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How A Plumber Can Help You Select The Best Outdoor Faucet | Bloomington, IL


Like most homeowners, you probably take your outdoor faucet for granted. You turn it on when you need to water your plants or wash your car, and then turn it off when you’re done. But many plumbers will tell you that most homeowners don’t realize that several factors can affect how long their outdoor faucet lasts. Here are 6 of the most important ones:

The Quality of the Faucet

The quality of your outdoor faucet is a significant factor in how long it will last. Many homes have junkyard special outdoor faucets that barely meet minimum standards and are not made to withstand the rigors of extended exposure to the elements. A good quality outdoor faucet, on the other hand, will be made of durable materials that can withstand years of use.

In addition, a well-made faucet will have a robust finish that will resist corrosion and fading. By investing in a high-quality outdoor faucet, you can be sure that it will provide years of trouble-free service. You should consult a plumber or other expert to find out which outdoor faucets are the best quality and will last the longest.

The Type of Water in Your Area

Another factor affecting how long your outdoor faucet lasts is the type of water in your area. For example, if you live in an area with hard water, your outdoor faucet will likely suffer from mineral buildup and corrosion. This can shorten the lifespan of your faucet significantly.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with soft water, your outdoor faucet will be less likely to suffer from these problems. As a result, it will have a longer lifespan. You should check with your local water authority to determine what type of water is in your area and take steps to protect your outdoor faucet accordingly. If you are concerned that the type of water in your area is taking a toll on your faucet, you should consult with a plumber in Bloomington, IL, to help you find a solution.

The Exposure of Your Faucet

Another factor that can affect the lifespan of your outdoor faucet is the amount of exposure it has to the elements. If your faucet is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, it will degrade much faster than if it were in a shady spot. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the materials in the faucet to break down, leading to cracks and leaks.

In addition, if your faucet is located in an area where it is frequently used, the wear and tear on the faucet will also be greater. As a result, it is important to choose a location for your outdoor faucet that will minimize its exposure to the elements. By doing so, you can help to ensure that your faucet will last for many years to come. It is important to engage a professional plumber when installing an outdoor faucet. They will factor in all of these issues to ensure that your outdoor faucet is installed in the best possible location.

Quality of Installation

The quality of installation is often overlooked as a factor that affects how long an outdoor faucet lasts. While it is true that the materials and design of the faucet are important, the way it is installed is also crucial. A plumbing professional will secure the faucet properly and ensure all connections are watertight. This attention to detail can significantly affect how long the faucet lasts. In addition, a professional plumber in Bloomington, IL, will be able to identify any potential problem areas and ensure they are addressed before the faucet is installed. Therefore, it is always best to have an outdoor faucet installed by a professional.

Maintenance and Repair

Another factor affecting an outdoor faucet’s lifespan is the amount of maintenance and repair it requires. If you do not keep up with the maintenance of your outdoor faucet, it will degrade much faster than if you did. For example, if you do not regularly clean the faucet and remove any mineral buildup, it will eventually start to corrode. In addition, if you do not repair any leaks promptly, they will worsen over time and can cause serious damage to the faucet.

Consequently, regular maintenance and repair from a plumber are essential if you want your outdoor faucet to stand the test of time. It will ensure that your faucet lasts for many years and provides optimal performance.


Finally, another factor that affects an outdoor faucet’s lifespan is its use. If you use your outdoor faucet for tasks not designed for, such as watering plants or washing the car, it will wear out much faster than if you only used it for its intended purpose. For instance, if you use a garden hose that is too large for the outdoor faucet, it can cause the threads to strip and eventually lead to a leak.

If the faucet is only used occasionally, it will likely last much longer than if used daily. This is because extended use can cause wear and tear on the components of the faucet, leading to leaking and other problems. Furthermore, if you misuse the faucet by twisting it too hard, it can break and need to be replaced.

Therefore, it is important to use your outdoor faucet as intended to prolong its lifespan. By doing so, you can ensure that your outdoor faucet lasts many years.

Get a Plumbing Professional to Help You Prolong the Lifespan of Your Outdoor Faucet

Now that you know the 6 factors that affect how long your outdoor faucet lasts, you can take steps to ensure that your faucet has a long and successful lifespan. By following these tips, you can help prolong your outdoor faucet’s life and avoid the need for costly repairs.

If you have any questions about how to care for your outdoor faucet or if you need to have one installed, be sure to contact a professional plumber. They will be able to help you choose the right outdoor faucet for your needs and ensure that it is installed properly. In addition, they can offer advice on maintaining your outdoor faucet so that it lasts many years to come.

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