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A sump pump is one of the critical components of a plumbing system. It is solely responsible for ensuring that the basement spaces don’t flood. Hence, homeowners maintain their sump pumps, particularly those living in areas that receive heavy downpours or substantial snowmelt. Without a sump pump, you might be staring at a flooded basement or crawl space whenever it heavily rains, in case of a pipe burst or a leakage, or even in the event of snow melting.

To ensure that the lower levels of your Bloomington, IL home remain dry even when it heavily rains or the snow melts, you should ensure that the sump pump is operational. The Technicians understand the importance of this plumbing appliance. Hence, you should enlist their services for routine inspection and maintenance.

Remember, it can rain, or pipes could burst or leak anytime. Hence, the sump pump must always be operational. Hence, it is helpful that you know the leading causes of sump pump failure and why seeking advice from a sump pump repair professional is critical. Below are the common causes of sump pump failure:

Power Failure

The first and most common reason behind sump pump failure is electrical power outages. To avert this, the sump pump repair technicians advise that you have a backup generator that can be activated manually. If the primary sump pump fails mechanically, the generator cannot help in such a situation. However, if there is a storm and the primary power supply is knocked out for any duration, having a backup generator on standby might save the day.

Additionally, some sump pump components might be vulnerable to damage caused by power surges. To avert this, ensure that you have a plumber or an electrical protect the electrical system from the said power surges by installing service entrance surge protectors.

Wrong Size Sump Pump

The other reason for sump pump failure is if it isn’t of the correct size. Although smaller sized sump pump will be as effective as a large unit, you should purchase one based on the size of your basement. If the sump pump is too large, it might have to put in extra effort, resulting in short service life.

On the other hand, if the unit is small, it won’t adequately remove the water from your basement or crawl space. This means that it won’t be doing the required function effectively. Hence, before you head out to purchase a sump pump, ensure that you enlist the help of a technician.

Improper Installation

The installation of this machine should be done correctly. The technician should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the dot when installing it to avert severe water damage later in the future. In addition, the manufacturers and sump pump repair professionals require that a check valve is installed on a discharge line. If the check valve isn’t installed, water backflow could make the impeller start rotating backward, unscrewing off the motor shaft.

Although you’ll hear the unit’s motor running whenever this happens, it will not be pumping any water. At this point, you have to enlist the help of a professional sump pump repair technician in Bloomington, IL, for an inspection of the unit. The manufacturers also require you to drill an air relief hole on the discharge line between the check valve and the pump.

The air relief hole is supposed to prevent the unit from overcoming the air pressure within the discharge pipe. Remember that the discharge pipe should have the required diameter. Additionally, the pump shouldn’t be set on gravel or dirt. Doing so makes the debris enter the unit and might interfere with the float arm or the on/off switch on your sump pump.

Switch Issues

A switch problem is the leading cause of mechanical failure in sump pumps. This arises whenever the pump shifts from where it was positioned within the basin. Whenever this happens, the float is rendered ineffective. Hence, you should seek a sump pump repair service from a reliable plumber. The float is the component responsible for smoothly operating the unit’s on/off switch. Your pump depends on the float arm and switch mechanisms to operate effectively and efficiently.

Lack of Regular Servicing

Like you have your car serviced by a mechanic, so should your sump pump. The pump manufacturers recommend that it be run after every 2-3 months. Having a repair service done before the rainy season hits might also prove beneficial. When a plumber comes to inspect your plumbing, they also will check the pump to ensure that you are in the clear. If you’ve got a backup pump, they will also ensure it runs correctly.

Since the pump might at times run but not drain the water, the plumber will intentionally pour water to see if the pump is discharging it. If it doesn’t discharge any water, that is a sign that the impeller might be disengaged from the sump pump shaft. The issue might arise if the check valve is installed backward. The sump pump repair professional will also check the float’s operation to ensure it isn’t restricted. If the air hole on the drain line is blocked, they will also clear it out.

Clogged or Frozen Discharge Lines

The drain lines should always be clear. If the water cannot leave your Bloomington, IL home through the drains, then the sump pump won’t work. Hence, you should hire a plumber to insulate the pipes from freezing or install filters preventing large materials from entering the sump pump. Further, protecting the discharge pipe’s exit point will help keep the animals and debris from the system. Finally, ensure that you enlist the help of a sump pump repair professional to protect the discharge lines.

Sump Pump Repair Services

A sump pump does an excellent job of ensuring that your crawl space and basement remain protected from flooding. Therefore, you should ensure that it is operational at any time. A heavy downpour can fall at any time. To ensure that you are ready to deal with the possible floods, you should ensure that the unit is connected to power and that all its components are optimally operational. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a severe basement flood that damages your valuable belongings and mold growth. Do you want a sump pump repair service? Reach out to us at Covenant Plumbing.

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