a serious plumbing problem. If you have concerns about hidden leaks in your home, contact Covenant Plumbing. We offer a full spectrum of plumbing services, including leak detection and leak repair. 

Sagging or Warped Flooring

If you notice that your floor has begun to sag or is warped, there’s a moisture problem. That moisture issue could be because of a hidden leak. Of course, the problem may also be due to water seeping inside from the outside. Moisture can cause floors to sag and warp. If your plumbing system runs in the area of the sagging floor, there may be a leak. The problem will not improve until the moisture problem is fixed. When you contact a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, you can expect them to locate the leak and make the necessary repair.

Your Water Bill Has Increased

A hidden leak allows water to flow even when your fixtures are turned off. That water has a cost that will be reflected by your water bill. Of course, that cost is going to be magnified by the damage that the water does to your floors or walls. If your water bill has suddenly increased, take steps to investigate the cause. It could be a hidden leak. Look for other signs of leaks around your home. A plumber near me in Bloomington can help you determine if your water bill spikes are caused by a hidden leak.

Mold Spots

If mold spots appear on your wall, it might be a hidden leak. Plumber near me in Bloomington can help you find out. However, there could also be another cause. Mold growth relies on moisture. The mold could be caused by a roof leak. An overflowing toilet, even if it happened once, could cause a mold problem. A hidden leak will generally cause mold to grow quickly. The leak continues to feed the mold problem, which is why the mold spreads fast. Before remediating the mold problem, you’ll have to have the leak repaired. 

You Smell Mildew or Must

If you smell an unpleasant odor, there’s a moisture problem. The sudden appearance of a musty odor can indicate the presence of a leak. A plumber near me in Bloomington will be able to pinpoint if you have a hidden leak. Mildew can occur because of other moisture problems too. However, Covenant Plumbing will be able to find out if your mildew and mold problem is caused by a leak. 

Ceiling or Wall Discoloration

Water can cause other materials of your home to become discolored. If your ceiling is discolored or there are water spots that have formed, there’s a leak or other moisture problem you need to deal with quickly. Discoloration is only the first problem. Mold will likely develop next if it hasn’t already. The mold may be present behind the wall and yet to make its appearance. A plumber near me in Bloomington can assess the problem and help you locate the source of the moisture issue.

Reduced Water Pressure

If your water pressure is reduced, there’s a reason. Sometimes that reason is a leak. Any time you experience a water pressure interruption, you should contact a plumber near me in Bloomington. Covenant Plumbing can send a trained plumber to your home to investigate the problem. 

How Do Plumbers Find Hidden Leaks?

Covenant Plumbing’s plumbers are skilled at leak detection. We can determine if you have a sneaky leak and where it’s located. When our plumber visits your Bloomington, IL, home, they’ll check your plumbing fixtures to ensure that there isn’t a leak associated with them or near them. Plumbers often use headphones and electronic hearing equipment to find hidden leaks. They can use acoustics to determine where your plumbing system’s leak is located. Our plumbers at Covenant Plumbing are skilled leak detectors. We’ll give you an accurate report of your plumbing system. Don’t attempt DIY leak detection or you could allow the issue to become worse. Let a plumber near me in Bloomington find your leak quickly and recommend the ideal fix.

Repairing Hidden Leaks

A hidden leak needs to be repaired right away. Unfortunately, when leaky pipes are located behind walls or under flooring, they must be accessed. When you contact Covenant Plumbing for leak repair, we’ll send a plumber to your location. We can recommend the best way to access pipes with the minimum of disruption. Even so, sometimes portions of wall, ceiling, or flooring must be cut away so that the plumber can replace or repair the broken pipe. 

After we make the repair to the pipes, you can make the necessary repairs to your walls or other home features that were disrupted. The process of repairing hidden leaks isn’t always easy, but it’s essential in order to guard against further damage. While inspecting the leaking pipe, your plumber near me in Bloomington can view the other pipes in the vicinity to ensure that they’re in good condition. You may choose to replace other pipes nearby, especially if they’re suffering from corrosion.

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