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Most people don’t think about their bathroom sink until there’s a problem. But understanding the most common sink issues can help you troubleshoot and fix issues before they become bigger. This article will look at the common bathroom sink problems you can face and how a plumber can help you. Most bathroom sink problems may seem easy to handle, but it is not advisable to fix them because if you don’t have the right tools and skills, you will worsen the issue. Instead, call a plumbing company in Normal, IL, to fix your bathroom sinks.

Bathroom Sink Issues You May Encounter

Slow Drain

A clogged or slow drain is another common problem many homeowners face. A slow drain can happen over time, especially if you have poor usage habits and don’t get your drain cleaned regularly. When you call an expert, they will do a video camera inspection to understand the plumbing better. They will recommend a drain cleaning service or something else to solve the slow drain.

If you are thinking of fixing the problem by pouring a drain cleaner down the drain, don’t try. Drain cleaners have toxic chemicals that can cause damage to the plumbing at the bathroom sink or the plumbing further down the line.

A plumber will first need to figure out what is causing the blockage to diagnose the problem. Mostly, blockages in the bathroom sink are caused by loose hair or beauty products. The clog can be removed using pliers or fingers if it is not severe. However, a mechanical auger will be needed to remove the blockage if it is severe.

The good thing about plumbers in Normal, IL, is that they will help you find the cause of the clog and come up with a permanent solution. Also, they can advise you on how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Leaking Faucets

A leaking faucet is another bathroom sink problem that requires the help of a professional. Although dripping faucets may look like a minor problem, the truth is they are increasing your water bills. Even if the dripping occurs 5 times a minute, that continuous dripping from the faucet will increase your water bill. So, call a plumbing company today to fix your dripping faucet.

For the professional to repair the faucet, they will first have to figure out what is causing the dripping. The leading causes of a dripping faucet include:

  • An O-ring that is loose or worn out
  • If the dripping is coming from the spout, it could be a corroded valve seat. To prevent the valve seat from corroding, have it cleaned regularly
  • A worn-out cartridge. Find an expert who will do the replacement of the exact match
  • Worn-out seals and washers occur when water sediments accumulate on them
  • Loose packing nuts and rings in the steam crew

A professional can fix all these causes. A plumber can disassemble the faucet to have a better look. Disassembling a faucet is tricky, and you should leave it to experts.

Bad Smells

If you notice your bathroom sinks are producing bad smells, you should call a plumber immediately. If your bathroom drain was installed well, the common cause of the odors could be a microbial infection. The infection might have spread to the sink overflow passage causing foul odors. To develop an actionable plan, your plumbing company will need to do a thorough inspection.

You will have to get rid of the odors because they will worsen with time. Inhaling the odors every day is bad for your health. The recommended treatment is the use of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Your plumber will pour the solution down the drain and let it rest an entire night. Also, different plumbing services will recommend additional solutions based on how they see their work.

To avoid foul odors in your bathroom sinks, hire a plumbing company regularly for drain cleaning services. Regular cleaning will eliminate the odors and make your bathroom enjoyable. Call a plumber today for regular drain cleaning services.

Weakened Sink Caulking

The other bathroom sink problem you can face is a weakened sink caulking. It could have a negative effect on the sink’s overall condition. You can fix this problem, but it needs a professional plumbing company for the best results. If the caulking is missing or broken, water from the sink can splash out and leak underneath the fixture. Water damage will worsen with time, leading to more problems. Depending on the damage, your plumber can recommend repairs or replacements. If the expert decides to do a replacement, make sure the old caulking is not left behind because it will affect the caulking you add.

Faulty Drain Stopper

A drain stopper is a knob that enables the drain to be opened and closed quickly. If the drain stopper is faulty, the drain might get stuck or on open or closed. Fixing the malfunctioning drain stopper on yourself will be tricky. To solve this problem, call a professional, and they will get the job done correctly.

The malfunctioning drain stopper can be caused by either a loose nut or ring. These parts can be tightened within minutes and have the stopper working again. If the parts are completely worn out, your expert will recommend a new drain stopper mechanism. They will have the new part installed for you, so don’t worry. Once the part is installed, you won’t have to deal with a faulty drain stopper anymore.

Why Is Covenant Plumbing Your Best Bet? 

If you don’t have the plumbing knowledge and specialized tools to deal with plumbing issues in your bathroom, avoid handling the problems yourself. Instead, call Covenant Plumbing today in Normal, IL. We have professional plumbers who will inspect your bathroom sinks and fix issues if there are any. Besides fixing your bathroom sinks, we do drain cleaning, appliance installation, unclogging toilets, repiping, repairing, or replacing leaky pipes. No matter the plumbing situation you are in, we will help you in the best way possible.

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