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A sump pump is critical if you want to avoid finding your basement flooded during periods of heavy rain. The sump pump collects and drains excess water and prevents a water build-up in the lower parts of your home.

Many people fail to notice that their sump pump is damaged until their basement is completely flooded. By this point, the issue has gotten out of control. If you see any of the following signs, search for a professional plumber near me in Normal, IL.

Strange Noises

One of the clearest signs that you need a sump pump repair service is a strange noise every time the sump pump kicks in. This will likely be the first sign that the sump pump needs repair. Most sump pumps do not make a lot of noise, and when they do, it’s not a whirring or moaning sound.

If you hear the sump pump making strange noises that you haven’t heard before, you call a plumber near me in Normal. It may indicate that certain components in the pump are worn out or that something inside the pump needs repair.

The Pump Seems to Always Be Running

If your pump seems to be constantly running, it could indicate a problem with the switch. An issue with the float could also cause the pump to keep constantly running, even when there is no water to be drained.

This is not an issue to ignore because it can cause damage to the sump pump motor, leaving you open to a risk of basement flooding in the future. If you notice the sump pump is constantly running, do not hesitate to contact a plumber near me in my area.

The Sump Pump Cycles On and Off Constantly

If the sump pump seems to turn on and off, even when there is a lot of rain, the switch may have a problem. Turn the pump off once you notice this issue, and immediately call a plumber.

Strange Odor

Since water flows in the sump pump, it should come as no surprise that mold and mildew can build up in the pump. The bad smell caused by mold is unpleasant. Nobody wants to go into their basement only to be greeted by a pungent smell.

However, the issues that the smell signals can be worse than the smell. Ensure the pump is not damaged further searching for a plumber near me in Normal, IL.

The Sump Pump No Longer Turns On

If you notice that the sump pump no longer turns on, especially during heavy rain when it needs to turn on, it may be time to call a sump pump repair service.

If you want to check whether the pump is turning on, inspect the basement for any signs of water damage on the floor or mold build-up on the reservoir. You can also put a little bit of water into the pump reservoir. If the pump is working correctly, it should turn on and drain the water from the reservoir.

If that does not happen, look for a plumber near me in my area.

Old Age

Even if your sump pump isn’t showing any signs of failure, you may want to consider calling a sump pump repair service if it is older than six years. Many homeowners do not know how old their sump pumps are. As time goes by, the sump pump components undergo wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of pump failure.

Repairing a sump pump before it fails can ensure you don’t find your basement floods during heavy rain. It is better to be safe than sorry. If the sump pump has been in operation for more than six years, call a plumber to check it out and repair any worn-out parts.

Visible Rust

Another sign that it’s time to repair your sump pump is visible rust. Rust comes from corroded battery terminals, but bacteria can also cause it.

This may not pose a serious risk to your health, but it can prevent water flow in the pump’s drainage system. Call a plumber near me in Normal if you notice visible rust on your pump.

You Rarely Use the Sump Pump

A sump pump that is not regularly used has a higher chance of failing when it is turned on. Like a car battery, a sump pump needs to be used constantly. You may think the pump will remain in great shape when you don’t use it, but it will likely not work when you turn it on.

If it has been years since you used the sump pump, call a plumber near me in Normal since some parts may need repair.

There Is No Water in the Sump Pit

If the sump pump seems to be running, but the pit does not have water, a mistake was likely made during installation. Installing a sump pump should not be a DIY task. If the sump pump had already been installed when you moved in, you might want to call a plumber near me in Normal to inspect it.

The Pump Keeps Tripping the Circuit

The sump pump depends on electricity, but it should not trip the circuit breaker unless there is a cause for concern. If the sump pump is constantly tripping the circuit breaker, it could be due to a damaged switch or an inadequate power source. Only a sump pump repair service can determine the exact cause of this issue.

Call Covenant Plumbing If You Need a Reliable Sump Pump Repair Service

The sump pump keeps your basement from flooding. There are many signs of failure of a sump pump, as listed above. At Covenant Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing quality sump pump repair service in Normal, IL. Our business enters a covenant with you every time you call us. We work hard to provide honest, reliable, and quality service.

Searching for a professional plumber near me in Normal? Contact us or book an appointment on our website and let us help you.

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