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Signs That You Should Call A Plumbing Company For A Water Filtration Unit Installation | Normal, IL


Some homeowners assume that so long as the water from their faucets is odorless and clear, it is safe for cooking, cleaning, or drinking. However, even the clear water may contain impurities like lead that are harmful to the consumers. According to research by the Environmental Working Group on lifetime exposure to cancer by drinking water, about 100,000 cases of cancer were linked to water coming from faucets.

The statistics indicate that you need to install a water filtration system at home even when you get the clearest soft water from your supplier in Normal, IL. Visit your nearby plumbing company and request a water filtration system installation service to ensure that your family and home have daily clean drinking water.

Read on to know some signs that could help you see that it is time to call a plumbing company to install a water filtration system.

Stained or Discolored Clothes

Water is essential for laundry and house cleaning. Although it is commonly known that stained or discolored water might result from using highly concentrated chemicals like detergents or poor fabric quality, the other contributing factor is poor water quality.

Water containing high iron levels may make your clothes develop a rusty discoloration on your clothes. Furthermore, hard water might make your expensive clothes seem dull and have some touch of gray. Schedule an appointment with a professional plumber to install a whole house water filtration system at your home. This helps you increase your laundry convenience and maintain your clothing’s fabric value after washing them.

You Live In an Old Home

Before PVC pipes were invented, many construction companies used led faucets and pipes to set up a plumbing system in homes. However, the interior surfaces of the lead or galvanized steel pipes start to rust after operating for a long time. Lead starts leaching into the water flowing into your home through the water line.

As discussed earlier, lead-contaminated water is a cause of cancer, especially in children. Ensure you seek the services of a plumber to inspect your water lines and determine the material making the pipes. Additionally, a water filtration system installation service from a trusted plumber will provide a fresh and non-contaminated clean water supply in your older home. You can also ask your plumbing company to repipe your entire plumbing system using PVC material for increased water safety.


Generally known as soap scum, limescale refers to the white crusty material that you may find accumulated on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Sometimes, you may even see the scum on the drinking water within your glass. Limescale results from the chemical components in hard water, including calcium and magnesium.

Removing limescale from the plumbing fittings and fixtures may be difficult without expert help from your reliable plumbing company. If you do not promptly act by calling a professional plumber to remove it, it may further result in health issues because bacteria and mold may grow on limescale deposits.

Enlist the help of a licensed and professional plumber for an extensive and immediate limescale removal solution. To avert such an issue again in the future, liaise with your plumbing company to have a plumber assigned to install the best size and quality water filtration system needed at your home. The plumber considers factors like the size of your family and water consumption to determine the right size of the filtration system. At the same point, create a regular maintenance plan with the professional to ensure that your unit operates at its optimal efficiency.

Turbid Water

Typically, only clear water is considered safe for drinking. However, sometimes the water coming from your municipal or utility company may appear cloudy. Though cloudy water doesn’t necessarily mean the water is contaminated, it could sometimes imply the water is infested with pathogens or has excessive chemicals like chlorine.

It is time to enlist the help of a reputable plumbing company when you notice that water flowing from your kitchen faucet is bitter and cloudy. You might experience health complications when your body reaches a point where it cannot take in any more chemicals if you don’t seek the assistance of a plumber immediately. This includes installing water softening and water filtration systems. Your health should take priority before anything else, and medication costs cannot even be compared with the small cost of acquiring the water filtration system.

Badly Tasting Water

As per scientific research, safe water shouldn’t have any taste. You will always find it unsettling to drink some water with a weird taste, which is a red flag that you shouldn’t assume. Visit a reliable plumbing company to have a professional test your water quality. They will recommend the necessary solution based on their findings. The plumber can even extend their pipe cleaning services for your Normal, IL water supply system.

After that, you will have to invest in purchasing and installing a water filtration system and request a professional plumber to help with its installation. However, note that this may not be a longer-term solution if the water from your water utility provider is of low quality or hard. Discuss this issue with your trusted plumber to determine whether the water supplier is legitimate. You can even look for another water utility provider whenever necessary.

Hair and Dry Skin

Everyone wants to look presentable and good before others at all times, regardless of whether they work as a professional model or in an office. Your hair and skin may become dry if the water you shower or bath with contains magnesium or calcium minerals.

Furthermore, if you use hard water frequently to clean your hair, there are high chances of getting weak, and you will begin to experience hair loss. Unfiltered water contains some chemicals that will make your skin itchy after bathing. You can avoid all this by enlisting the help of a reliable plumbing company to test your home’s water quality. Make a quick decision, invest in a water softening and filtration system, and enlist a plumber’s help for installation.

Trustworthy Plumbing Specialists in Normal, IL

Are you skeptical about installing a water filtration system? Clean drinking water is essential, and it is understandable why you might be thinking about installing a water filtration unit. However, before purchasing one, consult a plumbing company near you. For water filtration system installation, call us at Covenant Plumbing today.

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