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Whether you plan on reselling your home in the future or even never moving, you want to ensure that your home’s value keeps increasing. You never know when you’ll want to sell it because of an immediate need. That is why home improvement businesses are booming everywhere. Chief among the home upgrades is upgrading your plumbing system. However, not all home improvement projects can significantly add value to your house/home. 

Hence, you want to discuss a home upgrade plan with a plumber near me in Normal, IL, to ensure that you choose a plan that works. Home upgrades also increase the comfort and convenience of your home, not just the overall value. Upgrading your plumbing is among the best ways of increasing the value of your home. Below are some excellent ways a plumbing service can help make your home more valuable, comfortable, savvy, and efficient.

Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Whether gas- or electricity-powered, conventional water heaters rely on a large tank to hold the heated water. It heats the water to your set temperatures and stores it in the tank until a need arises. To ensure that the water remains hot, constant re-heating is required. This means that the conventional water heaters use more energy to ensure that you’ll have hot water whenever you need it.

To ensure that you don’t use a lot of energy to heat the water, you can search for a plumber near me in Illinois to replace the conventional water heater with a tankless water heater. These models only heat the water on demand. Hence, they only need to use energy whenever heating the water. They are also space-saving since they don’t feature a tank for holding the heated water. After all, if they heat water on-demand, what is the need for a tank? The tankless water heaters also feature technologies that make heating the water super-fast while at the same time using less energy. 

They are also Energy Star Certified. This means you’ll have significantly fewer energy utility bills at the end of the month. Most water heater issues include sediment accumulation, malfunctioning heating elements, leaks, corrosion, and T&P valve problems because of the tank.

Without a tank, then you will not have any associated issues. This means that you also save on maintenance and repair costs. However, this doesn’t mean you should forego routine inspections and maintenance. Instead, create a maintenance plan with a plumber near me in your state.

Installation of Dual Flush Toilets

The conventional toilets only have a single flushing option. Toilets made before 1890 use about 2-5 gallons of water for every flush. A lot of water goes down the drains, which means more money. Unlike conventional toilets, dual flush toilets have a strong flush and use less water. It features two flush options; one for the liquid wastes that are less strong and a stronger flush for the solid wastes. In most cases, you use your toilet to flush liquid wastes. Using a less strong flush option, you’ll use about 3 liters of water. 

However, using these powerful flush options, you’ll need about 6 liters of water to send the wastes down the toilet drains. A toilet is a plumbing appliance that uses a lot of water in your home. To save on water utility bills and conserve water, search for a plumber near me in Normal, IL and have them install a dual flush toilet at your home. This water-conserving plumbing fixture saves a lot of water annually, meaning that you will pay significantly less in water utility bills. Remember, water is a critical but scarce resource.

Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Replacing your taps and showerheads with low-flow technologies is among the most inexpensive plumbing upgrades you can perform at your home. Your showers use about twenty and thirty percent of the overall water use in your homestead. By simply searching for a plumber near me in your county or state to install the low-flow showerheads and faucets, you might be able to reduce the water use at your home by about 40% or even more.

You’ll get all these benefits without compromising on the performance that you are used to. A plumber near me in Illinois can help you choose the right low-flow faucet or showerhead that performs similarly to the old ones while ensuring that you save money and water.

Modern Plumbing 

Home improvement projects will almost certainly change how your home looks. This is the main reason why some homeowners want to see them complete. However, replacing your old piping is among the key things you can do to make your home more valuable. The aged piping is usually made from metals like lead and iron.

The toxic minerals from the lead might enter your water supply, making it dangerous and harmful to use. Whenever the materials making these pipes corrode, they usually deteriorate, and rust enters your home’s water supply lines. Do you suspect that you have aged piping? Search the internet for a plumber near me in Normal and have the piping replaced with PVC or PEX pipes.  

Installing an Additional Bathroom

Is there any home having enough bathrooms? This is because even those small families always have issues using a single bathroom. Do you feel like you’re always standing in a queue to enter a bathroom for a shower? Then you should consider searching for a plumber to add a full or half bathroom. This will ease the tension of waking up and preparing in the morning. There are various places where a bathroom can be installed. 

However, if you do not have one, it’s a great choice to have a master bathroom. You can also have the plumber construct a bathroom for the kids to ensure you do not always walk into a mess when you want to use your bathroom. The extra comforts and convenience that an additional bathroom brings to your home will be appreciated by your family members and visitors.

Home Upgrades

Upgrading the plumbing system is among the main methods realtors use to increase the value of their property. Homeowners can also leverage this trick to make their homes more valuable and convenient. As you can see, there are several things that a plumber near me in Illinois can do to upgrade the plumbing system. If you need any plumbing upgrade in your home, call us at Covenant Plumbing, your reliable plumber near me in Normal, IL.

Photo By Dariusz Jarzabek at Shutterstock
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