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Today, you can see technology applications in every sector, and the plumbing industry isn’t left behind. Smart plumbing technologies benefit homeowners in several ways. The biggest benefit is the convenience of technologically advanced plumbing fixtures and appliances. Additionally, most smart appliances and fixtures have energy and water-saving features since they are both Energy Star and WaterSense certified.

Do you want to get the most out of your Bloomington, IL home’s plumbing? Then contact a plumber to install smart plumbing fixtures and appliances. Liaise with a plumbing company to have them send a technician to install these devices professionally. In this post, you’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using smart plumbing technology.

Demerits of Smart Plumbing Appliances and Fixtures

The Costs

The initial cost of purchasing and installing the smart plumbing technologies is their biggest downside. For instance, dual flush toilets cost more than normal/ regular toilets. Similarly, a smart shower with more features than a conventional shower costs more. However, smart plumbing appliances and fixtures have more benefits, like the ones explained above.

They Are at Times Not Reliable

Most of these smart plumbing appliances usually are connected via Wi-Fi. If you suddenly disconnect from the network, you won’t get the notifications or alerts on time. However, there’s a remedy: ensuring you have a backup internet connection. This means that the device reconnects to the other network whenever it disconnects from the previous one. Hence, connection consistency is maintained, meaning you’ll continue getting the alerts and notifications. Hence, you can call a plumbing company whenever there is an issue.

Merits of Smart Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

They Are Water-Conserving

Water-saving is among the best features of a smart plumbing tech. Whenever you hire a plumber to install the smart plumbing fixtures and appliances, you’ll reduce your water consumption by about 20%. This means you’ll save a significant amount on water utility bills at the end of the month. So, are you wondering what smart plumbing fixtures or appliances you can install at home? Then you should consult your reliable plumbing company in Bloomington, IL, for advice. The plumber will discuss the advantages of each appliance or fixture and recommend one from a reliable manufacturer. They are always updated on the developments in plumbing technology.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Besides the many benefits you get from installing smart plumbing appliances and fixtures, smart plumbing also looks elegant. Do you have plans to resell your home soon? Or are you even planning to rent it out? Then by installing smart plumbing, you might fetch more. So, which smart plumbing technology can you invest in? Call a plumbing company near you for recommendations.

Clean and Safety

The other reason you should invest in smart plumbing technology is that it promotes safety and cleanliness. For instance, trenchless plumbing repair doesn’t involve excavating your lawn or yard. Hence, you won’t have to touch the bacteria or make your yard unsightly. Do you have a commercial property such as a hotel or a lounge? Then consider installing touchless faucets and other plumbing technologies that ensure that the visitors don’t come into contact or touch any plumbing fixtures.

By doing this, you manage to avert the spread of germs. For the kind of smart plumbing to install at your home or your commercial property, consult your plumbing company for advice. Since the plumbers constantly communicate with the appliance sellers and manufacturers, they have a lot of information on smart plumbing fixtures and appliances.


Using smart plumbing technology, there’s a lot that you could do. You can adjust your home’s temperatures remotely and away from your home or even control your home’s water flow. Smart plumbing technologies are highly convenient. However, you should ensure that you only hire a professional and licensed plumber to install smart plumbing appliances or fixtures. Contract a plumbing company for your home’s smart and best plumbing solutions.

Prevents a Water Disaster

If your home floods, you will be in for a serious mess. If the water flows near your home’s foundation, it might compromise the structural integrity. Further, it might also cost you a fortune to replace the damaged appliances, restorations, and even high-water utility bills. Of course, this is beside the plumbing repair expenses. However, you could avert the water damage by having a plumber install the smart plumbing technologies at your Bloomington, IL home.

The plumber also might install leakage detection gadgets to ensure that you are alerted whenever there is a leakage at your home. Whenever this happens, you’ll have to enlist the services of a plumbing company immediately to fix the plumbing issue. Water damage also can be dangerous, especially if there are electrical or electronic sockets on the flooring. However, switching to smart plumbing technologies can help prevent such issues and keep your home safe. During installation, ensure that you enlist a reliable plumber near you to properly install the smart plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Reduces Repair Cost

Smart plumbing fixtures and appliances typically feature sensors that alert you whenever the plumbing system or fixture develops an issue. Hence, you’ll address the issue promptly before it worsens. Unfortunately, some plumbing issues cannot be noticed immediately; by the time you notice them, it’d have been too late. Since you are getting real-time diagnostics, you can ensure that the plumbing fixture or system operates optimally.

Homeowners don’t have to be at home to detect if something is wrong with their plumbing. This is because smart plumbing technology allows the appliances and fixtures to be remotely controlled and monitored. Immediately you get an alert; you can call a plumbing company for a further inspection in earnest. This significantly reduces the repair costs since the problem is immediately fixed.

Smart plumbing appliances have merits and demerits like any other home appliance. However, smart plumbing appliances have more benefits than shortcomings. A plumber from a reliable plumbing company is an expert in smart plumbing. If you want to enjoy all the benefits above, they recommend purchasing and installing these advanced plumbing appliances and fixtures. However, you should have a plumber install them at your home to reap maximum benefits. Never install or repair plumbing fixtures or appliances yourself, for you might damage them or install them incorrectly. Do you want to install any smart plumbing fixture or appliance at your home? Contact us at Covenant Plumbing today.

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