Preventative Maintenance And Timely Sump Pump Repair Means You Can Count On Your System In Wild Weather And Floods | Normal, IL


We’ve seen some amazing flooding in the Normal, IL area recently, and at Covenant Plumbing that leads us to remind our customers about sump pump repair. For many homeowners, sump pump testing and inspection are low on their to-do list and sometimes don’t get done at all. When cars are submerged as they have been in recent years, basements don’t fare much better unless they have adequate, operational sump pump capacity. Depending on the stakes, some wise homeowners install multiple pumps both to equalize water table pressure on the foundation and act as backups for each other. Since storms often bring power outages, backup power arrangements including battery systems or connections to an automatic generator are becoming more common. The key concern with your sump pump protection is making sure that it will operate reliably, even if you’re away. In fact, people whose cars were underwater faced double trouble if they were planning on getting home to manually operate a pump! Our repair and inspection team can make sure you’re ready to protect your foundation, finished basement, or valuable items stored downstairs.

Ensuring That Your Sump Pump Is Properly Installed

Even if your sump pump is working properly, it’s important to ensure that it is able to remove water from the sump and discharge it away from your foundation. Some homeowners use a flexible discharge pipe that gets moved or even coiled up during lawn maintenance and landscaping. If the water exits near the foundation, it can simply return to the water table around your house and make the pump work harder. Other discharge locations can damage your flower beds or other landscaping, or pump water into other undesirable areas. Our sump pump repair team can adjust or install your discharge line so that it permanently delivers water into a carefully designed well and crosses your yard underground if needed. You never know when the water table will rise and need pumping, so the discharge pipe needs to be ready for proper operation.

Checking Your Sump Pump Mechanism

An end-to-end check of your sump pump operation ensures that it’s ready to take good care of your home. Our sump pump repair team can make sure that the switch that turns it on when water levels rise is operational and the motor starts reliably and operates the pump to remove water. In many homes, the sump also needs cleaning from time to time to remove debris that could be sucked into the pump, causing damage. A complete test will also make sure that the power outlet is working and the circuit breaker has not tripped or the fuse is blown, preventing operation when the unit is needed. In some cases, we’ve found that sticking pumps have been unplugged to prevent them from continuing to run, and we can provide the necessary repairs. Our sump pump repair team can take care of any problems we find, including motor issues or pedestal-style pumps that have been submerged when they’re not designed to be. If you’d like to switch to a submersible pump, we can make that change as well.

Backup Power for Your Sump Pump

If your Normal, IL home has an automatic generator, you may have the backup power you need to operate your sump pump when storms knock out power in your neighborhood. Otherwise, a battery backup system installed by our sump pump repair team might be in order for ongoing protection. It can be used until you can respond with another pump method. These battery-backed sump pump systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes where the water is likely to rise significantly because of a high water table or nearby river or stream. They can also be excellent protection against accidental damage to items in your basement, including rugs, furniture, and stored items.

Adding a Second Sump Pump

If your basement is finished or your foundation is large, it may be a good idea to install a second sump pump as a backup and to remove water in a balanced way across the entire foundation. When you’re in the process of designing a finished basement, you can also create a space to hide the pump behind the wallboard for aesthetic purposes. Our sump pump repair team can advise you about an optional second sump pump to protect your home, and install it for water table balance.

Solutions for Flooding Not Caused By the Water Table Rising

Your basement can also be flooded by your water heater tank bursting, water main or other pipes bursting, or faucets left open in your laundry or other sinks. When water covers your basement floor for any reason, a flood alarm system can be helpful. These devices rest on your floor and sense moisture, sending a message to your alarm company, direct to your mobile phone, or simply sounding an audible alert. They’re also handy for other locations in your home such as upstairs laundry rooms, kitchen sink areas, and children’s bathrooms. If the water leak comes from your pipes, we can also install one of several types of leak detection and water main shutoff systems. These products sense either water flow from a leak, or the presence of water on floors, and signal an automatic shutoff valve to cut off the incoming water supply. You then have time to call us to investigate the source of the leak without experiencing ongoing water damage in your home.

Your Sump Pump Repair and Installation Experts

Covenant Plumbing can provide a thorough inspection and sump pump repair for your home, ensuring that it’s ready for seasonal water removal and quick response to major storms. We can also help with upgrades to submersible pumps and power backup systems. As your trusted plumbing experts, we’re here to help you weather the storms and keep your home secure. Call us for inspection and sump pump repair today, while the sky in Normal, IL is blue!

Photo By Lost_in_the_Midwest at Shutterstock
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