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Are you currently dealing with or battling an issue with your drains? Then you can rest assured that searching and hiring a plumber near me in Illinois to address the issue will be a past problem. Besides drain cleaning services, maintenance and repairs, they advise how to use the drains properly. The plumbers help you overcome any drain issue at your home, meaning that you won’t deal with catastrophes or a drainage system Armageddon. However, even before a drainage issue arises, the homeowners are advised to hire a plumber for routine drain cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Signs of an Impending Drain Armageddon

Pooling Water

Have you ever found yourself standing in a wastewater pool when showering? Or have you ever noticed that your sink is overflowing when cleaning your dishes? Or even find that your sink is still draining from the morning brush when you heat out to brush the teeth at night? All those are signs of a clogged drain. Although the clog causes the drainage, the blockage is in the plumbing fixture. In such a case, grabbing the plunger will not do you any good.

Whenever your drains have a massive clog, you need a plumber to offer a drain cleaning service to remove the clog. Persistent blockages might result in severe damage to the drainage system. Hence, whenever you notice water pooling in your bathroom or kitchen sinks, immediately search for a plumber near me in your location to have the drainage system inspected and cleaned.

Foul Odors

You don’t want to have a home that has a pungent smell. What if visitors or guests are coming? The strange smells that result from a buildup of wastes in the drain pipes might cause backflow into your living space. The larger the clog, the worse the smell. To avert this catastrophe, homeowners are advised to head onto their favorite search engine and search for a plumber near me in my borough.

After evaluating the search results, they should hire a licensed, available plumber who offers drain cleaning services. Additionally, the buildup of wastes in the drainage system might result in increased water pressure that might make the pipes crack, damaging them beyond repair. Broken pipes also might result in severe water damage to your home or valuable property.

Strange Sounds within the Drains

The other telltale sign of an impending drain Armageddon is strange noises emanating from the drains. Under normal operations, your drains shouldn’t produce any sound. However, if you hear any sounds from the drains, they are trying to relay some information to you that there is an issue. Hence, you should ignore this sign.

Whenever you hear your drains producing strange noises, that is the sound of the easy water going head-to-head with the blockage. When the wastewater breaks through the air pockets of your piping, it produces a gurgling sound. Hence, you should search for a “plumber near me in Bloomington, IL” for a drain cleaning service. The professionals will remove the blockage silencing the drains as they should be. Hence, you can go on enjoying your favorite TV program at a normal volume.

Averting Drain Armageddon

Now that you know the signs of an impending Armageddon, how can a homeowner avert the issue?

Kitchen Drains Hygiene

One of the common places where drainage issues arise is your kitchen. Unfortunately, some homeowners believe they can throw just anything since they have a garbage disposal unit. However, misusing the garbage disposal might cause your sink to flood. At worst, it might result in even severe issues down the drains, prompting you to search for a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, for a drain cleaning service. Below are some things you should never do down your drains.

Coffee Grounds

They are likely to coalesce or congeal whenever the coffee grounds get wet, forming some dense balls. These balls will settle down the drain lines, clogging the drainage system. Hence, look for alternative methods of disposing of the coffee grounds other than throwing them down the drains.


In this case, the egg shell isn’t the issue. The problem is the thin membrane that is found under the shell. Because it is thin, the membrane will remain intact as it passes through your garbage disposal unit. The membrane acts as a little bag when it enters the drains and catches debris and food particles. Hence, to avoid searching for a plumber near me in your vicinity, dispose of the egg shells properly, rather than into your drains.

Grease and Oil

Whenever oil and grease enter your plumbing system, it will coat your drain pipes and grab anything passing through. This results in the formation of a mass that causes a backup. Hence, you’ll be forced to head to the internet quickly and search for a plumber near me in Bloomington, IL, for a drain cleaning service.

Bathroom Drain Hygiene

The bathroom is another notorious plumbing area that might result in a drain Armageddon. Have you noticed water pooling near your feet when you are showering? Or does your sink overflow whenever handwashing? That is a clear sign that you should search for a plumber near me in your state for a drain cleaning service. To avert drainage issues, have a regular drain cleaning. The following are the main causes of drainage issues in your bathroom.


Hair, whether long, curled, or short, is the worst nightmare for your plumbing. Whenever the hair makes it down into the bathroom drains, it results in a dense clump that inhibits the smooth flow of wastewater. Whenever the blockage forms, you’ll be forced to search for a plumber near me in Illinois to resolve the plumbing issue.

Contact Lenses

The other bathroom hygiene you should observe is removing the contact lens before entering the bathroom for a shower. This is because if the contact lens falls into the drains, they will form massive clogs. Combined with grime, soap particles, and hair products, this will form a massive clog that will require a drain cleaning service to clear.

Drains play an important role in ensuring that wastes and wastewater flow into the main sewer line or the septic tank, ensuring your home’s hygiene and sanitation. Hence, you should ensure that they are always clean and operating properly. Don’t hesitate to call our reliable and reputable plumbers at Covenant Plumbing today for professional drain cleaning services.

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