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If you are a first-time homeowner then it can be difficult to determine whether your plumbing problem is an emergency or just a general plumbing problem. This can cause added stress because you do not know if you should hire an emergency plumber because they are more expensive than a normal plumber. Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL would like to give you more information about plumbing problems that will help you determine whether the problem requires you to search for “a plumber near me in my area” or if you should search for “an emergency plumber near me in my area”. Here are some things that are considered emergencies and things that are not emergencies.


Leaks are very common plumbing problems that occur in your system but when does a leak become an emergency. It depends on the severity of the leak. If the leak is only a few drops of water that escape over a period of time then it is not an emergency and you can call a professional to assist you on the next business day. However, if the leak is gushing out water and the area around the leak is getting soaked then you should look for “an emergency plumber near me in my area”. The longer you leave a severe leak the more damage will occur. You can ruin your floors, walls, or ceiling. A lot of water will also be lost which means that the water bill will be quite high at the end of the month.

Gas Smell

If you do not have any gas-powered plumbing appliances then you do not have to be considered this problem. If you have a gas water heater and you smell a rotten egg smell then you should call a plumber as soon as possible. Natural gas is odorless so the gas suppliers add sulfate to the gas so that it is a rotten egg smell. This allows the homeowners to know when there is a gas leak. Natural gas is highly flammable so you want to have the problem resolved as soon as possible to avoid a fire. If you smell the rotten egg smell then you should search for an “emergency plumber near me in my area,” open all the windows and evaluate your home. Natural gas can cause health problems if a lot is inhaled.

Water Flow

Water flow problems are not usually considered plumbing emergencies but there are some instances when they can be considered an emergency. If your only toilet is not filling up with water then you should search for ‘an emergency plumber near me in Bloomington, IL.’ On the other side of the spectrum, if you are unable to stop water from flowing out of your faucet then you should contact an emergency plumber. There might be a valve that is broken and it requires a professional to repair it. While you are waiting for the plumber, you should turn off the main water valve to prevent water damage and a high water bill.

Problematic Sump Pump

The sump pump is responsible for draining water out of your basement when there is flooding. Your sump pump does not have to be working all the time so if you are not expecting any heavy storms or flooding then it is not an emergency if your sump pump isn’t working. However, if the weather forecast says that there is a high chance for flooding and your sump pump isn’t working then you should search for “an emergency plumber near me in my area.” It is also important that you look for a plumber that is trained to repair sump pumps because not all plumbers know how to repair them. Covenant Plumbing has professionals that know how to repair your sump pump.

Burst Pipe

if your pipe bursts then it is an emergency and you should hire a plumber immediately. The burst pipe will let a large amount of water escape which can ruin your floors, walls, and ceiling. It can also damage your electrical system if it is close proximity. A drainage pipe may also burst and fill your home with sewerage which is unsanitary and could lead to health concerns. If any of your pipes have burst then you should call a plumber and turn off the water valve if it is a water pipe that burst. If it is a sewer pipe then evaluate your home and wait for the professional to arrive. It is best to have to search for “a plumber near me in my area” that has a wide range of services. This way you can trust your plumber to repair the problem without causing more.

Multiple Drains Are Backing Up

If one of your drains is backing up then it is not really an emergency but if multiple of your drains are backing up then you should search for “an emergency plumber near me in my area.” If multiple drains are backing up then there is a problem with the main sewer line. There could be a clog caused by tree roots or foreign objects that are preventing the sewerage from flowing through the pipe into the public sewer line. The sewer line of your home is difficult to access because it is underground hence why you should hire a professional to assist you. they will have all the tools and knowledge to repair your sewer line in a quick and effective manner.

Now that you know which plumbing problems are emergencies or not, you can make better decisions about which service provider you should hire. If you are searching for an “emergency plumber near me in Bloomington, IL” then you should give Covenant Plumbing a call as they provide a wide range of plumbing services as well as emergency services.

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