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If your water heater is outdated and aged, there are several issues that you could begin to face. For example, you may be paying more for energy and water utility bills than you should without getting sufficiently heated water. An old water heater can also force you to reach out to your plumber for a water heater repair service more frequently than when the unit was new. This could even place your family at a risk of burns when the water heater tank explodes.

If you have a tank-based water heater, you may want to replace it with a more durable unit like a tankless water heater. With the right maintenance, a tankless water heater has a lifespan of over 20 years, while a conventional water heater can only serve you for a mere 10-13 years. Regardless, if the unit is old and in need of constant repairs, then it might be time to start considering a water heater replacement.

However, the installation of a water heater is a pretty complex job. Therefore, unless you are professionally trained in water heater repair, it is not one of those jobs that you can or should do yourself. If you plan to replace a water heater, talk with a reliable plumber in Normal, IL, specializing in water heater installation. Below are some reasons why you should never attempt DIY water heater replacement.

You Could Damage Your New Water Heating Unit

A water heater is a pretty delicate and sensitive plumbing appliance. Hence, unless you have experience handling plumbing appliances, attempting DIY heater replacement might result in electrical or mechanical damage to your water heater. These are the kind of damages that will negatively affect your water heater’s performance.

To avert such an eventuality, you should ensure that a professional and experienced plumber does the water heater replacement service. The plumbing experts have the required experience, training, and tools to properly handle your new water heater’s delicate components. This ensures that they do not sustain damages.

It Isn’t Easy to Choose the Rightly-sized Water Heater

When it comes to water heater replacement, size does matter. It may be one of the reasons for your decision to replace your aged water heater with a newer model. Unfortunately, unless you have professional training in plumbing, determining the rightly sized water heater for your home might prove a challenge. Hence, if you decide to replace the water heater yourself, you’ll be at risk of purchasing a water heater that cannot supply enough hot water at your home.

Fortunately, such eventualities are voidable. You only need to involve an experienced and professional plumber whenever you decide it is time to replace the water heater. The experienced water heater replacement professionals have all the skills necessary to help you choose the rightly-sized water heating unit for your home. They can also offer installation services to ensure that the unit is properly fitted and that it’ll effectively serve its intended purpose.

Protect Your Warranty

Your water heating unit is a pretty expensive plumbing appliance. Hence, it’s likely that the new water heater has a manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty is a document used by the appliance manufacturer to express their level of confidence in the quality of their products. The appliance manufacturer might agree to pay a portion or all the incurred expenses if anything goes amiss with the warranty. However, the warranty document specifies an amount of time when it is valid.

A warranty doesn’t come without conditions. Otherwise, some homeowners would abuse the privilege. Hence, you must adhere to the conditions for the warranty to remain valid. Any deviation from the terms and conditions of the warranty renders it void. For instance, for the warranty to remain intact and valid, most water heater appliance manufacturers require that the unit be installed, inspected, and even maintained by a licensed water heater repair professional or company.

In this situation, attempting to Do It Yourself, a water heater replacement will effectively void your newly purchased water heater’s warranty. So, whenever the plumber advises that DIY water heater jobs are costly, they have your interests at heart. They aren’t trying to defraud you. To avoid voiding the warranty, ensure that you work with a professional to have your water heater installed at your home.

DIY Isn’t as Cheap as You Think

Most people who try installing their water heaters themselves do it hoping they’ll save some dollars. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. You might use more money than you would have, had you hired a professional plumber in Normal, IL, to finish the job. For instance, you might have to purchase the required tools, which you may never use again, or even damage the unit and call a professional for a water heater repair service. Hence, hire a plumber to replace the water heater.

It Can Be Dangerous

There isn’t any other way of putting it. DIY water heater replacement is a dangerous job. It could put you and your family or even the property at your home in grave danger. For example, water heater installation is a physically demanding job, meaning that there is a high probability that you could get hurt in the process. Additionally, if you’re installing a gas water heater, your negligence or mistakes might result in gas leaks that place your home at great risk of catching fire.

Similarly, if you’re installing an electrically powered water heater, using your inexperienced hands to handle the electrical components places you or your family in electrocution. Other dangers include electrical shocks and electrical fires. To avert such an occurrence, you should ensure that a reliable, professional plumber performs the replacement of the water heating unit.

These professionals have many years of experience and the necessary training to ensure that the water heater replacement job is completed safely. Additionally, they have medical insurance covers. Therefore, if they’re injured on the job, the medical insurance provider would cater to their medical expenses. On the other hand, if you’re injured on the DIY replacement job, you or your family will have to pay for the medical expenses.

Reliable Plumbing Services

As you can see, DIY water heater replacement is a terrible idea. Hence, always enlist the professionals to do the replacement job. If you want your water heater repaired in Normal, IL, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Covenant Plumbing.

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