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If you have been a homeowner for more than a few years, you can agree with us that drain clogs are some of the most common plumbing issues in Bloomington, IL homes. A drain clog can start as a slow drain, but it can quickly deteriorate to become a serious plumbing situation. For instance, a drain clog can cause your sinks to overflow and the bathrooms to get flooded, rendering your entire plumbing system unusable. Although you can try to fix the issue yourself using a plunger, it is unlikely that this technique will fix the issue decisively. As such, when you notice that you have a slow drain or a clogged drain, you need to ensure that you call a professional drain cleaning service to get the clog removed and your drains cleaned thoroughly. But have you ever wondered how drain clogs develop? Below is a rundown of the main causes of drain clogs in Bloomington, IL homes.


Human hair, animal fur, and other stringy materials are some of the most common causes of drain clogs, particularly in laundry, shower, and bathroom drains. These materials are bad because they combine with substances such as grease and soap, knot up, and attach themselves to sections of the drains. From experience, we have noted that some of the most stubborn drain clogs are created by hair. Sometimes, plunging the clog can help you solve the problems temporarily, but to ensure that the issue is fixed decisively, you will need a professional drain cleaning service. Professionals have the necessary tools to remove even the most stubborn clogs created by hair. They will advise you on the importance of scheduling routine drain cleaning to curb the development of future drain clogs.

Oils and Grease

Fats, oils, and grease are known to cause severe problems in drains. As they solidify, they can stick to the sides of your drain pipes and gradually build up in the pipes, causing the space through which the wastewater flows to reduce. If this is happening, you will initially experience slow drains. If nothing is done to rectify the issue, you will soon have to deal with a full-blown clog. This kind of clog will be more difficult for you to remove with a plunger. To fix it quickly and decisively, you will need a professional drain cleaning service to run a drain snake. The drain snake will easily get to the clogged section and quickly remove the clog. Your drain cleaning service provider will then clean your drains thoroughly and advise you on the importance of getting your drains cleaned regularly to thwart such drains clogs in their earliest stages of development.

Wipes and Diapers

You probably know that wipes and diapers shouldn’t be pushed down the drains. However, these materials can accidentally find their way into your drains. Unfortunately, when this happens, it will only be a matter of time before your drains get clogged, forcing wastewater to back up to your sinks and bathroom. In this case, it will be impossible for you to remove the clog no matter how much commercial drain cleaning solution you try to put in your drains. Therefore, you will need a professional to remove the clog before cleaning the drains thoroughly to keep them running efficiently.

Food Particles

Food particles usually form clogs that affect kitchen sinks. No matter how well you try to make use of your garbage disposal unit, some food particles will still find their way into your drains. The worst food particles for your drainage system include coffee grounds and tea leaves since they do not break down. There are many places along your drain lines where food particles can gather and create a clog. In some cases, the clog can be removed using a plunger, but in other cases, you might need a professional drain cleaning service with more advanced tools to remove the clogs and keep your drains clean.

Buildup of Minerals

The wastewater from your house contains some minerals. With time, these minerals can build up along your drain pipes and gradually reduce the space through which the wastewater flows on its way out. Initially, you might experience slow drains, but if nothing is done to solve the problem, you will eventually have to deal with a full-blown clog. Unfortunately, this is not an issue you can fix on your own using a plunger. As such, you will need a professional drain cleaning service provider to bring the right tools and drain cleaning solutions and ensure that the issue is resolved quickly and decisively without damaging your plumbing system.

Tree Roots

If you have a tree growing close to your drain pipes, its roots will naturally grow towards the pipes in their search for water. If your drain pipes have some tiny cracks, the tree roots will force their way in. With time, the roots inside the pipes will grow bigger and eventually prevent the flow of wastewater from your home. Solving such a problem can be a big challenge, and therefore, you will need a professional drain cleaning service, such as Covenant Plumbing, to help you inspect your drainage system, locate the problematic area, excavate, and fix the issue decisively.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that many issues could lead to a drain clog in your Bloomington, TX house. However, whatever their cause might be, drain clogs always have devastating effects. For instance, they can flood your house with dirty water and expose your family to disease-causing pathogens. Therefore, you need to ensure that you work with a professional drain cleaning service to keep your drains clean and remove drain clogs before they can lead to serious inconveniences and property damages. If you are looking for a reliable drain cleaning service in or around Bloomington, IL, Covenant Plumbing is an excellent choice. We have been dealing with drain clogs for many years, and we have the necessary tools and skills to remove all kinds of drain clogs and keep your drain clean. Contact us today for more information about our company and services.

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