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Water heaters are prone to various problems; from leaks, overheating, overpressure, and ignition malfunctions, to the accumulation of sediments. However, since hot water is essential, you cannot afford to have your unit malfunctioning. Hence, you should ensure a plumber comes for inspection and maintenance of the unit at least once every year.

Today, hot water is used in almost every other application at your Bloomington, IL home, including bathing, handwashing, laundry, and dishwashing. Therefore, a water heater is an appliance that ensures convenience and comfort in any home. About 14% of the energy consumption at your home goes directly to the water heater. If you wonder how such an intelligently engineered appliance ends up malfunctioning, you are at the right place.

Below are some of the reasons why your water heater might be malfunctioning. By knowing what might be causing your water heater to fail, you can take on proactive preventative measures to protect your water heater. If the water heater has had persistent issues, having a plumber offer water heater replacement services might be beneficial compared to routinely having it repaired.

Bad Electrical Connections

Inspecting the electrical connections before calling your water heater replacement professional is essential. The problem might not be with the water heater but with the electrical connections. A blown-up fuse or a damaged cord are among the electrical issues that might malfunction your water heater. A gas-powered water heater might also malfunction if it gets a limited gas supply.

However, seeking the services of a plumbing expert for routine maintenance and inspection is essential. The professional will notice the electrical wires that aren’t insulated or worn-out components and replace them. This means that your home will have a continuous hot water supply. Regularly maintaining the unit prevents its issues from getting more protracted to the extent that you’d require an entire water heater replacement in Bloomington, IL.

Loose Parts

The water heater is a union of different components working together to ensure that your home has a continuous hot water supply. If these components become loose, they can result in persistent water leaks. One such component is a drain valve used to drain the water from the tank during a repair. Water begins to leak at the foot of the drain valve if it isn’t sealed properly. This problem can be easily remedied by repairing or replacing the drain valve.

The loose bolts and nuts may also make the water heater begin malfunctioning. If water leaks from the bolts strongly, that shows that there are some loose parts of the heating element. If you want to keep the monthly water bills low, you should enlist the help of a plumber in inspecting the unit and tightening the loose parts.

You might decide to use your DIY skills in repairing the water heater, but there are many reasons why this is a terrible idea. Even if it is tightening the loose nuts or bolts, enlist the services of a plumber to complete the job. Otherwise, you might end up worsening the problem. If there are any replacements like installing a new anode rod, replacing the T&P valve, or replacing the entire unit, seek the assistance of a professional water heater service.

Internal Rust

The tank is protected from corrosion by an anode rod component in a conventional water heater. This element wears off as time goes by because of corrosion, and if completely depleted, the tank might be exposed to internal rusting. The anode rod uses sacrificial action to protect the water heater tank. Over time, the anode deteriorates, which reduces its effectiveness. Hence, you must seek timely and comprehensive help from a water heater replacement service to install a new anode rod in the water heater tank. Otherwise, the interiors of the tank might start corroding. This weakens them, and with the high water pressure in the tank, it might explode.

An anode rod has a maximum lifespan of about three years. Therefore, enlist the services of a plumber to inspect the water heater pipes to make sure that they are operating at their maximum efficiency. With their experience, the plumbers can detect any underlying issue and resolve it successfully. You can also retain a professional for regular maintenance and inspection.

Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats produce electric currents to respond to the presence of heat. When the water temperatures increase, they raise the thermostat’s electrical currents and vice versa. If your water heating appliance is producing cold water, seek the assistance of a plumber to inspect the thermostat comprehensively.

The problem might not be with your water heating appliance. However, a damaged cut-off unit might also cause the issue. Due to advancements in technology, a water heater replacement professional can install many thermostat designs at your home. Common thermostat designs might include bulb, electronic, and stem thermostats. There are even some thermostats that are remotely controlled and thermostats.

When a thermostat issue arises, your home’s heating system might detect the problem and work harder to heat the water. Unfortunately, it uses more power and raises the energy bills at the end of the month. Other than inspecting whether your thermostat’s battery is working, the professional water heater replacement can inspect the entire system for other problems and resolve them quickly. Hence, you won’t have to replace the water heater.

Mineral Buildup

Your water heater might be malfunctioning because of mineral buildup inside the water heater tank, especially on its heating element. This mainly stems from your home receiving hard water from the municipal mains or your water utility supplier. With time, the dissolved minerals (magnesium and calcium) settle at the bottom of the tank, which might induce corrosion. In addition, the buildup of sediments might result in catastrophic issues like tank explosion or overpressure.

If the water heater’s efficiency reduces, your home doesn’t get enough hot water supply. This means that the convenience and comfort of your home are greatly affected. If the sediments have induced corrosion inside the water heater, enlist the help of a water heater replacement service to install a new tank.

Water Heater Replacement Services In Bloomington, IL

Although some water heater issues can be repaired, sometimes the unit itself may be worn out beyond repair. Or, you might have seen an increase in the frequency of repairs lately because the unit is getting old. Water heater replacement might be a more economical option if the repairs are frequent. Call us at Covenant Plumbing today if you need a part or the entire water heater replacement. We will be happy to help you choose the best replacement for your needs and budget.

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